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  1. I would really like if there is a Season 2, dynamics between LJH and Tyrant LG and their saga, include actress JTE (can't remember her name as the actress) Yes, or anti-hero role. Yessss!
  2. Thanks @Nikaa94 He looks really gorgeous in this shot., Is this new as @CarolynH was asking. If someone already answered, Sorry! He looks so breathtakingly awesome is some shots, it is like looking at a piece of art or sculpture done by a famous painter or sculptor. A piece of art. Almost unreal.
  3. The Toyota Camry mini series CF has the good/evil twin. Pity it was a commercial but it was pretty good. Here we have nice LMH trying to convince the more skeptical LMH the value of Promiz, he did a good job convincing the other to come on board. Fighting!
  4. I saw Duel too. I liked it. I keep saying it would be great to have LMH do an evil twin role. YSJ did well in that role. LMH would be awesome.
  5. The list based on the number of news articles ... “The King: Eternal Monarch,” 1,174; . I find it curious that TKEM had less articles than Kkondae Intern or Hot Stove League or Hospital List or Dr Romantic 2. I wonder why. It did so well overseas. From all the news you posted, I notice that Doctor dramas do very well in SK. Perhaps LMH should be a doctor next.
  6. Finally, reports on TKEM success. About time, they can't ignore it anymore. Glad you are on the LMH bandwagon now.
  7. Yes, LOTBS next! He was born to be king. Too bad there is no monarchy in SK today. Perfect visuals for a king. It is time TKEM is given its just dues. I think the highest ranking TKEM achieved worldwide is lower than 12th? @leeminhosny Was it 10th or 8th or even 6th? It is 12th today but it achieved a lower number earlier. Yes, LOTBS next! TKEM internationally successful! The viewers have decided. LMH time to move up! Get cracking! Agree! Korean Media has been biased against TKEM. I don't understand why! Yes, I notice much less PPL with other dramas, it does not intrude into the drama like TKEM. Whoever agreed to such a large # of PPLs should not be allowed on LMH's dramas in the future. LMH gets criticized instead of the company. Studio Dragon has been amiss in its responsibility to TKEM if they are the ones responsible for such a promotional failure since they made a huge profit because of TKEM. However, I don't know enough to tell if it was Studio Dragon or some other division that is responsible for the failure to promote and the introduction of too many PPL. I swear some scenes were just for PPL.
  8. You are the one who does not like Saguek and watching Faith for the first time right? See what you would have missed if @Heretorant did not convince you to watch it? @msdotdid you also encourage scrawford? Now you like CY the best. I was just watching Episode 10 and the part where ES was apologizing to CY that because she could do nothing he was forced to kill the young prince. LMH really looked so handsome in that scene. Just breathtaking. The sharp profile takes your breath away. The camera really loves him.
  9. At least now a number of media outlets are reporting facts. Koreaboo and Kpopmap. Good for them. It is funny how so many LMH fans suddenly want him to play the role of a villain or psycho. Is it a new trend in Kdrama? There are now at least two or three new dramas with main characters playing autistic type roles, lacking in emotion. I think LMH should lay off accepting such roles at the moment. Don't want comparison with the others. I like this quote from a fan
  10. So why does the Korean media leave out TKEM when they talk about Netflix successes only mentioning CLOY, HP, Goblin, IONTBO, IC but leaving out the #1 show. Why the bias? Be accurate in your reporting.
  11. At the end of episode 8, in the trailer for episode 9, they showed CY with a new hairstyle showing his forehead. I know many here like LMH to show his forehead. However fans hated that style and they re-filmed the sequence. In episode 9, he had a third different hairstyle. Question, do you like his style that was finally adopted or his hair combed back as in the trailer in episode 8? @CarolynH @msdot @leeminhosny
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