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  1. 18 hours ago, willenette said:


    Hi CallieP, you know, I really can't recall when did I start adoring this man..............But, all I can say is : I've been into him "ever since" - (meaning, very long enough-) LMH’s being good toward his fans feel so sincere to me. When one is as tall & good-looking as he is, whatever he does always bring a smile on my face. :P


    I saw BOF first but had no impression for LMH in that drama. Then Netflix had CH. I liked the synopsis and when I watched it, I recognized LMH as the BOF guy. I just liked him in CH and started watching all his other stuff and BTS, I was sucked in. Liked his acting and his sweet manners in BTS. Then started liking his looks. He is just like Adonis or a beautiful painting. I watched each of his dramas several times.

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  2. On 8/17/2019 at 5:45 PM, MsDot2 said:

     I'm originally from the U.S. but now live happily in Mexico. I was happy to discover that Mexico has such an active Facebook LMH fan group (Minoz Mexico Official). I hear that young people in particular in Mexico are very much into K-drama and K-pop (so no wonder I found that LMH pillow in Puebla!).  Great fans here, who just held a Hallyu festival in Mexico City.

    I am from the US. I liked LMH after watching CH.

    I saw an article here stating that LMH has no religion.

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  3. 15 hours ago, syntyche said:

    So it's only now that I've clicked 'follow' on this thread. Haha. :lol: Sorry chingus, I didn't know. 

    So it turns out that this thread is the second most viewed thread among actors and actresses' threads, at 11 million+! And also the second one with the most number of replies!

    So which is the most viewed thread? I am curious.

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  4. On 8/17/2019 at 4:56 PM, CarolynH said:

      I still haven't seen mackeral run.  Hmm, maybe I should watch it  now since we have time before the King.

    You should watch Mackerel run, it is fun though some parts are overblown. I did enjoy it. It is only 8 episodes. If everyone wants to watch it after LOTBS, I am game. I think it is on YouTube. Forgot where I saw it. Sam is another one where he acted with PMY but a small role.


    Shi Ah in Episode 8 wants to be nice to JJ's mom if she finds her,  not realizing she is next to her and she is very rude to her :D. I thought that scene was hilarious.

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  5. @gtLmh0622I am glad that LMH has no religion. Good for him!


    I find the beginning of Episode 8 exchange between JJ and SC hilarious, he thinks she is naked and gets flustered and immediately turns around but wants to shut the screens while she yells to stay put and look away, he is upset that she thinks he is pervert and tries to protest and accuses her of being careless in a house full of men. He tends to react belatedly but he does come with a good argument, this is my house, why are you accusing me? Love JJ's reaction. He is is excited at the thought of her being naked thus his hotness in subzero and he wants to protect her from a house full of men, himself included???, however he says she is lucky it is him and starts making sudden rules to everyone. You find that in order to hide his possessiveness and jealousy, he makes rules e.g. no short skirts, no going out after 8 pm, etc. JJ is hilarious that he doesn't realize that he likes SC and is possessive. LMH does that well.

    Then he tries to deny he likes her when she asks him outright. She learnt a lot from the merman and get get answers while being sly especially to Shi Ah. She is still very naive and takes everything literally but she is a quick learner. I like how she is so upfront with JJ. When will you like me?  Do you have a plan to like me.

    I like the scene where SC sticks to JJ and wants to go to the library, at first he balks but when he realizes she will be alone with

    Tae Ho, his possessiveness takes over and he agrees  to let her come with him. He is funny when he claims that the note says that person at the library likes him and SC wants to cat scratch her. :D He smiles when she says she likes whispering to him. Her directness is so appealing. Dam Ryong finds out through his dream that he has 20 days to live. Nooo.. that is terrible!

    When JJ seriously hurt but more worried that SC is sick finally admits that he cares for her especially when he hears that she plans to leave. Don't leave me, I have a plan to love you. Aww so sweet.

    I wish that LMH did not have to wear so much lipstick makeup, do they have to make them wear lipstick?  I have seen some shows where the men don't do it or it is very light.




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  6. On 8/13/2019 at 3:10 AM, syntyche said:

    Lee Min Ho is No. 2 on the poll, "A Clean Male Star Who Looks Better Than a Woman?" conducted from Aug 4 to 10



    Speaking of girly boys... LMH actually looks better than a woman!



    True, to me he has the sweetest smile at times, my favorite is Faith when he smiles, also LOTBS. However that does not diminish his manhood. He is man enough for me and better than the hunky Mr. Universe types which I dislike, too muscular.

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  7. nYQgfpw.gif&key=9253f01d4b70761ffd61ad92


    It is funny about calling himself a girly boy because it is kind of true that many flower boys are considered girly boys. Men are supposed to be macho, hairy, and muscular and  a lot of American women like those kind of men. Even American men consider Korean men, LMH included, Song Jun Ki, Kim So Hyun and many other top stars as sort of not manly enough or nerdy. However, I do not like those hunky ones and do not think Korean actors as girly. Some Kpop singers might because of the way they dress and make up that makes them look girly even though in person they may not be. Just saying ..........

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  8. On 8/10/2019 at 4:42 PM, MsDot2 said:

    I'm always amazed that he seems to be so full of laughter and relatively modest,  at least in public, and shows such appreciation for fans. It would be so easy to become a conceited jerk with his looks and talent. I read somewhere that his costar in Faith, who was 10 years older than him, said that she'd never met someone so young who was also so kind. He seems to have kept much of that attitude.

    I agree, the charm of LMH is that he is so famous and popular but you never ever see him conceited or being a jerk ever, like so many of western young stars are e.g. Justin Bieber. He always seems so kind and humble. It could be he hides it well but I doubt it.


    About LOTBS,  Watching the short video clip CarolynH attached, I laughed as I am reminded when JJ called himself a girly man and lustful.  LMH comedic timing is great here.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Lindyloo421 said:

    CallieP thank you for the Russian YouTube video- it’s lovely to see what a good relationship they had.



    Lindy, And thank you for mentioning MinoBoiz_ICE. I used to watch her videos and then she deleted them from YouTube. When you mentioned her again, I checked YouTube and found the amazing  "Making of Gangnam Blues Part 1 and 2 by her and with Eng subs as well. I bought the GB DVD which had the director's cut, the movie version and BTS but did not have these two by her. They were really good, don't you think?  I posted it for all to watch. I love it. You can see he does his own kicks, he complained about the heat and hating hot weather. He got hurt on the back on on the head being hit by the 2 by 4 and being told by the director to show anger. He looks so serious and suddenly he breaks into laughter so cute. Love the BTS. Later in the interview he talked about the mud scene and that many were hurt, including himself. He broke or hurt his toe. That was a really harsh scene and you see him bring out a lot of anger and violence and vengeance in his acting as he attacks and kills using an umbrella and high kicks. Truly memorable scene. He felt that too.

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  10.  This making of LOTBS  is by a Russian person. Lots of laughter with LMH and JJH. Don't think I have seen them so in tune with each other. Nice. I like it when he sticks his tongue out, just like a little boy. So cute.



    Hope you will comment about LBS, more the merrier.


    Episode 7 is a fun and interesting episode with a lot of new things happening. I liked it when Dam Ryeong found Se Hwa being beaten up for her tears. How it hurt him so much, he threw the pearls , picked her up and carried her and said (taken from Dramabeans episode 7 "He picks her up and carries her in his arms, and as they approach the water’s edge, he says in a shaky voice, “You liked hearing about my dreams, right? In my dreams we’re reborn, we meet again, and we’re together. You come to see me from the ocean of a faraway land. I don’t remember you, but in my heart I already love you.”

    She doesn’t respond. Dam-ryung struggles to hold back his tears, saying, “Se-hwa, won’t you listen to more of this story?”

    So touching, Dam Ryeong knows JJ loves SC but is still self-unaware. It is interesting how the both stories intertwine.

    Then to modern day JJ is jealous of his own self. LMH really excelled in his acting, looking at his expression and frustration, calling himself a lustful jerk, getting excited that the guy got her ramyun. :D. Cute. In the bedroom too unable to sleep, he gets hurt and prissy at the same time. Love seeing LMH act jealous and prissy, changing his expression from one to the next. He also looks terribly handsome in this episode. I also love Tae Ho with his death glare. Another jealous person.

    When SC asks the guys what work do they do, like the way JJ tries to explain conning people without using the word con men. Ha!


    SC meets the little girl again and rescues her from Elizabeth, and how the mom gets so entranced with her complexion and fashion sense.That is another hilarious scene. Love the little girl who is so mature and so vulnerable at the same time, understanding that people change and that causes divorces but yet equating it with losing her mom's love if she does not study hard. So innocent and so worldly at the same time.

    We now know how JJ met Nam Doo and became a con man and also the brains behind the new team. Nam Doo is just a small time crook but JJ made it big time.

    SC meets fellow merman and learns the tricks of living on land and the value of the tears, crying into plastic bags watching Kdramas, Ha! Ha!. Now we have the fake boyfriend and we see JJ being jealous. The epilogue is interesting, he learns from the fake BF and thinks of being a civil servant for his Sim Cheong, so sweet. The next day, JJ tries to keep SC from leaving the house to see her BF. Does he realize he is a goner, his heart is already with her.

    Nam Doo does his own investigation on SC and learns about Dam Ryeong from Shi Ah. JJ confesses that he is returning the bracelet to SC but is intrigued by the name Dam Ryeong as he just dreamed about him and his ajusshi who was hurt in the dream

    Is Nam Doo going to double cross JJ because of his greed???

    JJ sees SC in the pool and on to next week...


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  11. On 8/2/2019 at 8:40 PM, CarolynH said:

    ow many of you watched the william Choi scene several times (I'm raising my hand) from his accent to expression, it's so funny!

    I watched it many times too.:)


    On 8/3/2019 at 1:07 PM, MsDot2 said:

    s, I thought so too. I think it must be very difficult to portray a stoic character like Choi Young, and LMH used his eyes to great effect. Some people say it is his best work in terms of acting, although I thought his acting in GB was terrific as well. 

    Yes, LMH did stoic well in Faith. My favorite in Faith when he had to kill the young king to ease his suffering and then Imja was horrified at what he did and rejected him. His pain was heart wrenching . Also when he first saw the young king and hugged him, his smile was so sweet there. My favorite smile of LMH. He was excellent in GB as well, the look on his face during his fights were scary. That he could pull that off was amazing.

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  12. bluesea6-00833a.jpg


    I liked the parallels between the two eras too and the same actors connected in both eras. The epilogue was hilarious, when SC took the money and drank all the water. :D

    I liked that HJJ got excited seeing her get food at the hospital and all he did behind the scenes to see that she did get fed. Not understanding why he is so excited about it. He cannot figure himself out and I loved Tae Ho glaring at HJJ at the hospital and getting all hot and bothered because SC was so cute. The part on saving SC from being sued for assault and helping the woman whose daughter died. The William Choi scam was hilarious. HJJ becoming a knight in shining armor at the end at the ski location.

    Fun! All and all a funny and lighthearted episode with some foreboding scenes. So the step-brother was conniving as a youth but this was pure accident though HJJ did not believe him.





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  13. 7 hours ago, Lindyloo421 said:


    Thank you for the welcome Willenette. I am so grateful to have found this thread.

    LMH isn’t at all well known in England-( although I am sure that will all change if he makes a film in English.) and it is so good to be able to exchange views with other fans. 

    I’ve managed to get hold of both films and all the series since BOF and have now watched them all. I have just started watching Faith. I was apprehensive about watching it after hearing LMH’s speech at 2012 SBS awards- reading  about the poor ratings  and then finding out that the poor director had killed himself - but then I saw Jooni’s Website, and the forum on here with thousands of pages and that it had been number 1 in Japan and realised that so many people had been entranced by it so started watching it- and I love it! I love LMH as the General. 


    Yes, Faith on Soompi has the highest number of pages for a drama or actor. I don't know if that record has been beaten yet. Also Joonni had the most comments for Faith, more than any other. I commented in Joonni's Faith quite a bit too. I think LMH did not have good memories of Faith at first but then he realized that though it did not do well ratings wise, it affected many fans and he gained many new fans. I think most fans think his best role is as General Choi Yong. His opinion now has changed. Sometimes, life is strange, something bad at the beginning turned to be the best thing. I think he had the best chemistry with Kim Hee Sun. You should see the BTS, they had so much fun with each other. It is a pity she was married if not...

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  14. 11 hours ago, CarolynH said:

    *My new question of the week-- LMH with facial hair or clean shaven?  I'm not into beards or goatees but a five o'clock shadow like the one LMH sported for GB was pretty hot. He had a funky goatee at the end of Faith, didn't he?  

    I like the 5 pm shadow but not a beard. The beard at the end of Faith was not a goatee though, a few days growth. Some commented that  it was fake and put on. I thought it looked okay but maybe fake. I think LMH does not have thick growth and if he did grow his beard, it would be more of a goatee like most oriental Asians i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese. I don't like goatees. I like clean cut. If one should grow a beard, I prefer full to a goatee and I don't like mustaches. :P

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  15. I think I did not respond to @CarolynH question. I would like LMH to be in a detective role, or someone accused unfairly of a crime and running like a fugitive. That would be an action movie. I would also like to see him as a father and struggling to live with his son. Preferably poor or on the other end a comedy with him managing as a single father.

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  16. podcast35.jpg


    Episode 6 is fun, the policeman who disliked HJJ was the same messenger who was dumped as Dam Ryeong horse left to rescue the mermaid. It is funny how the drama tries to show characters from the past and the modern day. The policeman dislikes HJJ without knowing why and the little girl hears the silent "Help me from the mermaid" I thought it was cute when HJJ tries to tell the police that SC is easily scared and she says "No" and he gives this cute uncomfortable smile and laugh. LMH looked really cute here with his deep dimples. Actually LMH looked cute in this whole episode and you see his comedic side. He made me laugh a lot. Pretending to chase SC out of the house and then tracking her and worrying about her while Tae Ho glares at him. Tae Ho is so cute too. The fight between SC and Shi-Ah. We see HJJ half -brother and he seems different from his mom and has a conscience.

    HJJ uses SC ignorance about TV to make her tell him about Spain. I don't understand why she remains mum. There is nothing to hide. She does not need to tell about the mermaid part. Can anybody enlighten me about why SC does not want to talk about Spain.

    He pays the boys and gets a lady to give her a dessert and scarf and hiding behind a cart. :D Enjoy his antics. SC's antics and flirting with HJJ is hilarious too. HJJ waits at Nam San but she does not turn up...


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  17. 3 hours ago, syntyche said:

    LMH, true to the adage, "If looks could kill." :P

    Ha! Ha! double pun, and he takes a role as a serial killer. I think it will be good for LMH to challenge himself but I feel many of his fans especially the younger ones or those that love romantic comedies or keep away from violent American shows would object. He could lose those fans. Like @MsDot2 commented, she would only watch it once as it is too creepy. I personally would see it several times if it was well made. I did see the Mark Harmon version of Ted Bundy.

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  18. Have to look out for those hotels in the US. Perhaps there will be photos of LMH? :P


    This episode is fun as the couple gets to know each other again after several months. It must be making HJJ crazy not remembering her and not understanding why. I can imagine the frustration. I like their rapport during this time and Sim Cheong giving him the googly eye and hanging on to his coat, pretty cute. Also Tae Ho (?) getting dumbstruck by her when she told him her name is SC. He likes her. The trio is cute and now the detective makes his appearance. So HJJ rejects his family and their wealth to become a con-man. The intrigue begins. HJJ forgot the mermaid but yet as previously, he cannot abandon her. He must be remembering his life as Dam Ryeong unconsciously and DR love for the mermaid.  There is the connection between them that cannot be broken even though they are reincarnated. His mom and her boss relationship is hilarious.

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  19. 4 hours ago, 1ouise said:

    remember that the song that played with the original airing of this scene was "Clair" by Gilbert O'Sullivan.  It really adds to the charm.  (But I'm guessing that permissions/copyrights are the reason it was switched to the BOF music for replay.)

     You are right, now that you said it, I remember it was Clair by Gilbert O Sullivan and they changed it to BOF sometime after the drama aired. It is great that you caught the change. I agree that the song added to the charm of the bike ride. They probably did not ask permission or paid fees to use the song. They could have offered to pay. Wonder why they did not?

    Yup the location is beautiful. Where is the location again? I don't remember. Thanks for your review.

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  20. I was worried LMH would not look good in the Korean saguek outfit because to be honest it is not very flattering. It is loose and bulky but then LMH looks good in anything even the Korean Hanbok and it is his traditional costume so it makes sense that he would look great in it. Anyway, I have to admit he looks really princely in it. Agreed LMH looks great as a pilot. He should take a role as a father and a pilot. :D


    In LBS, I love the Saguek portion of the story, he meets her under hundreds of lanterns. It is pretty romantic and their love blossom.


    In the modern part I like the relationship between the mermaid and the young girl and the way the mermaid is learning the ways of the world in a wrong way. "Don't eat your friend" Ha! So Jun Jae has someone interested in him but she does it the wrong way, pretending to cook the seaweed soup when she really did not. I like the quiet third person of the con-men trio. Like their dynamics and HJJ upset at being called an ahjusshi. Ha! Ha! The confusion he feels feeling that he is missing something but not sure what and not remembering a female companion. The he sees her in the water at the aquarium. I found this to be an enjoyable episode and how he managed to get gangster mom out of his life by hypnotizing her. It is funny that she acted as his mom in Heirs and now she wants him dead. He wants the other two out of his home but they hide afraid for their life.



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  21. Episode 1 LOTBS, it was interesting to see LMH's mom in Heirs as his enemy, someone he conned and Krystal Jung in Heirs in a cameo role as a stewardess. :D


    Just love this expression of his. I fought them off. LOL



    I enjoyed Episode 2, even though there was a lot of chasing and running. I liked that HJJ just could not just leave her alone and unprotected. He feels responsible for her and  HJJ is aware of his good looks. Hee! Hee!.


    The Bruce Lee fighting scene was funny. Dramabeans comment " The true comedy is Joon-jae’s lame fight intercut with the mermaid’s high-flying action-hero fight, where he kicks a guy in the nuts and manages to land ONE impressive punch, and then stops to brag to the mermaid about it with his fist in the air. LOL. City Hunter he is not. "". I loved his expression when he hit the man in the nuts and after he fought off the three men. See picture above just adorable, LOOK AT MY AWESOME FIST.

    It is cool to see LMH standing on the bike, as they make the getaway, was that a real stunt or were there wires and hooking him to a tree or something. If he could really stand on a bike that is amazing.


    I like his stunned look when she suddenly started talking and asked what is a wife. I like  how he tries to teach her how to eat and what not to do. He finally returns the bracelet while she sleeps. JJH has her funny scenes. Some of her scenes in Episode 1 and Episode 2 were funny when she casually overcomes the baddies easily and protects HJJ without his realizing it. Her childlike love of food and asking about words that she does not understand. I like it when HJJ is slowly being really attracted to her, accepting her weird behavior and feeling guilty about taking advantage and stealing from her.


    When they are escaping on the bicycle while she is loving the bike ride down the winding road. Recognize the music played in BOF as well. For her it is a romance , for him running for his life.


    At the end of the world HJJ realizes his mom had sent a goodbye note as the mermaid found scratched on the pillar. That he always tries to save her not knowing that she is the one rescuing him, the story and characters are starting to take shape. Also the sageuk, the attraction is starting and the lanterns are so pretty. They do this in Las Vegas once a year, i went there with a couple of friends last year and we lighted and set off three lanterns each. It was glorious, hundreds of lanterns setting off all at once.

    @CarolynH Perhaps the mother does follow her son's growing up from a distance. She could check the colleges to see where he went. I am sure as he was growing up she would try to get info one way or the other. They never said why his parents divorced but I gather she was forced to give him up since the father has power and money and she has none. She probably lost track when he became an adult and left home. So he sang a short song in this drama at the church. I wonder why he tricked his con man friend when that friend gave him some money for his assistance. It did not seem nice. He got some spending money but the friend had none. They are all con men anyway.

    LMH was funny here thinking he was so good and capable when she was quietly helping him and when he zipped his mouth when the gang head told him to shut up. Cute! So he knows that she is a mermaid at the end but not for long. :D


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  22. 43 minutes ago, gtLmh0622 said:

    Talking about Xiaolongbao, the most famous restaurant is Din Tai Fung. There are lots of branches in different countries, you may try it ! :P

    We have it in the US too. Din Tai Fung


    I liked the saguek part where LMH is a town head. He looks distinguished and scholarly. The love story part is sweet. However, I think the first episode of LOTBS is still trying to find its feet. The funny scenes were not that funny to me and it seemed contrived. Both JJH and LMH comedic scenes were not effective. The con man part with the lighter and stuff was overblown. My favorite con man parts were when LMH pretended to be a dufus and you see his face change when he left the room. That was my favorite scene and con. Where he pretended to be a prosecutor was my second favorite. 


    The show improves though, the last quarter was better and the way you see LMH start feeling a bit guilty taking advantage of this innocent soul and he went back with an umbrella, that was a good end to episode one. I did not think JJH stood out at all in episode one. The lollipop scene was funny though at the very end.


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