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    Clinque high impact mascara










    Not great. Expensive for the result. I don't recommend










    Diorshow Blackout










    It gives great volume and good length. I find it a little clumpy. The wand is also kinda big haha.










    CG Lash Blast










    Pretty good for the price. I'm not a fan of the brush though but it's alright.










    Mac Fibre Rich










    I bought this because Sephora in Vancuover didn't carry fibrewig yet. =__= and then like the next week fibrewig came to Sephora here. Anyways, it gives good length. Very feathery looking lashes that don't clump.










    The ones I use most of Lash Blast and Diorshow blackout. Sometimes I use Lash Blast first and then Mac Fibre Rich to add lots of length with volume (from Lash blast).
















    I'm using Nars sheer glow right now. I really like it. It gives me a nice smooth finish and feels really light. I have normal/dry in area skin. The coverage is okay? I can't really tell because I don't have too much to cover up I just need to even my skintone out. But I do recommend, cept the bottle's an richard simmons with no pump.





    Did anyone see Monday's episode? I love it when the cast sings, especially NPH<3 That's why the Intervention episode in season 4 with Marshall's photo montages is my probably my favorite^^ that or the one with the first Robin Sparkles video lol










    Yesss! NPH is awesome. I wish they would make a whole episode a musical like what Scrubs did. <3 I really thought Rachel Bilson was the mom...
















    Which Blackberry model do you own? Bold 9700










    Did you personalize/alter it? NOT YET










    If so (to the above question), how? -










    What OS do you have? What's your provider? 5.0 Rogers










    What theme do you have? none yet =[










    Where'd you download/get this theme? ---->










    Ringtone? haha normal ringer










    Text tone?










    Anything else? happpyyy



  5. I give up. I don't want to put anymore into this. It hasn't even been four weeks yet, I do not know how I got back to where I started. Why is it so easy to hope and dream of something better. Maybe I'm being emotional right now but I don't want anything you do to be able to affect me like this anymore. Nothing.

  6. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3393/347692..._9ff059d4ff.jpg

    Oh man couple pencils so cool!

    Haha my boyfriend and I have way too many couple things...

    - countless cellphone thingies (with the kissing bears that say "i love you" to those pillow things to puzzle pieces)

    - baby shoes (two pairs, one pair was a gift)

    - 4 pairs of couple rings...(first lost one, second broke one, third ruined, etc. long stories)

    - phones (iphones. mine white his black.)

    - shoes (converses so not that unusual)

    - flip flops (this was a coincidence...I didn't even know my flip flops had guy ones or were unisexed...)

    - t-shirts (mr and miss shirts)

    - shorts (same green plaid type)

    uhhh what else....hmm...can't think anymore. My s/o really likes to match me sometimes, it's kinda cute lol.

    I was planning on getting the same car as him so we'd have matching cars but I'll see.

    BUT I still want some stuff lol. I want matching PJs and matching...maybe bed covers haha. Okay, that's enough couple talk.
































































































































































































































































































































    I think misa can be cute. If you take a look at her live or in videos or whatever she looks less intimidating.










































































    I asked him if I was special to him. He said "Yeah" and after a pause "You were always special."






    Meant a lot to me because we broke up for a year.






    Oh, and ahaha I was feeling kinda low about myself one day at work, a gay friend/co-worker of mine said "You are so beautiful you can turn a bi man totally straight." It was funny, took me by surprise and sweet at the same time.



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