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  1. @partyon agree to name a few K-actors like Gong Yoo @rocat oppa🙂 (both smoldering and incredibly soft gazes),Lee Joon Gi and @gm4queen oppa Daniel Choi 🤩 this by nature we(women) in the same way also for the men , like to looked extra appealing/good expecially to our special someone or to ourselves. have safe trip @larus c as labeled ===== lunch break🍱 294
  2. repost🥰 @gm4queen chingu hope you don't mind that I reposted it😍 @MayanEcho @partyon I notice that some add chingus are OL but they not posting maybe they are busy 🤔just like you unnie🤗@gm4queen @Lmangla chingus are with us add teams 😇 BTW: @rocat😍 ==== 292
  3. @gm4queen❣️lovely day art work🪷 cto @MayanEchoMeguro been saying for ages that he want to go camping either by himself or with his friends. so thanks an** for make photoshoot of him doing it, at least he has a vision now c.https://x.com/2416ix/status/1808185394707812388 === pei wenxuan making sure to srq that he will fight to have li rong. no matter what happened. he learned from the past and won't repeat the same mistake. finally🤩ep 18 preview🥰@rocat ===== 284
  4. how did the op survive this...🫠 @rocatthe way they pronounced ''yes i do''was engaging😍 ThePrincessRoyal promotional event 📸 #ChaEunwoo on #YoonSanha's Instagram update this reminds of their 1001 Nights show where Sanha was so pissed cuz his Eunwoo hyung can't take a good shot of him hahahaha he even complained that his hyung's phone screen was sp small. I hope this shot came out nice. ====== second to that@rocat https://youtu.be/6yBTlmrUYl0 Love that Yuko previews just completely spill which novel scenes are in each episode THEY KNOW WHAT WE NEED ,everything is being streamlined. and I’ll be honest that I’m not sure how the emotional points hitting for drama-only viewers when we’re flying thru them at this speed, but I’m enjoying that the screenwriter so far is trying to work in all the fav. scenes. (like PLEASE that entire tear down is GOLD, I hope they keep it all) LR writing daily letters to PWX and denying he could be dead! PWX getting his hero moment! SRQ being an entire circus. ==== @gm4queen💝👌🤭 ------- 282
  5. ==== what pei wenxuan wants in this 2nd lifetime marriage is clear... he wants li rong came to him by her own will... li rong should realize by her own on how much she loves him too @rocat @rocat#zhanglinghe & zhao jinmai at #ThePrincessRoyal promotional event 🤣😂 ==== adding @rocat 👋@SC2019 @Table122000and @omiki thoughts:🤔 The drama (and the novel which the drama has been following decently) makes it clear that Li Rong is this character who doesn’t necessarily understand love. Not because she’s incapable of it (all of her actions in fact reveal her as a character with deep capacity to love), but it doesn’t exist in that palace environment she grew up in where her own birth mother is willing to sacrifice her for her brother’s and her clan’s power. And her and PWX’s relationship is complicated and nuanced. I will note that even PWX himself is not forcing her to return his feelings after his confession in the rain. He understands that there is a lot of history between them (and with her and SRQ, who after all was her companion for 20 years). But what’s so compelling about her and PWX’s relationship is that even though they can’t quite label it, they consider each other as family. ==== if the drama wanted us to believe that Su Rongqing was the finest gentleman in the capital, they shouldn’t have cast Zhang Linghe as the husband because his face is a wall that few can surpass. Seriously. Zhang Linghe is really3x, good looking it’s almost distracting. @rocat @SC2019🤗 ----- I love how Li Rong and Pei Wenxuan aren’t shy around each other physically. They were married for 20 years after all, even if they were essentially separated for a majority of that marriage. === Oh Li Chuan, your sister stayed out all night with a man and the thing you’re most worried about is a kiss? === Omg empress mother. Why are you so dumb? === Ooh Li Rong correcting herself and changing “mother” to “Your highness” was so pointed. === “Mother, you’re not cut out to be a politician.” Oh. My. God. I love her. “All I need is for you to truly be my mother.” Omg. “I just need for me and Chuan to be safe.” you do know you also have a daughter right? === OMG Zhang Linghe has such perfect lips. It’s enough to make a girl jealous. Pretty boy indeed. ---------- This is one of my favorite scenes in the novel and they totally did it justice, Li Rong busting down the Pei compound to rescue her man, literally grabbing a sword!
  6. @gm4queen that's the advantage of your the boss👍yes I am waiting for your work art that you post🫶 next time👌 @rocat Based on ep 14 trailer, I am glad that the screenwriters chose this moment for Pei Wenxuan to have an existentialist crisis. But this moment! They are such mutual ride or die, even if she can’t figure out her feelings. But they are family. ------- @rocat deserve🎊 2024 Cdrama Tiktok hashtag view 🥇#TheDouble- 1B https://x.com/Allcbizmelons/status/1807720063509938286 ==== adding 282
  7. @gm4queen ❣️💝 good thing about freelancer your time is own right chingu? (just correct me if i'm wrong🤔🤗) definitely always love your art work @gm4queen 🥰 love the cookies art post a images of big stack of little chocolate chip cookies🍪🍪 ----- I know right? chingu they lovable characters, it was unnecessary to kill them ,I mean do I appreciate their last minute attempt to add some genuine danger? Maybe. + if not the extra episode the ending of ep 40 proper was the usual abrupt nonsense😞 I do not really understand some Chinese media people they liked to destroy the rising actors/actresses it looks like, maybe a hot bath🥲 it episode 14 preview ------- waiting for this 292
  8. adding abt. The Jade Cat Pendant In battle, Xiao Heng bites into a white jade cat pendant belonging to Xue Fangfei, whom he affectionately calls “Xiao Li Mao” (little leopard cat). Jade represents human virtues in traditional Chinese culture. As the Confucian saying in the Book of Rites goes: “A gentleman never parts with his jade without a reason.” Jade pendants were worn on the body as a constant reminder of one’s virtues. In The Double, Xiao Heng keeps A'Li’s pendant close to him. It is a token of love, respect, and their shared quest for justice. According to Chinese folklore, it is good luck for a stray cat to enter the house, as “cats bring five blessings, cats enter blessed places.” Similarly, jade carvings of cats were believed to bring good fortune and health to their owners. Xue Fangfei treasures her jade pendant. It was given to her by her father, who hoped it would bring her protection and a smooth and peaceful life. The cat-shaped pendant also represents Xue Fangfei herself, her ability to survive in harsh environments, and how, like a stray cat, she unexpectedly enters Xiao Heng’s life and captures his heart. (x) ===== 🤫🫢ThePrincessRoyal releases new vid of #zhanglinghe as pei wenxuan @rocat🔥🔥 From ep 13 previews and I love this shot. Sometimes a girl boss team comprised of a princess, her ex, and the girl she thought was her ex’s old flame.cto @rocatThat last scene in episode 12 is the perfect example of the saying “you are your own worst enemy” ++++ Some people are hating on Li Rong after episode 12, saying she was a vicious who deserves to be used by Su Rongqing…and that she doesn’t deserve Pei Wenxuan. I disagree ,She has flaws and sometimes I have shouted “girl no” at the screen because she does jump to the wrong conclusions a lot. Her personality has been moulded by the palace environment. She is proud, privileged and keeps her emotions reserved. Imagine a princess (mind you, she’s an eldest daughter) growing up in a palace where almost every person she’s interacted with is power hungry, even her mother and father. The treachery and bloodshed she must have witnessed. All over power. In her past life, she bent to all that. She would do what the powerful people wanted. She desperately wanted to find a trusted companion in Pei Wenxuan because she thought he is not from the palace and won’t go after power. She thought he will choose her and love her for her, Li Rong and not The Princess Royal. But in comes the trust issues when she sees him with Zhenzhen in his arms. She had taken one step forward in trusting him but then she took three steps back. Because trusting and communicating isn’t her forte. I get that people are mad because Pei Wenxuan has put his heart out to her and she is still doubting him. I don’t know what choice she will make in episode 13 but despite whatever choice she makes, I just want to point out there that her trust issues come from complex, dark emotions and memories and not because the writer wrote a stupid and cruel female lead. If everyone was perfect from day one what is even the point of a story? right @rocat ------ 292
  9. @rocat any comments of this observation🤔 Right after coming off the hype of The Double and starting The Princess Royal, I am trying to figure out why the attention toward princess royal is so less Visuals A+ the leads in both drama acted pretty good. Looked way too pretty Princess Royal’s budget went into everything, costume, location etc. Double’s budget went into wind blowers and Wang Xing Yue’s capes. Story Wise, ngl the grand princess is leaps and bounds better than marriage of the di daughter Princess Royal hasn’t strayed even a little (I am really surprised at this) from the source material up to episode 12. Double had to make a lot of adjustment to their original story So in conclusion, cdrama world is weird, you never know what will pop.👍 hold your horses i just saw spoilers of the boat scene🥰 this is gonna get goooood ------- @MayanEcho thank for the translation💝 ==== 294
  10. @rocat🥰 @MayanEcho🤩 This handsome Duke, embodying both wisdom and courage, love-struck yet strategic, is attracting countless fans. Which of the following labels💌do you think fits Xiao Heng the most? https://x.com/YoukuOfficial/status/1807258178180301236 The Double is a hit in China they deserve it👏☺️🤗 cto me will be ref. and the multi-task Pot+the honey 😂 ===== adding 308
  11. @rocat and maybe he was also the emperor's childhood close friend/confidant🤔that's why he had all that privilege/benefits , and also Duke Su as you mention came from the family of generals,(father and grandfather) we can just only speculate😊 --- translate pls. @MayanEcho😍 the written in the pic.🙏 meguro ren with matsumoto jun : https://instagram.com/stories/sn_meg @rocatthoughts on Princess Royal 🤞be true ==== @rocat@MayanEcho@joccu @gm4queen? cto 310
  12. 🥰🤗 https://www.youtube.com/shorts/XesH5YABdLc?feature=share ------ Your highness. You’re prettier than the fireworks.🎊 @rocat from The Grand Princess ----- I miss them(their interaction😔) @rocat @MayanEcho 320
  13. this pic is so funny srq & chuan'er being 3rd wheeler@rocat @MayanEcho🥰 @confusedheart 😍👋 glad that you post again Eunwoo's fromm messages. Hi! Interesting What are you doing?? I came for rehearsal!! This is the fromm... Have you all eaten? I ate an obento while waiting here I'm eating takoyaki too Finally doing the encore Phew... it feels strang It will feel even stranger tomorrow... It's like a bittersweet feeling?? Hehehe Waiting~ Looks like the rehearsal preparation isn't done yet~~~ I should have fun until then It's 7:34 here PM There was too much international travel this month, the jet lag... it was so tough... My body is awake but my mind is asleep, my mind is awake but my body is asleep Strange feeling~~~ This month is really... phew... So actually, my condition isn't the best... These are schedules I wanted to do~~~ Don't worry too much 🥰 Just saying~~~ complaining hehehe I'm going for rehearsal now!!! Ittekimasu!! (I'm off!! in Japanese) === adding Cha Eunwoo in Dior has been chosen as one of the ‘Best Dressed Celebrities’ at the Paris Fashion Week Men's Spring/Summer 25 by major media outlets: https://x.com/ChaEunwooINTL/status/1806857649754882386 320
  14. their height difference though🤗@rocat Lovers to enemies to best friends to lovers is a hell of an arc!🥰😂 ======= Korean music · Trending #CHAEUNWOO ==== @gm4queen🌹@joccu🌷 326
  15. @rocat Preview art for ep 11. Tomorrow's forecast: heavy rain with lots of tears, pain and hard truths. (One of my fave scenes from the novel come to life. I'M NOT READY😢 @rocat I'm enjoying the banter and bickering between them. lol There is never a dull moment.😂
  16. ----- WangXingyue bids farewell to #TheDouble @rocat ------- watermelon lemonade 344
  17. the way both of their upper lips are RED@rocat😮‍💨😮‍💨 Wu Lei I mostly watched his c-dramas since Love Like the Galaxy just liked Ren M. I liked this picture 🤩 @MayanEcho can you rough translate this 😆 @joccu Ultimate Note (2020) I will watch this it's liked similar to Mystic Nine🙂 I peek the last ep of UN it kinda a rush ending🤔 but still going to watch. 344
  18. ==== this is why i liked second chance/rebirth stories, they're good i never knew how good zhao jinmai(only watched her from Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and WXY from the Double) she is good ,she and Zhang Linghe are acting as an older (middle-age-ish) couple who go back 18/20 years in time when they first married. I liked the political plotting and the humour coming from an old couple who even turned into pseudo enemies now back as their younger selves and taking everything into control while rekindling their relationship and clear up their misunderstanding. I am glad they sort out their misunderstanding in their previous life in ep. 3 but @rocat this remind me of princess Wanning from Double Pei Wenxuan is just a young kid, who’s just 20 years old. There’s no difference between bullying him and bullying a child. ===== another snippet (spoilers for their first life! ) maybe this help a little @rocat chingu
  19. Zhang Linghe being charming in the live stream for The Princess Royal those long eyelashes They definitely aged Zhang Linghe. (the magic of make-up)PWX is supposed to be the most beautiful man in the capital.On point casting! Their meeting for the first time at their wedding, was so sweetly and shyly pleased with each other, before it all went so horrifically wrong.I am hoping for their second chance romance.😍@rocat chingu "you're prettier than the fireworks"@rocat🥰😍 and his eyelashes they are naturally long@MayanEcho🤩 just like Ren M.,CEW, XuKai,WuLei to name a few. ----- 354
  20. yes Dilraba can wear anything she one of the few c-actress that got both face and body❣️ @rocat chingu😜 I think we have more kissing scenes in TPR than the Double🥰 agree @MayanEchowhy this is funny c.https://x.com/2416ix/status/1805561092560797846 ==== Easy strawberry white chocolate chip cookies (with fresh strawberries) 360
  21. @rocat and @MayanEcho How abt. this one Dilireba wearing Antonio Grimaldi 2021 Spring and Summer Haute Couture dress! same dress, same make-up, different hairstyles yet we have different vibes. The live stream style more cuter, youthful, so fresh💖💖 the half up double bun style vs the ponytail style with ribbon. @rocat I also waiting with #TanSongyun & #XuKai As Beautiful As You (2024) ++++ @MayanEcho and I excited with Meguro Ren's on July 1 Umi no Hajimari(The Beginning of the Sea)only 10 episodes🙂 cto ---- @joccu💝about how c-dramas chingu or J-dramas 🤗 364
  22. Parents reunited @rocat @rocat chingu agree he did say in the 5mins.extra ep. This our eight year of marriage🥰 me too withdrawal syndrome yup, i could really get used to a 100% happy ending + a three-scene bonus episode of domestic bliss, cdrama-land should shift to this in the future, honestly the Double has one of the best endings. We’ve seen many great c-dramas that start off great and the ending was a mess ,The double’s ending covered every single person in character🫶. @rocatFor me there is not too much going on in kdrama land lately🤔let's wait for C-dramas releases in July they have some good I beliave🙂 ----- @MayanEcho Dilireba is gorgeous in this gown ,always stunning excited her 2 c-dramas bec. of her 2 ML #LoveOnTheTurquoiseLand Nie Jiuluo - Crazy Knife Nie Er and Sculptor(with ChenXingxu ) and #LoveBeyondthegrave -He Simu - 400-year-old Ghost King Girl(with ChenFeiyu) -- meguro said:(⭕/❌) when drama that i'm in is aired, i do an ego search. 🖤→❌ i have looking for stuffs about me before and found out that many people know about me. it makes me scared. that's why i'm no longer do it, whether as actor or snow man's member.🔗: mdpr.jp/news/detail/4310307 https://x.com/2416ix/status/1805073274633933143 ---- 372
  23. If this had been the final scene, there would have been a revolt. That’s all I’m saying. chingu agree I keep repeating the 5mins extra Ep.🥰 @rocat Character-wise it was actually quite solid until the end - the characters’ personalities were consistent (or logically developed), the actions taken by them were consistent with those personalities, mains and secondaries alike. It was visually beautiful and the OTP had great chemistry , So basically - a really fun watch beginning to end.Was it worth watching this for 40 eps? 🤔 (I think so). Finally I am glad that we exchanged/shared our thoughts with this c-drama 🙂. By the way, I am thinking to watch The Princess Royal (Zhang Linghe) chingu maybe if you have time check it out🙂 (not yet release ) ---- === Shinobu-san shared in her instagram that meguro ren treat umi no hajimari cast and staff with whole banquet : 🥰 https://instagram.com/p/C8hXvtoyvYt/ 388
  24. We got a wedding night…😘 == @rocat🤗 Finally finished The Double. Overall, it was entertaining. I will say that the final 4 episodes were rushed. I was actually waiting for the war scene (especially the famous Xiao Heng scene revealed in the trailer) but it was only shown in the last 10 minutes of ep 40 which made it anti-climatic to me (still a beautiful shot but I needed more fighting scenes). It was too short. I completely understand why they had additional filming for the 5-minute epilogue because the ending scene of ep 40 was not satisfying at all. I liked how the epilogue was a glimpse into their married life. The plot fell apart by the end,a feature often seen in cdramas, they crammed 20 eps’ worth of plot into 5, introduced new characters and plotlines last minute. ==== 390
  25. that's my weakness long eyelashes and expressive eyes 🥰 @MayanEchobreakout video reach 11+++ million views in just 2 days after released! they all released the remaining episodes @rocat chingu +including an extra episode.(40.5 total) So happy they had a happy ending.(acc. to x) I will marathon the remaining episodes tomarrow night🤗 @gm4queen chingu💝💖 glad you drop by again and your posted artword/text design🫶❣️also excited for your collaboration with the EOs new event😇 -------- lucky fan🤩 VIETNAMESE FAN MET CHA EUNWOO IN PARIS: "WHEN I MADE EYE CONTACT WITH HIM, I THOUGHT MY HEART STOPPED AT SIGHT🤣 392
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