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  1. For some reason I thought SA would sleep with TR to stay pregnant. That would secure her place in the family. I hope that doesnt happen because TR is a good person.
  2. Poor SW... In many scenes he seems to want to say something but mostly he just keeps quiet. Or he looks like he wants to do something on his own but still doesnt do it. And then in the evening he sits alone in the dark lost and so handsome... But if he is happy then thats ok. Sweety, fighting...
  3. I thought that some of those who saw the video would do the right thing. But, it looks like the girl who died on the yacht is of no use to anyone. As if she didnt even exist.
  4. I dont understand why the writer inconsistently portrays Sunho. Sunho stood in front of that sword protecting Hwi. And then at the end of the episode he blackmails Hwi using Yeon. That was really low...
  5. I liked the scene when SW and HJ opened the door at the same moment...sparkly. I also liked it when HJ called that little girl and showed her the drawing. For some reason SW was completely surprised. I didnt like that Jenny hit HJ. SW looks kind of miserable as he just stood there and remained silent.
  6. I like the scenes between DG and TW...sparkly They will be a good team.
  7. HJ seems to have a crush on BW. For some reason I like the chemistry between those two.
  8. Its a little weird to watch a drama where WDH's character is a bad guy. But, ok. Anyway I like Sunho's scenes, he looks so handsome and powerful on screen. So does Hwi just the other way. I like that Hwi is not alone and the tattooed warrior is helping him. There are also those two who have already accepted that Hwi is the leader.
  9. I like all these spoilers I read. Now, the drama is even more interesting. I would like Haru and BK to be a little more smiling. The scenes between Danoh and Dohwa are so fun. They both had sense of humor.
  10. I dont like that LS is now portrayed somehow as a weak character. And we saw in the beginning that he was smart and persistent. GT has already moved on because she kissed Hoon, and she should be honest with LS, so that he too could leave the past behind and move on. Although I think LS will realize on his own that GT doesnt like him and he'll let her go.
  11. It was kind of a melancholic scene when YM and DJ were sitting in the backyard of her house and when he said ''my lady''. I like it.
  12. I loled again. One thing is for sure, if Nokdu and Dong-ju get married, they will be completely relaxed during honeymoon.
  13. Joon and Ji Hwa have the most beautiful moments when they talk about art. Music first and now the jar. I liked that Joon waited for her consent to kiss. Although Im not sure that the two of them will eventually be together.
  14. Hahaha...the palanquin scene... That was a really nice Titanic shot... When Nokdu's hand was sliding down the window.
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