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  1. The chemistry between Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook is Surreal/Unreal. It feels like the director gave them a rough script and told them to improvise the rest. Everything runs so smoothly, as if we’re watching a real couple interact. ====== When did your heart flutter?
  2. One of the inspiring features which make we (viewers) not stop watching HPL is the positive energy, pure outlooks for both leads. Deokmi and Ryan Gold support and understand each other.I can feel their sincerity.Such endearing scenes DC
  3. ===== #ZhaoLiying's Sheng Minglan and #FengShaofeng's Gu Tingye have joined the wax figure collection at Madame Tussauds Shanghai!
  4. Part translation of ParkBoGum's interview on the drama, "Boyfriend" & his character, KimJinHyuk ======= https://twitter.com/heymilkbrownie/status/1089933301509308418
  5. tvN really never disappoints! Encounter deserve a lot. Its theme suits everyone who enjoys melodrama's. The matured vibe? It's perfect. You can conclude that everything was planned very well and was thought of precisely at the very beginning. Thank you. For being brave. ======
  6. I think ting ye is a well written character. He's not perfect but that's what makes him likable & interesting because there's more room for him to develop. I love his relationship with the people around him. I like that he's also responsible, sensible. the only good man in this drama
  7. There's something about ming lan and ting ye when they are together. There's this fire that's ready to ignite. I like that Ting Ye is a very experienced man who's well-versed with the outside world & he adapts to all sorts of situation, just like ming lan. They both complement each other.
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