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  1. A little bit of hope and maybe wishful thinking, but I don't think this version of the story will go the incest route. In the childhood picture and in his childhood memories the his "sibling" looks like a boy, and when comparing his memories with the picture of her from the hospital she clearly looks like a little girl with a short haircut but not as short as in his memories. I also don't think Korea is ready for the incest storyline and they tend to want to sugar coat things. And although the stories are essentially the same the KMY/JK take on the leads is so vastly different than the J-version. I think the theme that "love heals, and even brings fourth forgiveness" would be so much better than the original. I feel you. NO next week epsidoe 15-16 is the last week
  2. This show really pulls at the heart strings. Although they haven't even "dated" the emotions from their chemistry amazing. I can't wait for the fluffy and sweet dating moments before all the angst, I am about 99.9% sure its gonna have a happy ending, so I'm gonna sit back and watch comfortably. P.S love all the side character too, her brother( I think the gf got killed, cause there is no way she would have left him). Her friend is hilarious (I hope she finds love and a baby daddy). Also his sister and best friend might be something. can't wait
  3. Well I am officially hooked. The chemistry between the leads is awesome. I hate that I can't binge watch this
  4. I just started watching this today and I'm all caught up now lol. Quick question, do we know who the baby daddy of the crown princess is? I thought for a moment it might be HS brother, but after today I'm leaning towards maybe the new "crown prince" or his little brother. The mom told him to be careful and that "one could find out how he feels about the crown princess". Also, I think the Crown Princess will fake the pregnancy as LY/WD, I can already feel the angst and heartache, but i refuse to look away.
  5. I am loving that everyone is underestimating CR. I can't wait to see her win in all fronts. It seems she cares for EH as much as he cares for her if we're reading in between the lines. But CR although she is starved for love, only knows how to give it and not receive it, so EH's love or him caring for her is not something she knows what to do with, but she will over time see him proving it to her through his protection of her. I get that YJ is mad, but there is right way and a wrong way to go about getting your revenge and of course being the true daughter and granddaughter of crazy 1&2 she went for the wrong way. At this point I'm rooting for the OTP to get the happiness they both deserve.
  6. Does he feel sorry CR? sure. Does he pity her? NO. I'm not sure he knows his fiancee is Soo Ah. He might be searching for her family but he also sees she's happy with her current life. I think what he feels for CR is animalistic at the moment he is attracted to her, and he likes her strength and survival instinct to win against her enemies. CR genuinely supports him, whether he is good/evil as she said "even if the whole world judges you, I won't" and that hits home because he had bad parents who did bad things. CEH for the first time in his life found something/someone he wanted and cared for, and he couldn't hold himself back.
  7. LYR is in it so I HAVE TO WATCH but, I can't believe how much I am enjoying this drama, I am at the edge of my seat week after week and I like how we get a little bit of a revelation each week. The chemistry between the leads is great. CEH is the son of the man who kidnapped Soo ah, he also knows this which is why he stayed with her and protected her for as long as he has. But, I don't think CEH knows she is actually an heiress being searched for by her family. Obligation and a sense of guilt is what their relationship is. I also think he likes CR because they are both vulnerable and know each others secrets so he is just himself when he is with her. I believe he is also investigating the accident/murder of MJS's first wife. Soo ah is going to be the evil character closer to the grandmothers character of this show. She will know what happened btw CEH and CR but they will not know that she knows, and she will use that to to play her many many tricks. We see in the preview she is already pretending to be the "missing daughter" and is already trying to replace CR. Nothing like a woman scorned. Absolutely loving to show!!!
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