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  1. Agree with your hidden contents.. as long as they are happy.. and best if they are together... if it's to protect her cos of the past relationship.. it's fine as well.. we only want them to b happy..hengbok
  2. Its about the image..if u opened up..can see at the edge of both pics - the same blue white striped shirt. So the post conclusion is that LDW and YIN were actually seated next to each other at the wrap up party My personal opinion is that prob YIN cos of personaility fit also more suited than the other 2...sometimes aint about age..there have been cases where age gap is huge..but the couple gets along well..just happy that if it really turns out as such
  3. More fluttery moments for me..from acceptance to 1st date..the adoring collages
  4. So cool right! But i still dont get it..rven if they sit together..wont they cause more ruckus by not revealing any photos?..like at least a few..if they want to just tell fans..'ok..thats it everyone..nothing more'... By not revealing..its even 'worse' i thought But still im happy
  5. Actually now i see this again, i know why my heart flutters when i see them kiss...LDW leads well, and YIN follows + responds well...together, they sparkle!
  6. to be honest, im rewatching TYH for the 5th time dun judge me k? ...and my heart somehow still flutters when they kiss, even for the house visit kiss, not even at the sofa kiss..hope im not getting nuts
  7. @Caramel machiato and @DaebakYIN : given the most recent sample of their shoes in terms of design and color for trip to Jeju and Produce at 101...its too close for comfort
  8. not at all for me @Minyeonie..im just grateful that everyone here is so sensible in the shipping of the pichi couple, and even outta this forum, on the IGs and other social channels, the fans for pichi are so much more 'calmer' in that sense, maturity level is there...everyone may have their fave, be it LDW or YIN, but yet accepting enough to accept the potential other for their bias it is quite a stark contrast from my other couple where i did 'meet' a few over zealous fans of the male bias. all is fair of course in the world of fans, and i respect that, just that i wont continue to chat with them since no proper interactions can be held. we all come here to be delulu once a while, also to escape from the realities of our own world, at least for me..as much as i really really hope for pichi to happen, but hey! its their lives, they have to love each other enough, to last a lifetime as a real couple right? we arent living their lives, we dont know their real struggles, who are we to judge .. so i rather be on the side line...cheering them on ..cheering them more if they really become a couple ...still hoping to meet them even though im not based in korea ...otherwise...continue to delulu mateys!
  9. Darn it if she could...if only she wait for me to follow her to Switzerland
  10. Yes! I want that to happen too! Stay in a winery..make babies! Announce! LDW can then go on Superman returns ..YIN...appears as hardworking mummy
  11. im sure there are many...hoping the couple knows and be more comfy about it..i keep hearing alot of saesang fans in korea...not sure if there's any of the couple...hopefully they only have supportive fans, which most are..thankfully
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