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  1. I don't know about webtoon.. but as far as jo jo's character is concerned.. i think i would praise KSH.. because atleast the way i see it.. no other actress could have made this character work.. ' being an orphan is not really a unique problem.. her aunt is no mother but she ain't cindrella's step mother either cousin is a richard simmons but then she also gets a backstory and tehw ay KSH plays this.. i actually dont feel sorry for the character (background wise), except that she has PTSD.. but despite being not a very nice female lead by character. she is still awesome.. AGAIN. only because of how KSH plays her.. she brings a wonderful class and elegance to this character
  2. again... soompi's problem..i quote.. if you have spoilers their code should take care of it ***************** Opinions are fine.. but opinions and stray comments are not the same thing.. that is why we assume that when a person says something, they have a reason to believe so.. i am not seeing any drama specific examples/evidences being quotes against the claims.. 1. If you believe you should do as the other does.. then I am correct.. HY did not follow that.. first and foremost he didn't do any sacrifice .. the girl chose SO.and then the same girl broke his heart real bad.. and HY saw all of this.. so, how is it fair to not even tell your best friend that look i know what happened sucked.. none of us know the reason but i still have hots for her and want to pursue her.. it was that simple 2. You don't just make the stray comment.. i don't know abt webtoon and my arguments are solely on the drama.. what proof do you use to say he is immature or anything.. just because he is rich? even as a child he wasn't rude to HY.. the only time he said sthg, which frnakly is correct that SO was never more than charity case for HY which makes HY's self righteousness questionable 3. Not at all an odd definition when the best friend literally is hiding everything from him.. moving out of house completely driven by his lust for this girl.. no other motive.. it is like wedging a wall you are throwing you best friend away for a woman who broke his heart bad!.. and now you want to prioritize your lust over not even manning up to tell him the truth.. he has to always come and guess the truth for you to accept..HY has such a sense of entitlement 4 lack of communication with whom? do we even know he was awake and conscious.. who knows HY didn't tell JJ on purpose..even if he was he came around as soon as he could.. what did she do? 5 Be wahtever team.. again.. why is SO immature compared to HY for that matter.. because HY is poor .. lol so his stalking becomes pining.. and another guy who plays fair and square is the weak character? WHAT!!! 6. lol.. a man who can't even tell his friend that he loves a girl is not very reliable now.. is he? Why HY not saying anything should be telepathically be understood by SO.. and SO's more relevant current pining for JJ , not be understood by HY?? your argument works only one way.. why? 7. Did you think she had any guilt what she did to ill sik.. until she got the confirmation that SO was interested in her and Ill sik did not ring her alarm.. she literally had no guilt. she wouldn't have told anyone had the photo not been leaked.. and with SO atleast she realizes.. but mind you she has zero guilt... she doesn't have guild.. she is just poor and striving hard.. and it is the gloom of misfortune. but no guilt
  3. Sorry but in love, Jojo has used all these boys.. she is still using HY because he is probably more compatible social status wise..
  4. Also... what liking.. girl doesn't even know you exist by that logic.. if a girl has a stalker then no other man should show interest in her because the stalker has been pining for too long for her read above Because SO did no wrong.. he is the one who was ditched..and he still loves her, and unlike KSH and HY, he isn't a coward to run away from his feelings.. he is even nice enough to acknowledge it.. and based on what was shown they seem to have that conversation/understanding of how he is not in love with the other girl in all three relationships, actually 4 relationships - JoJo, current gf, HY, his own mom - SO is the understanding one.. the one who is willing to try.. everyone else (except current gf) wants an easy route and thinking of selfish reasons.. HY is slightly different.. his only richard simmons move is go for the girl behind his back..but given best friend equation, this is equivalent to cheating
  5. What??? Jo jo chose Sun oh.. and "contract" ends there.. Not to mention it was suggested by Sun oh and he was really trying to be fair to all three parties + not go noble idiocy route till the end.. you don't bring up an invalid contract after 5 years this is just a richard simmons move (unless it is meteor garden way of Rui trying to date to show the girl that she still loves Dao M).. (PS: no webtoon context, purely based on what is shown in the drama. KSH is using men and HY is out an out wrong.. plus going behind Sun oh's back to woo KSH.. atleast man up and tell him.. you can extend that much courtsey.. i am amazed that sun oh is still being very nice to HY) How is Sun oh egoist and immature?? What personal revenge.. where is this even coming from??? What best friend's happines.. Sun oh is actually trying hard to protect his best friend from a heartbreak given his best friend made a very disrespectful move in the first place .. didn't even have the guts to tell him that he wants to pursue KSH, until he got caught by SH he IS NOT a jerk at all.. he is the one who has shown immense maturity and breaks the stereotype from the beginning.. in how understanding and a silent support he has been to KSH Lol.. how was he younbg to build a solid relationship.. it is totally Jo Jo's fault with both of her boyfriends.. :D are we even watching the same show?? :O and these accusations don't come with examples that prove these comments
  6. then there is hope? is there an expected end timeline? or god knows for how long it will go on?
  7. can someone tell me if the webtoon has actually ended or is it still ongoing? And if it has ended what happed to Sun-oh?
  8. As per author , only WX and LZ are gay but ofcourse it doesn't stop anyone from shipping every other character However, JGY did love his wife.. actually he is very loyal and caring towards everyone who did not judge him when he was young and weak and for his background (e.g. LXC and his wife)
  9. WHAT???? where did you even get this idea from.. you are so wrong.. neither in the novel nor in the drama.. anything that you said is even hinted!!! Don't make up stuff. In all versions, including original story/novel - JC was not being stupid.. he was trying to save WX who was about to get caught by Wen guards.. and in saving him, JC got caught and ended up losing his core
  10. Yibo's voice actually suits LZ's character .. is deep and mature and soothing.. he could have done that.. XZ's i think it is good they dubbed it.. voice actor did fabulous
  11. I think i need to correct the explanation given by @linhlinh111 In the drama/live action, WX does take on MXY's body which has been clearly called out and confirmed time and again (1. Initial episodes when WX wonders and is happy to realize that no one saw MXY's face 2. JL gives backstory to it saying that people think his face was scarred so he wore mask 3. WX telling LZ that this new body is weak 4. This new body doesn't have wen mark etc) What happened in live drama though is.. that while WX inherited MXY's body, but face morphed to show his own (however there is a difference.. Life 1 - he had a mole , life 2 - he doesn't have the mole under his lips )
  12. it applies.. season 1 is lot more tamer than untamed.. smut stuff is best in the novel only and audio book
  13. By that logic you can argue that everyone has to die one day so doesn't matter who kills whom Ultimately, WY became the reason or gave them the reason to do this.. otherwise who knows how difficult or how much more time it would have taken Wens to do what they did.. Nie clan wasn't subdued by Wens by then.. gusu was targeted but no major casualties in terms of main family..but lotus pier was annihilated And irrespective of anything.. ultimately WWX became the device.. but JYL and JC are still fine.. they don't blame him, still he is their brother.. the only thing JC is hurt about is being left behind all alone.. WX still has LZ and a lot of other new aspects of life.. what does JC have? And i don't know why people usually completely overlook the deep love JC has for WX.. the boy truly truly loved and cared for WX as his brother.. only to be shunned.. the whole story is full of multiple snippets where it is clearly laid out that WX is the flamboyant one and JC has to keep cleaning up his mess.. let's just say.. MDZX is truly very sad for each individual
  14. Still he is responsible for killing his parents.. look history is full of collateral damage.. nothing can justify anything.. ultimately, he was confident of his control over WY which he lost...and that can't be denied could it be helped.. i don't know.. after all he is also human and there is just so much one can take.. but does it mean he is not at fault from JL's perspective.. no!
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