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  1. @__jesse reading your analysis gives me WOW! i love detailed explanations strengthen by scene evidences like this
  2. I believe Park Ok Ran is the real killer. She's an obsessed fan of MY's mom, dressed up like MY's mom then killed KT's mom. I seconded @Cayu18 post. But my next question is: what is her relation to KT's mom? and what does she mean by 'my child'? because there's a scene where she says "It's me who will take care of my child"
  3. This drama might be the first drama in which I put a lot of attention to the dialogues. The recent one that hook me is Sang In's dialogue, in which he explains to MY about how she should not numbering people as number one , number two. Liking people is like color, there are many kinds formed from a color. But one color doesn't degrading other color even though it's different. I'm really bad at explaining but I hope you all understand what I mean KT. I can relate to him a lot since I lived with someone who has mental illness too. Surpressing feeling, wanting someone to die, loneliness in childhood.. watching this drama makes me feel like I'm not alone and all those feelings are normal when you go through something abnormal in your life
  4. I think this drama is more about SY struggle to do his revenge to Jangga and less about love triangle. His relationship with both SA and YS, is more like partner(?). But I'm still open to any (maybe) love story in the upcoming episode, haha. I love YS's characteerrr! She is so strong, independent, strong-willed, tho she's rebel and sometimes too blunt it hurts other but she knows what she's doing and want to reach in life. Moreover, i like her ombre hair a lot For SA, I understand if she chooses to continue to work at Jangga. She has great carreer there and she needs money for life too. But I hope she will help SY more to grow his business later. She starts to look disagree with JDH decisions lately and I hope she will choose to work in SY business later, she will be a great help for him
  5. dang! the ending hits me hard they definitely pick the best location to shoot the ending scene, OMG can you see that beautiful lake and hill? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE LOCATION IS? is it lake Brienz again? which area is it? i really really need to know the exact location
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