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  1. Wow that's bittersweet but I like it more than reincarnation.
  2. They are so stingy in giving us a kiss. Hong sister's need to be told that staring won't bring babies!!!! Here I was hoping to see little Manwol on a fashion show and little Chansung~ie too
  3. I've been in tears because of all the goodbyes that happened earlier but You made my day hahahaha. I am willing to wait for Hong sister to write something about ghost and alien together in one show. Hotel Del Luna and Man from the Stars crossover hahahaha
  4. Wahhhh been following this thread though I'm a silent type of a participant, but naughty soompiers and del luna unnies are so funny. The thread moves so fast along with our dirty minds hahahahaha. I do hope director and writer nims won't let us down in this finale because I can't imagine what u unnies will do. Probably all of us will become vengeful spirits hunting writer nim if they don't give us some room 404 related scenes C'mmn del luna, since I did not/ won't watch Absolute boyfriend I'm deprived from Jingoo abs and smexy bodeh hahahaha since its the last week please be generous to us. Mago of generosity, please hear are prayers!!!!
  5. Hi guys, the drama is already on its half way to end. I hope its not too late to join the thread . Been a fan of IU since marshmallow days but I've only seen glimpse of her acting and this show and My Ajhussi was the only show of hers that I actually finished and yes...I'm loving both of her characters. It's my first drama with YJG and I'm falling for him hahaha. Anyways, ROFL at the scene when MW said her outfit is not good to read books since its important when she post a pic in her social media HAHAHAHA XD she's really living right now and enjoying posting in her IG. What a great marketing hehehe.
  6. Hahahaha we're the same. Once I watched the raw I'll watch the one with sub for like nth times already. Worst I watched from 1st ep to the latest almost everyday. I don't have a life @Cayu18 hahaha lol at that piggyback . Why do I have a feeling like her brother did that to DM as if he has an ulterior motive? Like he was punishing director for making his sister works too much? And poor DM much worst is coming, GH's little sister is definetely a good kind of a brat.
  7. So excited to watch today's ep basing from the recaps of our dear angels @turtlegirl and @ktcjdrama. I can't wait for the angst to kick in because I'm really curious to what will DM do once he learned everything. That GH is fake VP, that he loves the same girl, that he loves GH from the very beginning. I can see the confusion between anger and happiness so I really can't wait to see how things pan out. Hoping for the good of course. Galhee...oh dear, that desperation in the preview. My heart hurts for you, so please end it soon.
  8. Ohhh I'm anticipating the fun episodes for today and last night. I've been caught by reality (ohhhh college thesis .) and I can't wait to have my mind be freed by watching Dom and GH's cute moments. I'll be catching up with you guys once I can finally breathe. Thanks for the recap as always @turtlegirl and @ktcjdrama
  9. I think they finished filming up until ep 28 I saw in a news or something before, I think? About the sauna, most koreans especially those who works until midnight (overtime) usually go to a sauna to take a break even sleep. I've seen it in the drama Misaeng were most company employee use sauna as if it is their home. It's cheap and very comfortable place. I've tried going to a sauna at 3 am too to try to experience and I promise you it was such a delight hahahaha. I actually want this not to happen. There were no cure yet in such disease in real life so I don't think the drama will take a risk of putting a cure on Dom's case hahaha. I actually like the fact that Dom will find other way to recognize face and still learn to love and trust despite his sickness and of course, since Galhee is with him. It would make their love story not really as tragic as other stories out there with disease induce romance but it would make their love story more romatic, don't you think? hahahaha On the second question, okay that is funny hahahaha bu I think if that really happens its Galhee's face he will see, I think? Because just like the doc said Galhee is imprinted to his mind
  10. I find the two female lead character interesting. They have a really contrasting image but falling into similar character. GH has a low self confidence. VP (real) has too much confidence in herself. One person stood too low the other was too high but their character meets halfway as soon as they realize that they were the same. They were lost and finding their own selves (with the mixture of romance along the way) First VP, she's rich and competent individual. Just like GH said she has an invisible coat of confidence knitted by her parents high position. She seems to have it all- the beauty, the money, everything- except one to two things. Why would you think she's jumping from one ship to another, as if men are just her playthings? Some would say she's just a b**** (sorry for the curse word), a richard simmons or something. That is how we normally perceives it. But what if VP is not really that woman who embodies confidence, when she's actually as fragile and as lost as GH in terms of loving their selves first before others. She had never told DJ that she actually likes him like Love Him. Even when DJ seemed to asked her if she is falling for him, she was just stunned at the words and seemed to be masking her true feelings. Her pride masked the truth because she felt like she'll lose the game if she admits it just like when she halfway realize she's actually kneeling or doing GH's sister's nails and thought " Why the hell I'm doing this?! It is so not me. A rich girl like me would or should never do this!" Then GH, it's obvious this woman lost confidence on herself from the beginning after losing her mom whom she love so much, whom she admire for being positive and was only looking forward because they knew someday all their hard work will paid off. She did not finish school for her siblings (she felt very insecure of her current status), and now when pretending to be someone she's not, she thought of things she would want for herself but never for a fact she thought that she actually deserves it. She's back to being tamed again (refer to what Eul Wang Hee secretary said about this). She deserves to be love, she deserves to be cared for. She always do that to others - to her siblings, to her own boss, that she forgot that one person needed that most - that is herself. It is like VP is someone who on the early age learned how to use make up that on her whole life, she was used to wearing it all the time. GH, on the other side, was beginning to learn the world of make up, she was attracted, was pulled and now seemed to be having a hard time to stop wearing make up because make up build what they called pretentious confidence when in fact they are beautiful without it. The time when both GH and VP walks out of their life bare face, that is when we will all know that these two young ladies has finally reach self-actualization and was able to love their selves as whole. Not pretentious nor afraid just confident and deserving.
  11. OHHHHH~ Torture...a sweet revenge hehehe I like that. I'm okay with the pace right now, to be honest I think I'm the only person enjoying the current and the upcoming angst (because the acting is so good) my heart wrench everytime GH thinks of herself as someone not as valuable as she thinks DMN thought of her VP ver. I can relate, GH has low confidence on herself which I hope she can overcome and learn that she does not need the invisible coat of confidence; that status and family background should not be the indicator of what a good and lovely person she is. She needs to know that before she could finally tell the truth to DMN of who she really is. Yes its frustrating to see how her lies will drive their relationship into the edge of a cliff but it would be very satisfying to see that GH accepts first the real her and present herself in front of the man she love not as someone who is lying to be the other person that she's not nor a secretary with low confidence on herself but just her own Jang Gal Hee. Let say, GH did told DMN the truth "I'm not really VP. I'm sorry but the truth us I'm GH who pretends to be VP" will this be enough? I guess to us viewers we will be satisfied that yes I'm happy with this because finally the truth is out and all comes next is just DMN and GH lovey dovey scene. Then let say, DMN forgave her for what she has done (upon realizing that HE LOVES HER!) Oh yay! But where was her growth, the satisfying character development? She may have told the truth but deep inside her she was still low in confidence. She still thinks that she does not deserve that kind of love and attention. Its bad, yes, it is really bad to lie to a person whose been hurt by lies before and has some trust issues, I'm not a supporter of that either but I really believe this is what GH must experience in order for her to love herself. I don't like the idea of her continuous deception but if the writer has something in her bag that will lead to a satisfying character development on GH's then I can ignore all of that. I'm actually more frustrated at DMN for being so in denial (like how many people you need to tell you that you freaking IN LOVE with your secretary!!!) It's frustrating that he can't see so we can't tell him that he must look at the side of a person because that is how you'll know a person is in love or look at his self infront of a mirror to see how his eyes radiant the word love in it when he looks at her secretary. Quoting VP's word " That is not how you look at you boss( in this case, secretary), that is how you look at the woman you love". .... Praises to JKJ. This is my first drama of hers as a lead and I'm really digging her crying. I'm a sucker for a good actress who cries and reflect sadness with only their eyes. Shin Hye Sun is another example of an actress who is good in crying scene and adding to the list of mine is Jin Ki Joo, everytime she feels low about herself and her crying scene in front of DJ begging to give her sometime before telling the truth. My heart hurts and it felt really good, maybe I'm really a masochist seeing how I enjoy their pains MWHAHAHAHA!
  12. Okay this is what I've understand on the raw but first lemme talk about the kiss. It was bittersweet, DMN told her the truth that he couldn't see her face so he asked if he can kiss her because he wants to be able to kiss the person he ever likes because he thinks he may not be able to love anyone because of his disease. VPGH of course didn't gave her permission first but for GH also, it would be like her only way to kiss the person she likes so its like the permission she gave him was also for her because this may be the last time. DMN hesitates to kiss her because he can't see her face and so where her lips is and so GH told him to move closer like directing where her lips is then decided to initiate it. It was romantic in a sense but really it is sad, why can't they just kiss as DMN and GH!!!! About the preview...GH seemed to be cheering up DMN because of the recent break up and it seems like she told him that she likes him (but he may interpreted it as like not love?) but he is giving her flowers so maybe GH really did confess. Then DMN might be thinking that he could forget VPGH if he try courting or falling in love with GH (but dude, you're already in love with her!!!). If it is really what will happen, it will make their relationship more complicated- GH will get hurt more because deep inside her heart she thinks that it will never be the real her who DMN love. As for my favorite scene. I don't really understand what they were saying when GH was seating inside a coffee shop (i think) and DMN entered the shop after taking the call from his doctor. But I kinda get the gist of what their narrations is...It was like they were inside a dream wherein they could spend that day or amount of time together like lovers then after the clock strikes 12, the magic will go away. They won't be seeing each other again and be like a total stranger, in DMN's part he does not know what she looks like and for GH this is the end of pretense. And so the two decided to just go with the flow, be in their own fairy tale before the magic ends. P.S. Thanks for our recappers. Again, you guys are the best!
  13. There is a singer/hiphop rapper name Simon Dominic, he sang that song I remember in one of the BTS someone called KYK "Simon Dominic" then now SBS team used that song for that new video. Looks like the Secret Secretary Team is enjoying every moment of filming, I'm so glad.
  14. Watching the raw, I can't stop laughing at the soju scene. DM thinks that once GH knew that he can finally see, she will stop being his secretary because their contract says so (the new contract was invalid because GH did not sign it). DM is in denial mode and I love it.
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