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  1. I know shipping is something very vague and based on intuition and sometimes calls for some delulus but can you guys please use your critical and logical thinking before jumping to any conclusions that may affect everyone's spirit? First off, that post on Twitter you talk about is not at all news but a merely groundless assumption from the shipper of the other ship? Second, would you be that obvious in the daylight when it comes to dating when you are an A-class actor whose face is literally everywhere? Third, that jagiya, lol dont make me laugh again. And last but not least, if the one in the picture is indeed him, then I happened to read that post too, and according to what OP said there is no such part as the other person was a beautiful woman or even, KJW like some stupid fangirls made up. And being the victim of mistranslation and misinterpretation so many times as a fangirl, I told myself to never believe any Ifans' speculations/fanacc/translation 100%, especially when they are a shipper lol. I'd rather believe myself, Papago and my elementary Korean. And the ship is still sailing smooth for me. You guys' unnecessary negativity cant let me down lol.
  2. Its alright though Anw I've been reading their articles out of boredom and found out that MY's instagram update on her bd last year had the hashtag #andyou in the caption but she later edited it to #andallofyou Can anyone (esp MY fans) confirm this? If this is true then why did she have to ?
  3. He didn't specify that its an actress though, bc I thought "여자연예인" is more like Female celebrity/entertainer? If he had said actress, shouldnt it have been "여배우"? Correct me if I'm wrong because Korean is not my 1st language But I think it doesnt change the meaning much though bc either way means that he assumed that he would date celebrities (or he had already) lol
  4. so it means no 3rd preorder ?? I thought they said they were preparing for it what sad news (for me)
  5. came across this vid on Instagram and cant stop giggling can you notice the difference? Whats wrong with Secretary Kim, really?
  6. the ones who give downvotes are actually PMY and PSJ fans not haters, most replies under the top comment are asking the person not to believe/spread false rumor that might burden the actors bc they have already denied dating
  7. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003104398 have you guys read this? the top comment related them to SS couple and said that when SS couple were dating they also used their drama team as cover and now he/she is feeling the same with PPㅋㅋㅋ one (ofc with massive downvotes) even asked if this union is for PPC to give their wedding invitations ㅋㅋㅋ just read it for fun and take it easy guys
  8. So only 2 pre-order periods? I missed the 2nd round of preorder and I swear to myself to make it the moment the 3rd preord link is released I thought normally there are multiple rounds of director's cut preorder
  9. thank god I thought it was only me who think that the media has always been nosy about our ppc they even made an article out of just a discussion about their rumor on section tv, and their way of putting one's name in the article of the other. I have been checking naver since their confirmation of attendance at Cosmo till now but nope, there's just one article about them and jyj JJ winning the award and the comments are all positive and congratulating our couple so I find it so strange and amused as well They had the perfect chance to stir up the topic but they didnt this is so not Korean media and so unlike them on July 27
  10. Yes and I would not be curious about what he is doing with his phone either I swear, they are 100% dating, just give them time.
  11. Even if this is a very important event, i think your scenario A is merely impossible. If you watched all their fancams I dont think you would say that tho? Initially their seats were like 1241243m apart but then a moment later we saw them sat next to each other with zero distance and whispering and chitchatting and even joking around with each other. I doubt if a broken up couple can do that lol.
  12. i forgot to save it sorry i dont even rmb the source where i watched it yep except for pretigious ones like Baeksang or Blue Dragon Awards in almost all other awards attendance = winning sth
  13. I watch a fancam of another artist which happened to capture our cpl when they went to the stage MY went first SJ waited a little bit then his eyes met JYJ Jaejoong and they greeted each other before SJ came on stage. I expected three of them to sit together in 1 table and had the same translator but nope only our couple shared the same table and staff
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