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  1. Is it me or did he have a lot more ice water thrown on him than other people? I thought it was weird when I didn't see him accepting the challenge after he was challenged because JG seems to be the type to do things if it's for a good cause. He seems really kind and loves helping people.

  2. @tesanne Thanks for all the news! I love reading news about his military life because it really shows how hardworking he is, so much so that he's respected by many in the military as a soldier and not a celebrity. Joon Gi really does seem very intimidating because he's so charismatic, but in actuality, he's a big goofball and a prankster. 
    I'm going to be in Vietnam for a month and will have very limited internet access, if any, but hopefully when I return, I'll have a lot of juicy news, videos, pictures, etc to catch up on!

  3. DianaB said: It's my first post on this thread and I want to say "Hello" to all! Thank you for all information and beautiful pictures about this wonderful actor.I've never been a fan of any korean actor until I saw "Two Weeks",six months ago. He put so much soul in that drama so it's no wonder that he had a depression. I agree with those who say he's at differentlevel, but I think that popularity is important. Perhaps he's best known in Asia and especially in Korea but less known outside.Even in Korea...I don't know on what criteria is awards a drama or an actor/actress, but I felt that Two Weeks, LJK and all cast,they were robbed of an award well deserved.About the stunts that he performed in his new drama I have to admit:If I were a stuntman I would have hated him.Anyway I love "Gunman in Joseon" but is hard to wait a week for next episodes.I apologize for this long comment and for my bad english!

  4. @tesanne Thanks for the info! LJK is seriously so awesome. I have never seen such a talented man in the Korean entertainment industry. From singing to dancing to acting to personality to beauty, he has it all. I'm just glad I'm a girl and don't have to compete with someone like him..

  5. @tesanne Thanks for all the information. I literally learn new things every day about JG. I was wondering about his military life. I've watched clips of other celebrities who were discharged before JG and they've all said that he's the best celebrity soldier and is one of the best shooter. Do you have any more information on this? Was he #1 in shooting out of all the celebrity soldiers? What awards did he receive while in the military?

  6. @irilight I pretty much gave up on this poll since he's up against all the younger generation of actors who are enjoying a lot of popularity right now. He was doing pretty well yesterday with only about a 4% gap, but now the gap is getting bigger and bigger. :(

  7. Lee Jun Ki reveals his secret to masterful horseback action

    Lee Jun Ki showed the secrets of his amazing horseback action!

    'Joseon Gunman' released BTS photos of Lee Jun Ki getting close to his horse. In the 1st episode, Lee Jun Ki already awed viewers through his action, handling his sword and combat scenes with incredible mastery.

    SEE ALSO: 'Joseon Gunman' actors Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi show off sexy skinship in 'Harper's Bazaar'

    In the next episodes, Lee Jun Ki will be performing action scenes on his horse! According to the staff, "Lee Jun Ki has been doing all of his own horseback action scenes without a stunt double. He's so good at horseback riding that he can move sets on his horse. Even the actors who specialize in martial arts are awed. It's also nice to see him always be with the horses during filming. He takes care of the horse so the horse can do its best."

    Lee Jun Ki revealed that he was able to ride horses well because he connected with them. He introduced himself and even talked to the horses. He said, "I talk to the horses a lot, and pet them all the time. Horseriding skills are important, but we need to also trust each other. I'm greedy for action. Especially in traditional dramas, good action scenes come out only when you can ride horses well, so I worked and practiced a lot. You can look forward to the action scenes my character has with the horses."

    credits: allkpop

    I can't wait to see those action scenes with the horse! This is why he is my favorite actor of all time. Not only is he extremely skilled in his craft, he is also very passionate about it and it's really evident in all his works. 

    @irilight I honestly think he'll get 2nd place at best since KSH is probably the most popular actor in Korea right now. However, like you, I would also like Joon Gi to come out with respectable numbers and so I've been voting and checking the status everyday. 

  8. @tesanne Thank you for all the news! I'm so happy to hear that Lee Joon Gi and Joseon Gunman are popping up frequently in the news and is trending on Naver. JG really is the best action actor. He not only does all the stunts himself but I believe he also choreographs his moves. I actually have heard that people like to talk to their horses in order to get friendly and build trust between the rider and the horse. I can imagine JG spending his off-time with the horse on set. From the BTS clip that I saw, he seemed really concerned when the horse was hit and had to play dead (I think that was what happened). 

  9. @Lyrayoo Thank you for the video! I love watching BTS videos of Joseon Gunman. We can really see the close relationship between Sangmi and Joon Gi. I wonder what he was doing around 0:32 mark. The little captions said "manner" and "worry" right? Seems like something was on the ground?
    @irilight Voted! Joon Gi is going against some pretty tough competition, especially KSH, who is enjoying immense popularity right now. Seems like they put some of Korea's most popular actors into one category. 

  10. 8.4% isn't that bad I guess considering it's only the first episode and the director did predict the debut to be around that percentage. I just hope as the drama progresses and the plot picks up, ratings will become higher and hit 15%. 

  11. @willenette Thank you for the articles! I can totally see Junki just messing around on set and then completely change his facial expression in the blink of an eye when it's time to shoot his scene. He really is a professional and is such a great actor. 
    I'm still waiting for episode 1 to be subbed, but from what I read in the Joseon Gunman thread, the episode was really good. I really hope the ratings for this drama will be really high!

  12. @willenette Thank you for the article! I really hope we'll be able to witness some epic romance in this drama. I was kind of doubtful at first when they kept promoting the romantic aspect of the drama at because romance hasn't always been LJK's strongest points in his acting career, but I really feel like this time, LJK will really be able to cater to our expectations. 
    Everyone should really read this article excerpt that JGFamily posted: https://www.facebook.com/notes/jgfamily/excerpt-about-jg-from-an-interveiw-with-a-jewelry-designer-for-gunman-in-joseon/845756485452724
    It really shows how great of a person LJK is, inside and out. Only two more days until the release! It doesn't seem like Viki has a page for the drama yet, so I'm still looking for a site that'll sub it as fast as Viki can. If anyone knows where I can watch it with subs, please share!

  13. Thanks @willenette for the article! I remember watching a BTS video for TBDW and they both told the camera that they weren't close to each other and they seemed pretty awkward around each other when they weren't filming their scenes together. I'm glad they've gotten closer through this drama.

  14. class="at_ttl" style="font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 30px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 35px; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; list-style: none; letter-spacing: -0.03em; clear: both; color: rgb(51, 51, 51);"‘Gunman in Josun’ Lee Joon Ki, “Happy to Film with Actress Nam Sang Mi”sx0mk2.png
    Actor Lee Joon Ki showed his affection and expectations for his partner actress Nam Sang Mi. Actor Lee Joon Ki and actress Nam Sang Mi showed up at the press conference of the new KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun," which took place today in the Seoul Grand Ballroom at J W Marriott Dong Dae Moon Square. Actor Lee Joon Ki said in the interview, "I was happy to hear that actress Nam Sang Mi was casted." Actor Lee Joon Ki and actress Nam Sang Mi used to film a couple lin the 2007 MBC drama. Lee Joon Ki said in the interview, "Actually, I wanted to film with actress Nam Sang Mi again after the drama in 2007. We were able to film like old couples even when we filmed for Gunman in Josun for the first time. I appreciate the fact that we can rely on each other in the filming scenes." In related news, actor Lee Joon Ki is to star in the new KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun," which tells a story of a last samurai of the cho sun dynasty who becomes a gunman and a heroic outlaw like Robin Hood for the people.
    Credits: KdramastarsLink to original article: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/25597/20140619/gunman-in-josun-lee-joon-ki-happy-to-film-with-actress-nam-sang-mi.htm_______________________ class="at_ttl" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; list-style: none; font-size: 30px; line-height: 35px; letter-spacing: -0.03em; clear: both; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;"‘Gunman in Josun’ Lee Joon Ki, “Jo Sung Mo’s Plum Commercial was Impressive”20ij4o4.png
    Actor Lee Joon Ki showed his affection and hatred for his own pomegranate drink commercial of years ago. Actor Lee Joon Ki and actress Nam Sang Mi showed up at the press conference of the new KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun," which took place today in the Seoul Grand Ballroom at J W Marriott Dong Dae Moon Square. Actor Lee Joon Ki said in the interview, "I was impressed to see singer Jo Sung Mo's current version of the plum commercial. For me and the pomegranate commercial, I am at a love and hate relationship with it." When a reporter asked if he would film the same commercial again if offered, Lee Joon Ki said, "Jo Sung Mo is going to film the commercial again. I think I would be a bit hesitant, because I have a love and hate relationship with it." In related news, actor Lee Joon Ki is to star in the new KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Gunman in Josun," which tells a story of a last samurai of the cho sun dynasty who becomes a gunman and a heroic outlaw like Robin Hood for the people.
    Credit: KdramastarsLink to original article: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/25593/20140619/gunman-in-josun-lee-joon-ki-jo-sung-mo-s-plum-commercial-was-impressive.htm
    That third teaser! Looks like Joon Gi is sticking to his words and is really giving us an epic romance story! 

  15. 7년만에 다시 만난 연인 KBS 2TV 새수목드라마 '조선 총잡이' 
    이준기-남상미가 안구정화 커플샷을 대량 방출!!

    두배우의 특급케미는 6월 25일 밤10시 첫방송에서 확인하세요 

    #이준기 #조선총잡이 #Leejoongi #gunman #joseon #KBS10449467_662258897201593_3666075575325340728_n.jpg
    Credits: Namooactors, Lee Joongi Official Facebook Page
    A nice little article that talks a bit more about the romance between Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi in Joseon Gunman: http://www.getitk.com/special-romance-of-lee-jun-gi-and-nam-sang-mi-in-the-joseon-gunman/?lang=en
    Looks like we'll be getting some sad scenes in the drama, but it seems like the romance will be epic.
    Why can't June 25th come already??

  16. KBS seems to be doing a pretty good job with promoting the drama. I'm really loving that huge poster on that building. Is Joon Gi in a relationship? He's been talking about love a lot lately. He's always said that he's lonely and wants love so I'm hoping he's found that special someone.
    @daegorr Thank you so much for the translation! Despite his busy filming schedule, he still tries to find time to communicate with his fans. The reason why I love JG so much is because of his genuine love for his fans (and of course his undeniable talents). If you watch airport fancams of other stars, most of them are just walking straight ahead while their managers and body guards are blocking the fans from getting close, but JG is always talking to his fans and shaking hands with them. He's always keeping his fans in mind and tries to do things that will make us proud of him.
    @tesanne JG is just toooooo pretty! He really puts me to shame as being female. I'm surprised to hear that one of his past co-star had anxiety filming with JG. JG seems very serious when he's in his character mode and acting out his scenes, but once the shooting is done, he's always acting goofy and dancing around so I would've thought they'd feel more comfortable and at ease. 

  17. I saw the teaser on JGFamily and it looks so epic! I got a sense of Iljimae in that scene, which is my favorite drama (after Two Weeks) from LJK. I'm surprised that he said he wants to date in public. In the past interviews, he's always said that if he wants to get married and have his fans' blessing, he should keep his dating private. Anyway, hopefully KBS uploads the eng subbed video of his Guerilla Date soon!

  18. @daegorr Thanks for the video! That's crazy that they had to cancel shooting due to such a large fan turnout. This is my first time seeing the huge popularity of Junki in Korea, albeit it was 7 years ago. 
    Does anyone know how Junki stands in Korea today? Is he still huge and is a household name? 

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