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  1. And I guess I just need to focus on season 1 only, and forget about season 2. I got mix feeling right now, but if wu lei have decided it, I hope it is the best. he can focus on his study at university and for another work. I think this year not for him, as his movie get taken out of the cinema and now his drama. I don't want to take a blame on someone, as everyone wanna be a success and work hard for that. good luck everyone and just enjoys the rest of the episodes in this season.
  2. wow... BTH increasing 1 level, and wu lei still number 6th, that's ok coz Li qin level up from 10 to 8th. congrats all.
  3. You are right, as one of them (non-novel reader), yixian character looks fresh (despite the style and clothing are unsatisfying), it will be fun to have her with xiao yan, as there are some unexpected thing happened. most of the viewer love yixian (maybe because of li qin) to be one of xiao yan wife (cp) but at the same time, they might change their mind if in the next ep there are some romance scene between xun'er and xiao yan. this is out of the topic but I have read last night (a drama portal site) that the second season without wu lei. this is frustrating, how? is it right? it means that they were not filming the second season yet. so which one is the truth? while MU second season will air this November.
  4. Dear @bastion my mate, this reschedule was due to the new drama of Huang xiaoming (the years you are late), Hunan said this is to commemorate the 40th years of economic reform of Chinese, they should give time airing for it (I thought this drama couldn't be airing this year as the scandal of huang xiao ming). So til the end, FBS will only air for two days wedn., and thur., as I think that 6 ep per week is not enough, now we only got 4 ep. Actually, not just FBS, all out love also got puss back from the primetime slot. 7 pm to 10 pm. Hunan strategy to get more attention and money is something. who doesn't want to watch an actor performance after his scandal? most of the people will, and right they got it. Moreover, Hunan knows that all out of love is being loved by the public and FBS is being talked by the viewers (exactly 1.8 billion viewers for the last week, maybe add for more if we calculate it till today). the longer the drama is airing, more money will be earned. for example, I am as the inpatient viewer will search all about the stuff and watch the drama again and of course, will have enough time to talk and discuss specific thing in the drama. For Martial Un. I do not really want to talk about it, afraid to offense all of yang yang fans out there, hehehe. in short, big budget, well-known actors, and enough amount of promotion but the result is less than the expectation (As I do not care much about yang yang, do not interest in his personality trait and his acting performance, I watched his L.O2 drama). until the middle of the MU, I was expecting the development of the characters, but sorry I gave up.
  5. they better not to postpone the second season, since this drama places 3rd (Ruyi love is the first place and all-out love is the second) on the popular drama airing for online search, they have to take this chance to get more viewers and money of course. to the fact that this drama get lots of attention because the different storyline from the novel and manga (not following the original), there is also criticism about the low budget, the style or clothing (especially for yixian style, most of her fans unsatisfied about it) and the performance (mostly for linyun, because of her expression and body language, she got lots of criticism for it, but I think she is okay for the newbe, I mean, she can improve her acting from this experience, remember this is her first drama). As non novel reader, I don't know exactly about the storyline, I watch it as long as I enjoy the story, characters, and the acting. I am glad I am watching it, as I learn lots about the drama storyline and plan to read the novel later. moreover, I amaze for the production team with low budget they manage to pull the drama story (scenes per epi) and get me to watch for the next epi (always thinking why this drama not airing every day. waiting is suck).
  6. @bastion I have read in one of the Chinese article (I forgot the site since I searched it at early last month) the second season will directly follow the first season, but since I saw one article seeing that the director, wu lei, li qin, and some other stuff had dinner together made me doubt that they will change or add something. iIAM NOT SURE EITHER.
  7. can't wait. she is gorgeous in here, all of them are stunning. hope we can see it, but I guess it's just a promotional poster.
  8. @xienrue Thank you senior, for the information. I just hope that xiao yan and xun'er have intimate scenes asap, as we have 15 ep more to go. light kiss if possible, Heeeeeee.
  9. @RPMSuch a touching scene. What? do lion king grow up? the one that yixian rode. if yes, the lion king must remember yixian and xiao yan. For Fengyou who wants to watch Martial uni. better prepare themselves well, not to have any high expectation. I myself watch it because of the female lead but drop it in the middle because there is nothing that excites me or makes my brain working for the scenes that I have watched. Honestly, I didn't expect to like this drama, I am watching it because of wu lei and li qin (her performance in princess agent impress me, I hate her character there but love her acting), for linyun, her personality quit something, and as the new face in this field she caught my eyes for being true to herself (she appears to me as free spirit as she was caught datting with much older male senior actor). she is something.
  10. Dear @bluemoony the girl with white and pink rose is not xun'er it is yixian, I have searched their new poster for this month and found that the girls in the poster are yixian, yuyun and nalan yaran.
  11. can someone tell me why xun'er and medusa did not appear in the new poster release? http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/09/wu-lei-and-karry-wang-impress-in.html
  12. Nihao......I wanna join all of you because I like this drama and wanna know more about this, need all your help. as @mqiuwen stated above, and I watch the BTS and epi until 27, linyun play both xun'er and villain valley boss, what are the relationship of xun'er and the VVboss? how about in the novel? sorry I have never read the novel nor the manga either. I kinda like the character of yixian (she is different from xun'er (understanding, supportive and elegant) or nalan yaran, yunyun, medusa (strong will character)). as I read the character description from somewhere else, xiao yixian character is different from the manga, in the drama she is plafull, clingy, bold and brave to show her affection and its give more color to the drama. can anyone tell me how does her character in the novel? is true xiao yixian will die in the drama? as I saw some information that she will sacrifice herself for xiao yan, while xiao yan want to marry yixian because he feels sorry for the death of her father because of xiao yan. As I got the information they are going to shoot the second season with Wu lei, Li qin, the director and the writers got caught by the media that they had dinner these few days. will yi xian die in this 40- epi? for some reasons I will be glade if yixian die ( for xiao yan) and I hope if there is the second season, they will cast the original actors and actrees. I saw the relationship of xun'er and xiao yan is really slow but its grow stronger per episode and I love it. I mean our young man innocent feeling for xun'er (who support and believe in him from a child until now). now I understand why our xiao yan condition has been hard for many years and xun'er always there by his side. it will be difficult for him to show his feeling as he wants to become stronger and have some mission in his life that always involve danger action. anyway, I am just happy that wu lei in this drama got a lot of romance and involved 5 girls, hehehe, watched his tomb of the sea drama and sad about the end of his girl died tragically.
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