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  1. hello everyone @standingtallyy I am still around Very big surprise- sy update her ig after so long- think got over a year. She lost some followers but didn’t think she cares. I thought she may be like wy completely give up on instagram but very happy to see her post- it’s a meet up with cast of her last drama. She still look good, very pretty still. Hope she will continue to post more often. @standingtallyy- regarding the divorce of Korean actors ghs and ajh- think they rush into marriage- should have live together and get to know each other’s personality and habits. Ghs seems very controlling and clingy, maybe cos of having a younger and handsome hubby -a pity cos ajh worked with sy before when they both are starting acting.
  2. Finally sy update her ig- think over a year since she posted
  3. Latest news- sy doing a movie. Earlier was reported she is doing a historical drama but looks like that doesn’t happen. Kbs not doing well - in fact lots of kdramas have poor viewership so maybe that historical drama has been canceled- anyway good to see her in another project
  4. @chic-chic- nowadays I noticed some dramas they have 2 famous actors sharing the screen so high possibility sy get a main part. Also dasom is an idol turned actress who has less experience than sy, she didn’t do any lead role yet. I am sure sy won’t choose this drama unless storyline is interesting cos so far her recent dramas are all great. Keeping my fingers crossed she is participating in this so we don’t have to wait long for her appearance- she is mia again since finishing special labour inspector
  5. @standingtallyy- there is a Chinese superstition- when a couple is getting married, they should not attend any funeral- not auspicious. Normally people won’t mind if they don’t attend cos they won’t want the couple to get bad luck. Anyway hope they divorce amicably, if the person is not right, better to be apart then suffer. Thanks for the fanfic, enjoy reading @chic-chic- thanks for the great news. So happy sy got casted again in another drama and a historical one too. She must have read my wish cos I wrote earlier that I want her to do another similar one like Faith. She will look beautiful in historical costumes- hope she plays a beautiful princess. I don’t mind if she plays 2nd lead as long as I see her. (She is prettier than main lead). Hope it is not 2 females fighting over male lead (he looks old) prefer to have 2 couples love story. Wow weekend drama - over 100 episodes - can’t wait!
  6. I am not surprised actually cos she married a younger actor- there is always fear he will stray and look for younger women. Also mentally may not have things in common, furthermore both are career minded, no time for each other. SJK probably realised he can earn more by being single, he already earned a lot from DOTS so he doesn’t need her financially. SHK should not have rushed into marriage even though she is coming late thirties- at least marry an older man who will pamper her. Anyway now very common for couples to divorce over the slightest things Just realize the shipping forum is very quiet- a lot of ships sunk already- still waiting for news of YY couple especially since sy is of marriageable age- hope she choose a partner carefully
  7. sy filming new cf for insurance co. They must have good response that’s why they are doing a new one. She looks good here
  8. sy interview with eng sub sy shooting cf
  9. Good news- the cast of Special Labour Supervisor gets local trip- guess as a reward for their good performance- hope sy attends this so we have more photos of her.
  10. wow I am so happy Sy’s photos suddenly appear on so many news articles after the drama ends. She is on the roll- her 3 recent dramas- Whisper, Money Flower and Special Labour Inspector mr jo all got highest ratings, better than those A listers. Hope she gets lots of offers since she is so pretty and versatile. Her photos turn out well- she looks gorgeous and sexy- not skinny
  11. @standingtallyy- I also hit the rewind button many times to check out the kiss @chic-chic ya 2nd time sy doesn’t appear arriving at wrap up party - was disappointed cos want to see what she wears and the walking in. Good opportunity to appear in press too more photos- sy is very popular with the cast- everyone wants to take photos with her. 2nd time this child actress acted with her
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