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  1. I was very disappointed with the last few episodes. Especially EunJoo and Mr.Lawyer. How could she even possibly think of being with him.
  2. I was not happy either. I don't understand why she would ask her father to forgive her mother at all! When she said her mother had been so good to her father and grandmother this whole time I was so mad. Like girl, can you not see the reason she was doing that was because she was covering up for her sins?!! She was good to them to help them get over losing a child. YY was selfish in that moment. She thought of her mother but didn't think of her father and sister. I don't think he'll go back either. I agree that he is just being nice. That is his daughter's grandfather.
  3. I loved it too! I wanted her to push the mother to the ground and get a few more hits in. lol. I am glad WS's father realized how wrong he was for asking ChiYoo to forgive WS this one time. In the U.S she would be too young. I doubt they would ask such a young child any questions. I don't think the ex is any competition. JinYoo is not that stupid. She had no plan or thought of how GP would be raised because all she wants is JinYoo. GP is her way to JinYoo and that will never get him to go back to her.
  4. That's where this was headed from the beginning. They are not related and didn't grow up together as siblings. That is why the writer removed JinYoo from the family register, had ChiYoo get a divorce and will probably have JinYoo's mom and ChiYoo's dad get divorced. To get ChiYoo and JinYoo together.
  5. I think Chi Yoo's grandmother and father were just backing her up. They said they want whatever she wants. Basically the trust her judgment. The person who shocked me in the divorce discussion was Chi Yoo's FIL. I couldn't believe he asked if they could trust Wan Seung just one more time. He knows all the Chi Yoo has been through with his sons and wife and has the audacity to want her to stay in their family. For what? More abuse? "He's really a good-natured boy"...uhhhhh...first he is not a boy! He is a grown man. Maybe if y'all treated him like one he would act like one. Second, he is not good-natured. He watched his wife get emotionally abused by his mom for not having a baby when that was his doing. Then rewarded her for enduring that abuse by cheating on her and not being there for her when she needed him most. FIL really should be sending her off with well wishes to be happy in her remaining years. Not trying to shackle her with his good for nothing son. If Chi Yoo and Jin Yoo are to be together, her father will have to sign those adoption dissolution papers and divorce Jin Yoo's mother. IF they are to be together *fingers crossed* This made me SO MAD!!!
  6. @Ldy Gmerm I'm not being facetious but I have a question for you. When you use the initials JS you mean Chi Yoo's stepmother and WH is Chi Yoo's husband right? It confuses me a little when I'm reading. Just asking to make sure I'm applying the initials to the right person.
  7. Today's episodes were so juicy! I am happy all of the secrets are out! This was better than anything on tv today. Instead of paragraphs on my thoughts, I'll just bullet points. I feel so sorry for Chi Yoo. Song Joo really tried to guilt her to forgive her Jung Sung cannot really be that stupid to fall for that investment scheme, can he? I knew Jung Sung was going to get jealous of Eun Joo being around the accountant I hope Eun Joo and the accountant get together Wan Sung is getting exactly what he deserves and I am loving it I can't believe Wan Sung said it hurt him just as much as Chi Yoo every time she didn't get pregnant. SERIOUSLY?!! The pics Mi Hyang's husband threw down were only of WS/MH walking around in public and proved nothing I can't wait for Yi Bok to hear about Chi Yoo asking for a divorce and Wan Sung's vasectomy I was hoping that all this turmoil wouldn't make Jin Yoo turn to his ex. It looks like it won't happen I have never been happier than when Jin Yoo pulled Chi Yoo out of the street (take that Truck of Doom) Chi Yoo has finally hit rock bottom so now she can rebuild Song Joo went through a lot to give birth to Yi Yoo to cement a place in Halmoni's family. I know this isn't nice but I really wish Song Joo would die, or at least fake her death and disappear into the ether Last but certainly not least, when are Chi Yoo and Jin Yoo going to get together!!? I've waited long enough!!!!
  8. I was thinking I might skip for a little while too. Da Ya gets away with too much and the MIL just blames everything on Do Ran. I'm sick of how much of a punk Dae Ryook is. I wish he would stand up for his wife.
  9. I think Chi Woo's father is going to say something about the note. I think it's going to blow up in the stepmom's face all at once. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.
  10. I'm so happy I found somewhere to talk about this drama. Especially since it's the last 12 hours and everything will move faster now. Chi Yoo finding out how she was separated from her family, Jin Yoo having some free time to deal with his feelings he's had for Chi Yoo since college now that his ex has finagled a way to see their daughter, Jin Yoo's ex having her plan blow-up in her face because she thought Jin Yoo would follow Gi Peum but he won't, Wan Seung getting busted for cheating with his high school friend and getting a vasectomy without telling his wife and the Stepmom getting busted and at least the threat of going to jail. I don't really care for Eun Joo because she knew exactly what kind of relationship she was getting into with Jun Seung because he told her from the beginning however I will attribute her fantasy of him falling in love with her to her being young (around 21-22). What I can't forgive is how she hid the pregnancy in order to force him to marry her. She was perfectly fine with telling his parents and causing problems in his home while hiding it from her parents because she didn't want them to get hurt. No consideration for his parents being hurt or even foresight that trying to force him into a marriage would make him hate her and the baby. I say all of that to say this. I can't wait for that richard simmons Jun Seung to see Eun Joo and his son with that cutie pie accountant. All the foreshadowing with Eun Joo, the accountant and how accepting he is of the baby makes giddy inside. Jun Seung will be greener than the rain forest with envy and I am here. For. It!!! I can not wait! I think I'll be just as happy to see him mad that she moved on (with a man that loves her and his son) as I will when Chi Yoo starts to like Jin Yoo.
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