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  1. You are right, now that you said it, I remember it was Clair by Gilbert O Sullivan and they changed it to BOF sometime after the drama aired. It is great that you caught the change. I agree that the song added to the charm of the bike ride. They probably did not ask permission or paid fees to use the song. They could have offered to pay. Wonder why they did not? Yup the location is beautiful. Where is the location again? I don't remember. Thanks for your review.
  2. I was worried LMH would not look good in the Korean saguek outfit because to be honest it is not very flattering. It is loose and bulky but then LMH looks good in anything even the Korean Hanbok and it is his traditional costume so it makes sense that he would look great in it. Anyway, I have to admit he looks really princely in it. Agreed LMH looks great as a pilot. He should take a role as a father and a pilot.
  3. Episode 1 LOTBS, it was interesting to see LMH's mom in Heirs as his enemy, someone he conned and Krystal Jung in Heirs in a cameo role as a stewardess. Just love this expression of his. I fought them off. LOL
  4. FYI: For those watching LOTBS, instead of Episode 1, watch Episode 21 which is director's cut of Episode 1. It has more scenes with LMH and is longer
  5. Yes, do go there,to the bookstore One comment about Bounty Hunter which I forgot to make. Did he sing a song for the soundtrack, I did not know that? Which is the song he sang?
  6. @syntyche when you comment on LBS, I wish you would continue with your usual style which I like very much. Don't change a thing. I saw BH only once and a few months ago started a second time, was half way when Drama Fever disappeared and could not watch the rest.I have not tried the other site that CarolynH mentioned. I did not like his voice being dubbed. He was cute in BH but the story and directing somewhat overblown. Agree with CarolynH comments.. Too flippant and probably over budget and rushed. He should pick a better movie the next time if it is a collaboration with China.All glitz and no substance.
  7. So he is promoting Berluti clothing from Paris. That is a good choice, he looks really good in those suits.
  8. Hi Willenette: I will admit that I do not see too many Korean movies. I saw maybe around 15 movies , and half of them had nudity and violence like GB and there was one about a killer and it was violent and showed naked women who were murdered. Actually I saw those even before I saw GB. They showed women's breasts, men naked but not frontal or pubic hair as you said. I think GB did not show frontal genitalia too right? On LMH's airport pictures, finally we see him without his face mask. He looks really good and very young, like a high school student He seems to get younger and younger.
  9. You are right, it is a very dark film. Yoo Ha is well-renowned for dark gangster movies. Yes, he deserved the awards he got and he should have got more Yup, that is a good description, the anti-hero. Thanks for pointing out the relevance of the song. I did not get the connection. You are so right. He was name a son but he never realized it. He considered him his boss, never his dad even though they pretended he was a son. But when he saw the registry, he became the son who went against his father's will and caused his death. That is a big guilt to bear. He did not deliberately do it though. He wanted what he thought was best for his boss. The boss however, quietly loved him and cared for him as a real son. It is very sad. Agree with this description trying to crawl out from darkness into the light. Korean movies can be very violent and with a lot of nudity. I have seen some which was not even a gangster film that had strong violence and nudity. @CarolynH So here's my question. The politician who JD was in cahoots with towards the end double crossed him and had JD killed? I know the politicians used the gangs to get what they want, then threw them away. Yes, that politician had JD and his brother killed. JD had said to him, don't you use gangsters and then throw them away so JD knew what he was up against and that he could be thrown away. Yet he still went ahead. Perhaps he thought he could escape
  10. The French actor, director Yoo Ha was referring to. For some of you watching Gangnam Blues for the first time or second time, I am curious about your opinion about the movie and LMH's acting. Hope you will comment.
  11. I agree with your comment about GB, It was an immensely well made movie and I think it was a good choice, moved away from his usual genre and to me he shone in the role. More on the movie next week.
  12. @Lindyloo421Syntyche started a thread for the new drama from the beginning . Click on the link above to start. Hope that helps.
  13. Wow! Forbes has an article about LMH. I am impressed. It is a business magazine. LMH should try the US next. Hopefully, he will have a role in the other universe. As I said it is similar to the JK Simmons series Counterpart.
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