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  1. I wrote to them and I can confirm it is legit! Hello, Thank you for your interest. Yes, that is Jolse’s store on Amazon. Don’t worry! JOLSE Customer Support Lee, Ji Eun +821050963734 From: jolse cosmetics <cs.jolse@gmail.com> Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 3:30 PM To: collab.jolse@gmail.com Subject: Fwd: Jolse on Amazon Canada Kind regards, JOLSE Customer Supporter Hana Choi ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Date: 2018년 10월 17일 (수) 오전 2:04 Subject: Jolse on Amazon Canada To: cs.jolse@gmail.com <cs.jolse@gmail.com> Hello, I just want to make sure it is really you guys on Amazon (authentic products!) and not someone else just using your name! https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0027A7CLG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.ca/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A2EUQ1WTGCTBG2&orderID=701-2273301-9629851&seller=A3GG2EBV70K5YK&tab=&vasStoreID= Thank you =)
  2. Hey guys, I am very new to Amazon, so forgive me if this is a silly question! I bought this (just arrived today) https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0027A7CLG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&amp;psc=1 it was a good price and qualified for prime which meant free 2 day shipping, so I went for it. looks authentic, says Sold by JOLSE and Fulfilled by Amazon on the Jolse website though they do not mention they are on Amazon. The product looks authentic, and I have read Jolse is a very trusted website, but I just want to make sure it is really them on Amazon I guess. Sorry for the paranoia, I just have VERY sensitive skin so need to be extremely careful =( ! https://imgur.com/a/GSkUKkt https://imgur.com/l86hoXJ
  3. mssparx

    BB creams

    agreed, it is not a skin treatment for sure haha, I just think it has possibly helped me in addition to my skincare routine =) because i remember a few times when I didn't have any on, then let's say I wore it for a week straight, and then I didn't wear it, my coworkers were like are you wearing bb cream today and I told them no and they were surprised because of how much less redness and blemishes i had used!
  4. as someone said previously, laser is great and available at medical spas/dermatologists, however it is quite pricey. but, it works. it does take some time though, results show in few weeks, it is not an overnight thing! home remedies (please remember what works for some doesn't for others!) that have worked for me: sugar+grapeseed oil scrub using LESS products on my face overall ( I rarely wear makeup, only if absolutely need to) and I do not switch up products either, I use the same things for years ( I don't buy random new cleansers or feel the need to try new products just out etc ) being gentle with my skin (ie instead of exfoliating everyday, only once a week) STEAMING helped me A LOT! just boil water, fill up a pot, towel over head, 5 mins once a week. Bentonite Clay + Vinegar mask once a month Daily routine: I "wash" my face using the Oil Cleansing method, using grapeseed oil. I tone with Rosewater. I moisturize with Nivea. That is it. Also, I only wash my face once a day. ACNE SUCKS. I had horrible acne for many years...was called all kinds of names when younger...I was VERY self conscious about it =( People who don't have acne just don't get how horrible of a thing it is to deal with. Anyways, my hippie ways worked for me, and I am 33 now and have been doing them since about 23.
  5. mssparx

    BB creams

    oh cool, I am excited to receive my Missha, it arrives tomorrow =) may I ask what made you go to only wearing foundation? did you see any improvement in skin while using Missha? I used skin79 on and off for many years and I did find it helped, wondering if Missha will as well! I do also wear foundation, but ONLY for events etc. day to day it is bb cream i love the light feeling and skin benefits i seem to get from it (i know everyone is different tho of course!) and to all the other replies, have you experienced any skin benefits/improvements (even if minor) from using BB cream? very curious as based from what I have read, most people have not ( I guess I was lucky/my skin liked it?)
  6. mssparx

    BB creams

    Hello all! Long time lurker, finally posting =) and of course, I also had a question I am very curious to see people's replies, as I do not think it has been really discussed much. For the last I would say 6 or 7 years, I have used Skin79 hot pink bb cream on and off. I personally have noticed it DID improve my skin (less redness/smoothed out/just more of a healed look) I had a lot of sun damage/acne marks before and with regular use i found it did fade them out. after all these years of using skin79, i am going to be trying out the Missha BB cream, as it also has a lot of great reviews. it is supposed to arrive this week =) SO my questions: 1) what bb cream do you prefer/use? what kind of skin you have? how long you been using it? 2) have you seen improvement in your skin by using BB creams? *more about my skin* acne prone/rosacea/very sensitive, easily break out if using wrong products i am in my 30s now, and know what works for me, but when I was a lot younger and still experimenting with products, my skin was terrible. now i only get 1 or 2 pimple a month =) I wear bb cream almost daily, for the light coverage, healing properties, and sunscreen =) i RARELY wear actual makeup/full cake face haha (only for events like going out or weddings etc) Thank you <3
  7. exfoliate skin and put lemon juice on it, leave overnight and wash off in morning! do it like 1 to 3 x a week. oh and I have also used Likas Papaya soap in the past, i think it worked (this was many years ago cannot really remember) what i would do is exfoliate, soap up, leave on for like 5 to 15 mins, rinse i did not find it drying, i do always moisturize after though
  8. SAAAAAME lol. I don't mind my age but compared to most on here...lol
  9. i don't keep them in my life. i know this is a hard thing for most to do, but it is usually the best thing to do imo.
  10. My SO and I travel separate more often then together (because of work and schedule) it is just a matter of discussing it and also giving each other a heads up kind of thing (ie not just randomly go somewhere and be like oh by the way...) hope this helps. just be open about it =)
  11. LONG time lurker, finally posting haha =)
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