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  1. Guess she quietly celebrated..given i think IU is on her own work journey. Hope Ms Universe Goddess had a good time with Mr Wookie. Even with no dispatch..im still hoping
  2. Really appreciate all these friends who spend the effort and time
  3. YIN going taiwan on 12 june for an endorsement...Taiwan fans so blessed Cr: yoooinnabar
  4. just love all your detective eagle eyes..just helps everyone to confirm their 'relationship'...PICHI is definitely doing a good job in not fanning any rumor flames with their quiet demeanour...but also means, i miss them so much!
  5. @nyzah13 : agree..only upon rewatching then i pick out such nuances too
  6. @cherrinekim..thanks loads for sharing! Have always wondered about this..saw snippets here and there of this show. She is at her chubbier self here and always found her cute for this period..now i want to find this show and watch Agree that her Sunny role was her major turning point. Really a role to remember. And the YIN now..looks just simply amazing
  7. Hey chinggus..a question just occured to me..perhaps chinggus who had been long time fans of YIN can help on this..im curious...has YIN ever indicated that she wanted to start a family? Or has she been those who prefer to bask in love? So far i only know she does want to be attached..to love... but dont think i've ever heard her say she wants babies asap..pardon if i sounded rude...just wanted clarification
  8. Wow...she has this in black or he share with her? Depends on when he wore the cap tho
  9. Never..never get sick of watching them over and over again... his mischievousness... his gentle smile on her.. her gentle nudges back at him..its just too perfect.. makes my heart flutter so much
  10. just happy that more reveals are being made. thanks to the ACES!
  11. @intrariver : u are the most jjang! Altho i didnt get to see the vids earlier..but yes..your thoughts are most logical. Unless there is something to hide. If tvn had purely wanted to promote TYH..and if there were nothing to hide..they would have used the PICHI to the fullest..just like what OYS's agency director did
  12. We are all in delulu overdrive..thanks to a J12...honestly..she isnt their official rep..and so coincidentally a certain guy is..who wouldn't make any assumptions...too close for comfort....then sgain... am grateful for such signs.. this keeps the ship ALIVE!!
  13. Agree with your hidden contents.. as long as they are happy.. and best if they are together... if it's to protect her cos of the past relationship.. it's fine as well.. we only want them to b happy..hengbok
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