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  1. What a logical, poignant ending to this mature drama. i came into this wanting a delicious guilty pleasure thats slightly on the trashy side, but I got self-empowerment and reflection with a side of subversive commentary on mental health and korea’s patriarchy instead? Haha
  2. The writing/portrayal of the scumbag husbands and the women/wives doing all the sacrificing and compromising is very accurate and true to life. I don’t really care if they romanticize affairs, I find myself empathizing with CSA and agreeing with everything she says, lol. Their husbands have checked out and been emotionally cheating on them for quite a while, which I view as worse than physical cheating, so it’s an eye for an eye at this point. It’s a grey area and telling people who don’t have the power in the relationship (usually women) to just leave is simply very naive and ignorant esp when children are involved. It’s ironic Knets are so concerned about romanticizing affairs in an unsalvageable marriage when you have probably the same netizens shaming exclusively women for mutually and consentually leaving a defunct relationship. Not even an accomplished, famous woman like SHK can escape the misogynistic public backlash.
  3. Sorry for double posting but I am rewatching/re-reading your posts and was hoping if someone can link me to the new chapters that follows the drama? Erudite’s postings seem to have disappeared off MDL as well:( I’m obsessed and just want more!
  4. Easily one of the best mainland dramas ive seen. The actress has portrayed two of my favorite female characters, Huang Rong and now Wan Mei. The last few episodes fell short but moreso due to production staging than writing/directing. I feel like the fight between Cha luo and Mei could’ve been more dramatic and epic and wished they had budgeted better for it—this goes for the fights between ChangAn/Xingfeng and ChangAn/Gonzhi as well—but whatevs. I don’t love the ending but I appreciate its hopeful, cryptic ness. Overall, this drama was one of a kind. My only complaint is I wish wan mei and Changan kissed because I am a pervert lol. Seriously tho! One of this dramas very few flaws is leaving its viewers sexually frustrated? Esp if you are watching Ashes of Love and experienced how gratuitous that one is...hmph. Bloody Romance is like the antisex compared to other mainland dramas nowadays. Tsk tsk
  5. I guess you’re trying to say being dumb is realistic. I can’t disagree, doesn’t mean it’s any less frustrating to watch. realistically, the trio would be dead from being stumbling buffoons fighting demons, should ghosts and possession happen “in real life”, yet I’m supposed to be rooting for them.... i can only suspend my belief so much. It’s not the pacing that makes this show a chore to watch, there is no slow burn. It’s just poorly written.
  6. I mean it’s the second to last week and detective Kang is still yelling at HwaPyung for going off on his own instead of calling the cops,which makes no sense because what can the cops do? Why is she trying to use human laws to defeat the supernatural at this point in the drama? but then again why does Hwa Pyung keep going off by himself when he has no clue how to exorcise a Demond? He seriously thinks he can beat spirits out of people and hasn’t learned a damn thing since his father died and grandpa got put in the hospital. He jumps into dangerous situations with no plan and expects everyone to trust him. Priest Choi got an innocent person killed because he didn’t trust Hwa Pyung... not even after he saw HwaPyung rescued Detective Kang. Furthermore, after confirming his mentor is possessed, he doesn’t go to HwaPyung and Detective Kang to formulate a plan of attack, he just recklessing interrupts mass and tells PID everything? After being questioned by the Parish and realizing he’s on his own, he goes to take a nap? Lol there’s no sense of urgency despite how dire the situation is. Detective Kang doesn’t act quick enough to secure important evidence against the congresswoman anddidnt even try to protect the nun...then she leaves the tape recording of the nuns murder with her untrustworthy boss. One step forward and two steps back isn’t exactly progress to me. None of them are on the same page and their dumb choices are actively are getting people killed now. I doubt next week anything is going to seem logical and not rushed.
  7. I was excited for this drama, but it frustrates me week to week just how dumb the protagonists are. Why are they still keeping secrets from each other? Why is it so difficult to prove youre not possessed so you can work with the hot priest to go after the real bad guy djfjrjgkrbegsjf what pride do you left to save when your childhood possession killed off your family? Lol Why do they keep wanting to face demons alone, UNPREPARED? Why are they always leaving innocent people alone and sending them off to run important errands unaccompanied AT NIGHT? Why does the detective keep trying to do everything by the law when she knows how useless her commanding officer is??? Likewise with the diocese. Why do they are always revealing to demons what they know and warning them beforehand? Its so exhausting watching this drama but ive come so far lol.... i keep hoping for a twist or progress in character development but nah, they just survive by sheer dumb luck.
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