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  1. Been looking for a good drama after COS and found this. Loving it Thank you for this post. I agree about Hae Ryung and the Crown Prince who is one mature character and fit to be king. I love these 2 characters.
  2. I think that TJ would remember CEO Lee, whom he saved from being fired from his job as CEO by destroying the stick that the DK gave him which DK got from the employee working with the worker who died because of a faulty machine and then not taken to the nearest ER but put in a car to take to a designated hospital an hour away. Then CEO Lee turned and became a witness for Song to put all the blame on TJ to detract the questioning of LSM during Song's nomination hearing. Song then sent the prosecutors to arrest TJ. I think he will also remember Song was so willing to rid of him to save himself. And most of all he will remember OSW who did nothing really good or contributed anything good for the Assembly but to get something only for himself. What in the world was OSW doing guarding the girl who had the abortion? He could have researched the law and also the background of Ah then maybe he would have known that Ah was not the person to have an on air discussion with SY. OSW also took advantage of DK to do his dirty printer business. TJ knew his stuff and so did his sidekick Hye Won. I also think TJ was the one who gave Go the information regarding the campaign speech on abortion of Assemblyman Ah. I remember when he went into SY's bedroom say goodbye he saw the papers on her bed about the abortion law and when he was outside he called someone. I can't wait to see the battles. TJ said though that season 2 will be darker. I am thinking TJ will be a real badass the next season
  3. @emmie here is how I see it. Well Song made up those charges against TJ because at that time, Song wanted to rid of TJ thinking TJ was easy. TJ dug information regarding the Samil Group including CEO Lee and Chairman Sung that could destroy Song and his career. Remember that Chairman Sung arrived from abroad to tell Song to let go of his bid for the Justice Ministry and even the President's Aide told Song that the President plans to rescind his nomination of Song to be the Minister of Justice. The Samil Club is made up of men of power, the makers and shakers of policies and laws that affects SK. The fact that TJ has gotten info to destroy Song and his supporters at the Samil, made Song call off his dogs chasing after TJ. Then badass TJ dared to fearlessly march inside the Samil Club and the confrontation/negotiation between him and Song occurred. That is when Song took notice that the man got guts and heart of steel. In exchange for destruction of the stick that held the info that could destroy Song, TJ asked to be nominated to the Assembly seat which Song could not refuse. How can he?
  4. Song understands ambition, greed, persistence and fortitude to attain that ambition at all costs. He sees himself in TJ and understands the allure of power. He has done many things that TJ can do and knows TJ can even do better or worse. He sees in TJ a person worth fighting against or fighting for. An expert athlete for example a tennis champion would want to test himself against another expert tennis player. He would not want to play with a beginner. In TJ, Song has found a worthy opponent at the same time an ally. That is the way of politics and he knows that TJ has learned to be a politician's politician. Both are just itching to battle for or against in the political playing field. These two will be itching to get at it.
  5. COS is done for the season and while waiting for season 2 am so glad I found this drama. I watched until ep 3 and catch up on reading all the re caps.
  6. @40somethingahjumma I laughed when I saw that as I was watching the show and I thought the writer may have trolled the thread and copied you.
  7. JTJ gave a powerful speech of creating a world of equal opportunity at the ending scene which was ironically juxtaposed with demolition and destruction of the Seobuk Markets the markets whom Lee Sung Min was trying to save. DK was walking along the markets witnessing this looking helpless. but worse was the scene of Emergency Medical Techs extracting Seok Man from his car and putting him on a stretcher to the ambulance. It looks like the scene was made to look like a suicide? Also at the scene is a distressed SY looking helplessly at Seok Man, her faithful aide and friend being carried on a stretcher. JTJ has become the penultimate politician whom everyone is going to be afraid of, probably worse than Song. Jo repeated his mantra about JTJ, "the viper has returned with more poison" while watching JTJ's speech on TV. My heart goes to SY, I cry for and with her. What is to become of my ship, will it sink in the future? Another thing I want to know and hope to see at the 2nd season are the wife and daughter of Lee Sung Min, what becomes of them. I hope to see them join SY to carry on LSM's legacy in their own way.
  8. Jung Tae Jun went down on his knees as a soldier and a challenger whom Song could not refuse. He was on his knees but his body language was saying differently. His body erect, his hands in fists and his head held high. Song can't deny him because Song knows he was the best soldier on his team. In a way, Song also acknowledged and respected TJ's determination, certitude and single mindedness. He sees himself in TJ. Song after all came from a butcher family and was even mocked by his detractors for his humble beginnings and yet fought his way to the highest office of the Justice Department with the help of TJ. He can appreciate the breadth of intelligence, information and influence TJ has that could have stopped Song from being appointed as the Minister of Justice and destroy CEO Lee and his boss Chairman Sung. That is the two-fisted machismo and audaciousness that Song understands. That is why even when everyone of the members of the Samil Club were against the nomination of TJ, Song still supported him. He knew that TJ will come up with a stunt like the goons sacking of the marketplace to impress the members of the Samil Club to admit and support his candidacy. Song hates men like Lee Sung Min, dislikes bootlickers like OSW only useful for no-brainer tasks but understands and appreciate men like TJ. There is a big difference though, Song knows how intelligent TJ is, more than himself. The last scene though where Ko Seok Man, Aide to KSY was in an "accident?" because he had the information from Hong Kong that could destroy the members of the Samil Group was distressing especially for SY. JTJ's speech said it all. He is a shoo in for the nomination but will he win the election? My heart is breaking for KSY. I cried when she said she felt like she fell right before the marathon finish line. Not only did she lose the fight against Song but she lost a friend and a colleague to suicide and witnessing her Chief of Staff in an "accident" being carried by emergency staff to an ambulance and listening to TJ's acceptance speech of his nomination to be Assembly candidate to represent Seonjin City. It is so sad. I think though that TJ as the one who gave Seok Man about the speech of Ah. I cheered for and with her when she won the round of debate with Ah and Jo who were trying to oust her from the party by making her look like the Assembly Woman who supported abortion which was against the law. It was under review to be repealed not as a crime but a choice but that was still not passed. So when she brought out the campaign speech of Ah where he supported abortion to save the life of the mother and got Ah to recant his attack against her, I cheered. Jo said, that they were supposed to use that TV program to oust SY from the party and the Assembly but instead they managed to raise her approval ratings and made her a more formidable opponent. Her face of distress though when she saw her Chief Aide in a stretcher was so sad. I am guessing she knows that TJ had something to do with it? OSW is more like a goon servant than Chief of Staff and his big disadvantage because he is unaware that is how he is perceived as. Hye Won seems to be the main go to guy for TJ and as everyone predicted will be the Chief Aide for TJ when he gets elected to the Assembly. Whom will DK work for? Probably SY? It will be a long wait for Season 2. I love this show!!!
  9. He is the main antagonist in this season so far and reason why TJ survives so they can fight it out to the end.
  10. Thank you @larus for the cast "Farewell To The Viewers." All their comments seem to hint to a darker and more fun Season 2 but I want to know the change in HDK as he seems to imply he will lose his naivete and will have a different outlook and regard for his hero JTJ. But most of all I am looking forward to the "darker" side of the story in the 2nd season. I can't wait for tomorrow though to see how the Viper will juggle his love relationship with his political ambitions, political enemies and friends.
  11. What an episode. Every time I think I can take a breather, something happens and I get jumpy again. That chase though. Wow, how JTJ timed that light to stop OSK and company from following him or crush on the oncoming traffic. I so hate OSK but without him, there will be no bad boy creating mayhem especially for JTJ. Those men are such gossips including the reporter. Now everyone knows the relationship of KSY and JTJ. OSW, even found out about the girl who had an abortion. I guess abortion is illegal in South Korea or maybe even most parts of Asia? KSY can be prosecuted because she was there at the hospital when the girl who took pills for abortion was rushed to the ER because she was bleeding profusely and the doctor said they needed to perform surgery to save the mother's life? Unless KSY gave consent which is illegal since she is not the guardian. If the girl was in imminent danger of dying if the procedure is not performed then the doctor had to do what was needed to save a life? I am trying to understand what KSY is being accused of or what OSK wants to accuse KSY with. That ending with JTJ kneeling before Song. Song's nomination was already approved. He is the appointed Minister of Justice. JTJ now knows that there is nothing he can do from his level in the lower ranks of politics. He is not even a politician yet but an aide to the Assembly. So he made a decision that to be able to do what has to be done, he joins the club. TJ, like Daniel deliberately entered the lion's den. He will be criticized and many will disapprove but he has a goal and that matters most TJ has made up his mind and set his heart to become an Assembly man and help to make a change, at least in his district, the district LSM used to hold. Song is deeply connected to the powerful members of the Samil Group, the den of lions. TJ's face when he was kneeling was not the face of someone who was humbled but the opposite. It is the face of man who has accepted the challenge. Everyone from Samil have already written TJ off so soon and surprise of surprises, A Jo said with respect, mind you, the "viper" has returned with more venom and I bet he was referring to no other than TJ who has a new nickname. The "Viper". Will TJ give up on KSY? HW was looking wistfully at TJ and SY holding hands while leaning and looking out the window and DK was looking at HW looking at TJ. I wonder who will work with TJ to help him win his seat to the Assembly? Will TJ distance himself from SY to save her? Tomorrow come soon.
  12. @liddiI had the advantage of watching the J before the K so.... decisions, decisions. Would be fun to watch both but then you might spoil yourself unless you watch per episode which will be equivalent to one to 2 eps per viewing
  13. I could not see clearly the face of the man who was lying in the street beside a car. I, and maybe we, are all assuming that the man is LSM because he was talking on the phone with JTJ who was running over to see him. Was he pushed to be run over by a car? Very good question. That was some cliffhanger leaving us with many questions and what if theories.
  14. CEO Lee and Song turned the tables on JTJ when CEO Lee became a witness for Song and accused JTJ of threatening him and his project of community re-development which most of the politicians in the Samil Club had bet their money on and were sponsors of the project. They needed a sacrificial lamb to save Song from destruction by LSM so they framed JTJ. I don't think that Lee Sung Min was against the re-development but was against the exploitation of the lower income population removing their source of income, the mom and pop stores and the public markets. The owners of big businesses did not provide guarantees of safety at the factories or security of employment. So even if they did not like Song including Jo and the party chair Lee GD, they were all against Lee Sung Min because they were all afraid that if Lee Sung Min can derail Song, LSM's popularity and influence will be strengthened. I really dislike that the drama went the way of suicide but the character of JTJ needs to be given a necessary and just cause to make an about face and avenge the death of his friend and mentor, not for his goals alone, but also that of Lee Sung Min. JTJ goes underground and is being hunted for blackmailing and threatening CEO Lee and bribery to raise money for LSM's election. Is this drama turning into "Two Weeks" political style? JTJ knows a lot that could destroy members of the Samil Group who seem to be the movers and shakers of their part of the world. JTJ is not without resource, he was a police officer who worked with lawmakers as well as lawbreakers, news reporters like YHW and business owners. This mission would appeal to JTJ's thriller penchant. It is the pot of tea he revels brewing. KSY, the love and political partner of JTJ is an intelligent and savvy pol who played both Jo and Song against each other. She also liked LSM and was on his side. I am counting on her outsmart the two again. Looking for a twist? So, here is a question. Did LSM really die or is it a ploy by JTJ?
  15. IKR... the end of Song was so, so near. Chairman Sung his sponsor told Song in no uncertain terms to give up his goal to become the Justice Minister since his company is being investigated as the money contributor for Song's campaign and the President's aide also told Song that the President was wanting to take back his nomination of Song. I guess there are no secrets in politics because of compromises, rub your back, you rub mine.
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