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  1. c as tagged breakfast tacos610
  2. This revenge is going to be epic! I get why DJ choose Chairman Wang instead of either YH or JH. SR, her mom, and even Bobae cannot touch her when she is Dream's lady owner. === DJ and Jeguk marriage seems an agreement/fake. Seeing how they lack physical touch and maintain formality in their communication. Preview DJ: Is it your interest to leave your fake nails everywhere and in the food? Be careful next time. JG: Yes MIL, I will be careful next time. You should reply this way immediately. DJ: Where are your manners to talk to your MIL in this way? You think that you're safe because I don't have any evidence? Don't worry, I'll make sure that you'll be crying blood very soon. DJ: You're willing to help me? JG: Of course, whatever, whenever, everything. cto
  3. @partyon i will watching, curiosity if they have chemistry between the 2 leads === ALT (@ptheledge) Double stuffed kinder style crepes 558
  4. did you started doctor slump @Ameera Ali @partyon adding @Ameera Ali I was planning to start last weekend but I kinda busy but i saw this comment === doctor slump really has everything. high school academic rivals who might’ve had crushes on eo but also hated eo but also understood each other better than anyone else……to two burnt out adults who realized they never grew up fully and have to deal with the burdens of adulthood and life never being a straight road……combined with pretty shots of food, mental health awareness, a park shin hye x park hyung sik reunion where they’re still in uniform, yoon park being a silly little second lead, romantic scenes under cherry blossom petals, a cohabitation trope, rivals to friends to lovers……….i’m strapped in and ready to go! real kdramas are back! cto 552
  5. morning jogging @Ameera Ali +2
  6. @UnniSarah chingu that what a makjang drama for us, it's had a narrative element/themes, that chooses to play up shocking twist of the storylines to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become, it's suppose to be senseless and very far from what reality was. If everything can be sorted out in 12-16- or 20 episodes then it wouldn't be a makjang drama
  7. @gm4queen my fav. flower scan again the Moon Lovers thread this old memes was relatable and back then this meme was popular cto === @Ameera Ali @MayanEcho @partyon @joccu @sadthe1st tomato soup? 550
  8. @UnniSarahIt just sad it was caused/lead to SY life, due to Seran greed and actions.
  9. @MayanEcho hoping it's really true about TG season2 or movie, and this time Mio("Princess Kiri") will also one of the main cast bec. in TG 1 she was only a supporting role(?) 544
  10. Se Ran is really going to throw her mom away just to protect herself. I hope Song Yi is going to be okay.
  11. They stupidly underestimated Ji Chang. This was a dumb plan from the start. All Do Eun succeeded in doing is getting her friend arrested. ==== Next week preview ,Hyewon begin to experiences suffering as JH wife, not only to endure Jh family but she also have to adapt/adjust JH grandmother's pet dog cto
  12. here chingu presenting orange glazed salmon my pleasure 544
  13. @kokodus your @Ameera Alichingu Love Is Gone(@SlanderOfficial)Sung by CHA EUN-WOO 540
  14. Did HJ changed her face before, plus her name, that's why HW couldn't recognised her.?
  15. I hope DJ that she will be cautious to her actions and not to be outsmarted by Seran anymore.
  16. let's have more Nutella party Nutella Fudge Recipe source: Marsha’s Baking Addiction 540
  17. She found out that she was her sister and asked her about the necklace and she said her dad gave her in Christmas and since then she wearing it cto == next preview cto
  18. it's messy dramatic crazy that's the fun of it watch episode 1 it was I expected
  19. @Ameera Ali I am enjoying Knight Flower. They are balancing the humour with the serious bits well. And I am curious about whatever happened 15 years ago and how everyone is tied to it. cto ==== 542
  20. my answer in scene 1 is Your bodyguards intervene (yes you suspected something like this might happen)especially if the bodyguard is WHJ 2 scene I choose (2 ) He goes on one romantic date with you. and He prepares the breakfast everyday. 3. Ri Jeong Hyeok (Crash Landing on You) - Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok is more than certified to save in a more difficult situations, saving you from falling is a piece cake. He prepares the breakfast everyday. @MayanEcho especial mention of Meguro Ren of As Long as We Both Shall Live and Trilion game
  21. @MayanEcho thanks for the video you pm me at the end of the Trilion Game it appear see you in next game so I thought there will a part 2? What is this? Drinking Hardy with #1 is nothing compared to a can of beer with me! Are you worth that much? Have a taste and find out. === 540
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