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  1. You got Faith from Australia via ebay? That was the only one I don't have. Interesting. I will check it out. I saw some from Malaysia but I did not want those but Australia would be better.Would it work in the US? Is the quality good?
  2. Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted. I just love that look on his face as he turns after SC goes back to the room to change.
  3. Do you think MYM can reject the acquisition or they welcome it? @Lindyloo421Thanks for the wishes for Labor Day. I could not find the Heir's parody that you were referring to on page 1759. BS Ep 10. I thought this episode really showed LMH’s great acting skills. The scene with the little girl Yoo-Na where she was saying she was invisible to people and no -body cared if she was at school or not and you could tell by JJ’s face how much he identified with the little girl- the scene in the earlier episode where as a child he was crying ill in bed and was ignored and then no one caring when he left home- I thought the emotion and empathy with Yoo-Na was all there in his face. Then the drunk scene- I was thinking back through his dramas and can’t remember him having much opportunity to play a comedy scene. He does this scene so well I hope he does more comedic scenes in future. His face when the reveal of her being a mermaid comes was so full of shock and then the running scenes when the memories come crowding in so fast and furious that he doesn’t know what to do with himself and can hardly cope- what wonderful acting without a word being said. Totally agree with your comments about LMH's acting in those scenes. This is my very favorite LMH look with or without glasses. He looks so handsome in this hairstyle and suit. I love the part where he paces up and down in his house grumbling about SC dressing so sexily after he orders her to change as they were preparing to go to Shi ah's brother's home. Can someone do the GIF of that scene, please? Syntyche?
  4. I saw BOF first but had no impression for LMH in that drama. Then Netflix had CH. I liked the synopsis and when I watched it, I recognized LMH as the BOF guy. I just liked him in CH and started watching all his other stuff and BTS, I was sucked in. Liked his acting and his sweet manners in BTS. Then started liking his looks. He is just like Adonis or a beautiful painting. I watched each of his dramas several times.
  5. I am from the US. I liked LMH after watching CH. I saw an article here stating that LMH has no religion.
  6. You should watch Mackerel run, it is fun though some parts are overblown. I did enjoy it. It is only 8 episodes. If everyone wants to watch it after LOTBS, I am game. I think it is on YouTube. Forgot where I saw it. Sam is another one where he acted with PMY but a small role. Shi Ah in Episode 8 wants to be nice to JJ's mom if she finds her, not realizing she is next to her and she is very rude to her . I thought that scene was hilarious.
  7. True, to me he has the sweetest smile at times, my favorite is Faith when he smiles, also LOTBS. However that does not diminish his manhood. He is man enough for me and better than the hunky Mr. Universe types which I dislike, too muscular.
  8. It is funny about calling himself a girly boy because it is kind of true that many flower boys are considered girly boys. Men are supposed to be macho, hairy, and muscular and a lot of American women like those kind of men. Even American men consider Korean men, LMH included, Song Jun Ki, Kim So Hyun and many other top stars as sort of not manly enough or nerdy. However, I do not like those hunky ones and do not think Korean actors as girly. Some Kpop singers might because of the way they dress and make up that makes them look girly even though in person they may not be. Just saying ..........
  9. I agree, the charm of LMH is that he is so famous and popular but you never ever see him conceited or being a jerk ever, like so many of western young stars are e.g. Justin Bieber. He always seems so kind and humble. It could be he hides it well but I doubt it. About LOTBS, Watching the short video clip CarolynH attached, I laughed as I am reminded when JJ called himself a girly man and lustful. LMH comedic timing is great here.
  10. Lindy, And thank you for mentioning MinoBoiz_ICE. I used to watch her videos and then she deleted them from YouTube. When you mentioned her again, I checked YouTube and found the amazing "Making of Gangnam Blues Part 1 and 2 by her and with Eng subs as well. I bought the GB DVD which had the director's cut, the movie version and BTS but did not have these two by her. They were really good, don't you think? I posted it for all to watch. I love it. You can see he does his own kicks, he complained about the heat and hating hot weather. He got hurt on the back on on the head being hit by the 2 by 4 and being told by the director to show anger. He looks so serious and suddenly he breaks into laughter so cute. Love the BTS. Later in the interview he talked about the mud scene and that many were hurt, including himself. He broke or hurt his toe. That was a really harsh scene and you see him bring out a lot of anger and violence and vengeance in his acting as he attacks and kills using an umbrella and high kicks. Truly memorable scene. He felt that too.
  11. This making of LOTBS is by a Russian person. Lots of laughter with LMH and JJH. Don't think I have seen them so in tune with each other. Nice. I like it when he sticks his tongue out, just like a little boy. So cute. @SophieHWelcome Hope you will comment about LBS, more the merrier.
  12. I watched it many times too. Yes, LMH did stoic well in Faith. My favorite in Faith when he had to kill the young king to ease his suffering and then Imja was horrified at what he did and rejected him. His pain was heart wrenching . Also when he first saw the young king and hugged him, his smile was so sweet there. My favorite smile of LMH. He was excellent in GB as well, the look on his face during his fights were scary. That he could pull that off was amazing.
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