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    Descendants of the Sun Episode 3 Recap

































    Posted on March 2, 2016 by ockoala



















































    It’s fantastic that a pre-produced big budget drama like Descendants of the Sun is getting the ratings enough to likely recoup and justify the cost. It’s important so that production companies remain willing to take such risks and continue to produce watchable fare that elevate the quality of K-drama entertainment. DotS is cheesy without being corny, like a best of compilation of K-drama classics packaged in a sleek modern update. The music is calming down heading into the third episode, as is the fast-paced action once everyone reunites in the fictional country of Urk.



















    Kim Eun Sook doesn’t force the OTP romance in the least, once the coincidences and immediate chemistry is established, now Shi Jin and Mo Yeon take their time to try and figure out how to work in close proximity without getting too close. Shi Jin tries first to keep Mo Yeon at a distance but caves faster while she seemed irked that he wasn’t still as interested in her but once he revives some of their sparkling banter then she shuts him down again. Poor Shi Jin – forever Mo Yeon blocked lol!  Her emotions aren’t terribly consistent or intense but feel plausible to me, like a woman trying to figure out her career and love life but willing for some give and take.







































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    Davichi sing about 'This Love' in 'Descendants of the Sun' OST Part 3!



















    March 3, 2016 


































































































    Current KBS 2TV drama 'Descendants of the Sun' has released Davichi's tearful OST, "This Love"!































































    The 3rd OST of the drama series is the theme song to second lead characters Jin Gooand Kim Ji Won, whose tragic romance is just as eye-catching as the main Song Hye Kyo - Song Joong Ki couple!












































    Tune in to 'Descendants of the Sun' to listen to the voices of the lovely Davichi ladies!


























































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    [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Descendants of the Sun" Episode 3













































































































































































































































































































































































    After a long week of waiting, "Descendants of the Sun" has graced us with another episode. Again, I can't iterate enough how slick and gorgeous it is or how fantastic the actors are in their roles. Song Joong-ki, despite his pretty face, is 100% masculine and in charge of his character while Song Hye-gyo owns the drastic change in hers. Not to mention that we finally get to see the beauty of Greece that plays the role of the country Uruk where the drama plays out. Please be sure to stick around for some home grown insight about Greece from Orion, HanCinema's own Greek goddess. 

    The drama has a wonderful way of transitioning from scene to scene using objects as transitional material, very much like  musical composers do with different motives and themes in songs. It's use of sound and light are the most noticeable (good) side effect of having time to produce. And, of course, there is the fact that the camera revels in the natural grandeur of Greece and its expansive waters and craggy, verdant islands. It really is stunning.


























































































































































































































































































































    As for the plot, well, this episode was weaker than the first two. The events that occurred seemed disjointed and only included in order to show off the skills of the characters. When the episode concluded, the details fit together, but the duration of the show was a little strange in pacing. Then there are the foreign actors come to add awkwardness yet again. At least their roles served solid purposes, but the stunted line delivery and silly faces detracted from the severity of the situation - the black arms market is no paltry matter and it was hard to focus with David McInnis pointing guns at bad actors.
















    With that said, there was some amazing character development. Si-jin is as immature fallible as they come. He's not good at flirting with Mo-yeon and errs many times, but he absolutely adores her. His learning curve is quick and his intuition is quicker. He can see something drastically different in her demeanor and behavior. Losing the professorship for the third time and to a reason as demeaning as nepotism has broken Mo-yeon's spirit and will to be a good doctor. She has because a ladder-climber, and Si-jin doesn't like to see it. I appreciate the disappointment he openly shows in her. He doesn't shy away from that nor how he still feels about her. That emotion motivates him to push her to remember the passion she once felt as a doctor, to the point where he will hold others at gunpoint to help her save a life. A bit dramatic, but quite effective.






























































































































































    Their situation is a reversal of the second episode where she criticized him for following orders that weren't for the greater good. He obviously kept it with him as his actions in the episode show. Mo-yeon and Si-jin are like mirrors for each other: being around each other forces them to reckon with themselves.
















    We finally get to truly meet Myung-joo who is as feisty as Dae-yeong is serious. Her appearance is quite short, but enough to render her quite likable. Onew as youthful and naive doctor Lee Chi-hoon is adorable and good for comic relief, at least for now. I saw those tears in the trailer. And I am looking forward to see how hard circumstances mold and change our characters. Until episode 4!






























































































































































    Orion's trivium: The beautiful beach featured in the episode is "Navagio (Shipwreck)" beach in Zakynthos, Greece. The beach is only accessible by sea and air, although there is a lookout point on a monastery at the top of the cliff and a location for rope jumping. As beautiful as the scenery is, the story behind the shipwreck is less than romantic.















































































    The vessel, named "Panagiotis" ended up there in 1982, according to many reports, when bad weather got it stuck near the shore. The ship was actually carrying smugglers of cigarettes and there are a few versions as to how things went down. The simplest one is that it just hit the bottom near the shore after its engine failed. Another one has the Greek Navy or coastguard chasing them until they were forced to shallow waters.















































































    According to the most interesting one, the captain and crew locked the smugglers up in order to profit off of the goods themselves. When the ship got stuck at the drop-off point, they dumped the waterproof packages into the sea, hoping it would help. As it clearly did not, the crew and smugglers simply headed for shore and were later arrested. It is said that local residents looted the vessel and took the cargo found all over the area. The authorities later gathered all the illegal items from homes near the location.





























































































































































































































    Written by: Raine from 'Raine's Dichotomy'

































































































































































































































































































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    Song Hye Kyo is the only girl that can woo Song Joong Ki in 'Descendants of the Sun'















































































    March 2, 2016






























































































































































    If you haven't been keeping up with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo's newest drama series, 'Descendants of the Sun,' you're definitely missing out. Filled with puppy love romance, men in uniform, to everything pleasant, this drama is sure to bring out the dating DNA you never thought you had.






























































































































































    The general storyline goes something like this: Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki), team leader of Special Warfare Command unit, falls in love at first sight with Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo), a thoracic surgery specialist, and despite their rocky beginnings the two meet again in Uruk and continue their budding interest amidst war.






























































































































































    In this week's episode, Song Joong Ki is, as always, looking all handsome in his military uniform, Song Hye Kyo is seen dressed in one of Dahong's newest pieces, a short-sleeved A-line striped dress, swooning Song Joong Ki with her natural beauty.





























































































































































    You can check out more of Song Hye Kyo in this week's episode of 'Descendants of the Sun' sporting the flowy and charming dress. A preview clip of episode 3 above also shows bits of how the actress swoons Song Joong Ki with her innocent look.

























































































































































































































































































































































    Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo's exact dress is available for purchase via Dahong, Korea's number one online fashion mall. The dress is going out quick especially with its 24 hour 20% off discount promotion starting March 2.






























































































































































    Click on the image below for more details on the product!










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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    Song JoongKi andSong HyeGyo show















































































    lovely chemistry at Descendants















































































    of the Sun














































































































    Mar 2, 2016
























































































































































































































































































































































    Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Gyo















































































    I bet many of you who watched Descendants of the Sun will love the Song-Song couple.















































































    The drama just aired for 3 episodes but have already received many good comments regarding the storyline, production and the chemistry between the actors and actresses.
















































































    the Song-Song couple
















































































    the Song-Song couple















































































    The main lead Song Jong Ki (starred as Yoo Shi Jin) and Song Hye Gyo (starred as Kang Mo Yeon) have lovely chemistry just within few episodes that attract us to watch them.















































































    To have the best scenary for the drama, the production has taken place at Greece for one month. We can see the effort put in the production and this is why it received much attention from the audiences.















































































    Although the drama just aired for 3 episodes but the ratings for 2 episodes had surpassed 15%.































































































































































































































































































































    "Descendants of the Sun" exceeds 20% in just three episodes



























































































































































































































































































































































































    "Descendants of the Sun" broke the 20% barrier after only three broadcasts.















































































    According to Nielsen Korea, KBS "Descendants of the Sun" rated 23.4% on March 3rd.















































































    Meanwhile, SBS "Please Come Back, Mister" rated 5.2% and MBC "One More Happy Ending" rated 3.8%.














































































































































































































































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    ‘태양의 후예’ 송중기-송혜교 / KBS 2TV ‘태양의 후예’ 화면캡처








































































    ‘태양의 후예’ 송중기-송혜교 / KBS 2TV ‘태양의 후예’ 화면캡처




















































































































































    ‘태양의 후예’ 송중기 / KBS 2TV ‘태양의 후예’ 화면캡처
































    ‘태양의 후예’ 송중기-송혜교 / KBS 2TV ‘태양의 후예’ 화면캡처
































    ‘태양의 후예’ 송혜교 / KBS 2TV ‘태양의 후예’ 화면캡처







































































































































































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    ‘태양의 후예’ 송중기-송혜교 / KBS 2TV ‘태양의 후예’
























































    'Sons of the Sun "Song Joong-gi-Khmer / culture industry company specializing in solar descendants -NEW





























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    MARCH 2, 2016













































































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    Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo Show Off Their Real Life Bromance







































    kminjungee March 1, 2016















































































    Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo Show Off Their Real Life Bromance














































    Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo could win best couple award with their bromance that makes your heart warm up just by looking at them.







































    On March 1, KBS posted on its official Instagram a photo of Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo practicing the script together on the set of KBS2‘s “Descendants of the Sun,” with the caption, “Reading the script in character as well.”







































    jin goo song joong ki 2jin goo song joong ki































    They also posted another picture of the two aiming with toy guns, with another caption that says, “Shooting the toy gun like Delta Force as well.”







































    In yet another photo, Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo are standing side by side, wearing the same striped shirt while gazing at the camera. The two’s exceptional and warm visuals are sure to capture any girl’s heart.







































    In “Descendants of the Sun,” Song Joong Ki is currently playing the role of Yoo Shi Jin, captain of special forces, while Jin Goo is Seo Dae Young, chief master sergeant of special forces. The two are already been receiving much attention for their chemistry in the first two episodes.







































    It tells the story of soldiers and doctors who are sent to an unknown land, and, in the midst of an extreme situation, learn to love and band together. It is written by Kim Eun Sook, who also wrote “Secret Garden” as well as “Heirs,” and is directed by Lee Eung Bok.







































    “Descendants of the Sun” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2. Catch the latest episode on Viki!
























































































































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    [Preview] Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki reunite in Uruk





































































































































    On the third episode of the drama "Descendants of the Sun" which is set to air on March 2nd, Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) is going to go past Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo).







































    The second episode showed him and the Alpha team getting off their transport plane and walking towards the medical team.







































    Si-jin knew Mo-yeon was coming to Uruk and recognized her but coldly walked past her.







































    The two of them broke up because of a difference in values regarding the sanctity of life and reunited 8 months later in Uruk.







































    This foresaw a start of love in an area of crisis.







































    A picture of Si-jin saluting towards the sun and Mo-yeon looking at it with her hand over her heart was released prior to the third episode.





































































    Source : biz.heraldcorp.com/vi...
















































































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    Song Joong Ki is Friendly and Focused in Official Stills From the Set of Descendants of the Sun













































































































































    Posted on February 29, 2016 by ockoala




























































































































































































































































































    I’ve never been able to sit through an entire drama just for my favorite actor or actress if the story line doesn’t engage me. Even recently Yoo Seung Ho and Moon Geun Young‘s dramas lost me a few episodes in because it straddled that middle line of being okay but not all that interesting for me. I have watched entire crap dramas for Yoon Eun Hye and Hyun Bin, for example, and in those cases the drama either started off promising or was just so bad I couldn’t believe it and needed to keep watching to see it fly off a cliff like the trainwreck I can’t look away.















































































    For that reason alone I am extra grateful that Descendants of the Sun doesn’t suck and is good enough to keep me riveted. That means nine more weeks of daily Song Joong Ki doses, which is double the pleasure since he’s been away from the small screen for nearly three years. In those years I’ve gotten happily older and wiser, while he has gotten sexier and even more intensely charismatic onscreen with those drown-in-them eyes. But he’s retained his trademark sweet cheerfulness as seen in these official BTS pictures from the production of DotS. I can’t wait to see Shi Jin in his formal military uniform, rawr!















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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    Davichi tease for 'Descendants of the Sun' OST Part 3, 'This Love'!

    February 29, 2016 



    The next artist to lend their voice for KBS 2TV drama 'Descendants of the Sun' isDavichi!


    The newest teaser reveals hints of OST Part 3 "This Love", encompassing the romance of secondary leads Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won! Judging by the beautiful, sorrowful voices of the Davichi members in the teaser, the OST is sure to be another hit!

    Are you tuning in to 'Descendants of the Sun'? 



    Davichi Joins in ‘Descendant of the Sun’ OST

    [by Woorim Ahn] Davichi will join KBS drama ‘Descendant of the Sun’ OST. 

    According to Music and New on February 29, the group will participate in the OST of ‘Descendant of the Sun’. 

    Regarding this, in the group’s teaser entitled ‘This Love’, a sad romance between Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) and Yoon Myung Joo (Kim Ji Won) was depicted with magnificent orchestra sound and the group’s voice. 

    A manager of the production company said, “’This Love’ is a ballad highlighting beautiful piano melody and orchestra sound. The song expresses reminiscence for an ex-lover and it tells appreciation and apology to her/him. 

    It continued, “Davichi’s soulful and sad voice maximized the song’s emotions. Further stories will be melt with the song well” and implied the drama’s love line. 

    Meanwhile, ‘Descendant of the Sun’ airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays. (photo by KBS ‘Descendant of the Sun’ captured image)


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    12 hours ago, trust71 said:






























































    thanks to @stargazer187   @themoon08  @inshara2000  @MAROSA_JIN   @Sunflower  @utkim.   @IrisFM   @hclover96   @plappi  ...for posting picture from insta...sharing  gif picture...and fan art of our otp...:heart:








































    you make waiting for  WED-THURS. episode bearable  just to read all your in-put and looking at all the picture you've shared..:)








































    @SeGafanlady   i really admire how you fulminate against the member who in-put thing that not relevance to the drama.






















































































































































    you're welcome and thanks that you mentioned me@trust71:)
















































































































































































































































































































    Photo from descendantsofthesun_official























































































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    Photo from descendantsofthesun_official































































    1f60d.png1f60d.png1f60d.png1f60d.png Same Expression of them1f618.png1f618.png Episode 1 Capture

















































































































































































































































































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    Yoo Ah In Boyish in Vogue and Making a Cameo in Descendants of the Sun


























    Posted on February 28, 2016 by ockoala






































































    This pictorial makes me happy but the surprise cameo news makes me even happier. A-list young actor Yoo Ah In plays up his boyish and brooding side in a recent spread for Vogue Korea, a visual reminder of how impressive his meteoric success has been considering he’s still so young. He’s currently starring in the Mon-Tues ratings leader sageuk drama Six Flying Dragons, and will likely enlist for the military after it wraps next month. But he’ll be seen onscreen in a different capacity soon, jumping networks to KBS the Wed-Thurs drama Descendants of the Sun starring Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. The drama just started airing last week and Yoo Ah In’s cameo won’t appear until the latter half of the drama. He’s actually really good friends with Song Hye Kyo as well as Song Joong Ki thanks to their unforgettable bromance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

































































































































































































































































































































































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    Song Hye-kyo says, "Confession of love? You shouldn't take so long because of my age now"


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Song Hye-kyo shared her hot thoughts about dating.































































































































































    Song Hye-kyo starred on the February 27th show of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Weekly' and mentioned about Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki)'s straightforward confession of love in 'Descendants of the Sun'.































































































































































    In the previously revealed preview, Song Joong-ki asked Song Hye-kyo, "What should I do? Should I confess my love or apologize?" Song Hye-kyo mentioned about the scene saying, "I should tell him to confession. You can't take time, because of my age".































































































































































    Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo also mentioned about the hair pulling fight scene. She said, "Because my role in previous dramas were calm, people were surprised a lot".





























































































































































































































































































    Source : www.newsen.com/news_v...































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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    Photo from sjkmcwdotcom
































































































































    so hard working. 1f496.png [ cr @joey__darling ]
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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    First Impressions: “Descendants of the Sun”































































































































































    minjiya February 27, 201





























































































































































































































































































































































    First Impressions: “Descendants of the Sun”


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It’s finally here; the long-awaited and much-hyped drama “Descendants of the Sun” is off and running! SO MANY FEELINGS, SOMEBODY HOLD ME (preferably Song Joong Ki):




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I won’t lie. The biggest reason I started paying attention to “Descendants of the Sun” was because I heard that Onew was in it. What can I say? I’m all about anything with SHINee. JUST LOOK AT HIS ADORABLE DUBU FACE:



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    But after watching the intense main trailer and reading up on the buzz around Song Joong Ki’s first post-military project, I was intrigued. Soldiers and doctors in a fictional disaster-torn country? A melodrama about finding love and humanity in the chaos of war? All signs pointed to this drama being pretty incredible, so I was anxious to see if it would live up to the hype.































































































































































    I think it’s still too early in the game to make a definitive call on this drama, but I’m enjoying it so far and I definitely plan to keep watching. Here’s my take on the first two episodes (WARNING: A FEW MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD):































































































































































    Production Value






























































































































































































    This drama definitely has the feel of a production that’s pulling out all the big guns. It’s gorgeously made, full of eye candy (Song Joong Ki’s abs, anyone?), and seems ready to go all-out with the melodrama and romance. Even the OST oozes star power, with Yoon Mi Rae‘s lovely 
















































    , Chen and Punch’s bright

















    , and if my ears don’t deceive me, I think I heard K.Will crooning in the background of Episode 1. If nothing else, the aesthetics alone have fully hooked me.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































    Did I mention Song Joong Ki’s abs?




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    *fans self*





























































































































































































































































































































































    It’s pretty rare for me to get on board with new characters right off the bat, but so far all of the leads in this drama have me smitten.































































































































































    First, I absolutely love the bromance between Song Joong Ki (playing Yoo Shi Jin) and Jin Goo (playing Seo Dae Young). The balance between Yoo Shi Jin’s playful antics and Seo Dae Young’s stoic grittiness is pure gold, and they’re obviously a kick-butt team on the field (or in the street, stopping runaway thieves with toy guns).































































































































































    sjk jg bromance































































































































    Song Joong Ki really brings Yoo Shi Jin to life, whether he’s dashing off to war, flirting with pretty doctors, or faking pain to get attention (so cheesy, I love it). I think there are still a lot of layers to his character, too, and it’ll be interesting to watch his development.






























































































































































































































































































    As for Seo Dae Young, let’s be honest: Jin Goo could just stare soulfully at the camera for an hour and I’d still watch.




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I also like Song Hye Kyo’s character, Kang Mo Yeon. I like that she’s a no-nonsense professional, not just a damsel in distress. She keeps in step with Shi Jin’s antics with a sass of her own (well, except when Shi Jin shows up two hours early or when there’s a water outage at her apartment).






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    So I’m all about the Song-Song couple. In my opinion, Song Joong Ki has been carrying more of the weight so far in terms of chemistry — I mean, have you SEEN the way he looks at her?
































































































































































































































































































    But there’s a lot of potential for development in their relationship, even though they’ve basically been put together right away.
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    As for Kim Ji Won’s character, we haven’t seen enough of Yoon Myung Joo to get a sense of what she’s like. There’s still so much mystery surrounding her romance with Dae Young and her background with Mo Yeon! But at least it doesn’t look like there will be a love triangle between the lead characters… yet.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Here is where I have the most mixed feelings. I absolutely loved Episode 1. It had everything I was anticipating about this drama and more (except Onew — he didn’t show up until Episode 2). There was heart-pounding action. There were fun, silly moments (including an entertaining cameo by Lee Kwang Soo). There were sparks flying between both main couples. The pacing felt quick and sharp but not too rushed. Basically, everything was amazing, and I don’t know the last time I got so pulled in by a pilot episode.






























































































































































































































































































    So I was kind of let down by Episode 2, which felt all over the place and whipped through more than 8 months’ time in a single sitting. I didn’t mind that there was no mention of Uruk, the fictional country that has been plugged in the teasers all along, until Episode 2. In fact, I almost preferred it that way, thinking there would be some build-up to whatever crisis brings our characters there. Instead, it felt like they haphazardly got plunked there, and fate just so had it that all the leads ended up there together even though they arrived separately. The balance that had been struck so well in Episode 1 just wasn’t there in Episode 2.






























































































































































































































































































    Final Thoughts






























































































































































































    Although I didn’t like Episode 2 nearly as much as Episode 1, it certainly wasn’t enough to make me write off this drama. Overall, there is still a lot to love, and I think the drama definitely has great potential. I can’t wait to see what happens next — it’s sure to be quite a ride!






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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