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  1. 20 minutes ago, MinQi said:


    I did put my thought in the spoiler since the thing that I mentioned is actually the ending in the webtoon. Since the drama doesn't really follow the webtoon, so must take everything with grain of salt.


    For those who are curious about the webtoon ending (someone did a summary at tumblr and share it)




    Someone said the webtoon was still ongoing - so I got confused - and I somehow missed the spoiler - thank you very much for sharing it.

    Gosh - this drama will kill me I guess.



    Someone else said the webtoon will end with her dying in BK arms - I was not happy with that too...

    i am relieved....

    but still so sad...


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  2. 2 hours ago, angelbeast90 said:

    Why is Namjoo's mum a generous miser who throws money towards Juda. What else does she want other than Juda stay away from her son?


    Nothing - its like paying her to leave him alone - after everything what she did for her she should be grateful and leave the family alone. Its a trick the mother played.


    19 minutes ago, MinQi said:

    The reason why I think SH/ML is the reference that being used:

    - the drama is in Goryeo era

    - the female lead is time traveling



    Did I miss something? Was is said that the female lead from Flower is a time traveler? Was she even the lead?

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    I wonder if there is a deeper meaning to Harus name too...

    When he really was somekind of an assasin in the Flower Book - maybe he was on stage every night. And he could meet her in the daytime because then he was in the shadow and they could fall for each other.

    I read it a lot that people say Haru has his old memorys - but actually I don´t think so. Its more like he has his old experiences - and deep inside of him hidden memories - but he too need to remember first what happend. I too believe he first was not a part of Secret. But I have trouble to find a solution why he is now an extra. I wonder if they will show us later how the writer is involved and if he or she can see something in the shadows too...

    But i guess I can´t find a reason for everything - magic is still magic.


    I love this story on so many levels

    (and I only hope it will not ruin me like it happen with W - Two Worlds).


    8 hours ago, brielover said:

    To me, Extraordinary You is a telling meta about the scriptwriting process, where a writer tries to force her characters into the acceptable rom-com formula but her imagination and common sense keep rebelling in the form of her shadow characters.  The battle between stage and shadow is the writing process.  Order and chaos.  Obedience and free will.  Formula and honesty.  Formula and creativity.


    Love that - I know what you mean - but for me writing is not a battle between both - but a story starts to feel alive and I can love it more when the characters starts to direct the story and sometimes what I had in my mind before changed completely.

    Characterdesign is very importend for me and I try to pay attention to that for smaller characters too - so it often happen later that i change a scene because what i first had in my mind would not be how he or she react.


    Basing on that - Secret is ongoing and if the characters change - the story can change too - but only Haru can do that - or he could before - because he could change on his own.

    What I wish to know now is - can he still act on his own after he became an extra? I hope so - I hope when he became self aware again and his scar came back to - he can move freely again too. And I wonder if he gain more memories - maybe from his old book too.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

    Welcome back. This drama is so much fun no wonder lots of us come back after some hiatus. 


    The webtoon is still ongoing on daum. So they haven't got any ending yet. And I believe this is the reason why they choose to drift the storya bit different from the original but still keep its essence intact. Well, I always love happy ending too. I never never like sad ending.:D


    We still have eight episodes left. So let's see then. 




    LOL - its like in the Drama - I guess the Flower book is ended - no change possible - but for the ongoing (Secret) we can hope. :D


    Only the writer knows....


    I checked the webtoon - but only the start. I kinda like the drama more right now. I blame the cast. ;)

    But from what I read I can say I like the differences. I just hope the writer of the webtoon too.

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    Okay - Its been a while since I joined the fun here - but for this Drama I guess I have to come back.


    My Mind was spinning a lot already thanks to this drama and I thought I found a nice solution for me but after reading something I had to work it all over again.

    I am sure it is already here but in case not -



    This was shared





    So - I guessed before Haru got the scar because he tried to rescue her and messed up the script like that - but I forgot that historical stories tend to be more tragic and it makes more sense like that too - the pain get worst.


    I just really really really hope they will give us a happy end for the Drama.




    Hi - and sorry for beeing late chingu -  @nonski

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  6. 8 hours ago, Tessitone said:

    Huh chingus. Where are you guys? @Mau_Cherry @old soul Guys?


    Good timing - i just came back to soompi.


    And funny timing I just rewatched Healer. This time together with my girl and she  - who needed my translation and never cried while watching films - cried a river. :tounge_xd:


    Good to have you back. How have you been - but for that we should use the messanger.

  7. 20 minutes ago, bluesytb said:

    Apologies again if I'm sounding pretentious - I haven't been able to stop thinking about these things.    


    The Show is over - but new people join the thread - I guess that says a lot. :D


    You are not the only one - still thinking about it. I must try hard to stop me.


    Yes - Phönix Character is wonderful written if you ask me - and I love it that he was never without faults too... so blind to all the evil doing from the parents and the pain from his brother.

    But what I love to much about the Drama is that both - Phönix and JM in the end needed all that hard times to understand that it was wrong to see the world as black and white before. Both did this.

    For me Night was a great villian because even he got very evil you could still see that deep inside - he is not. He was never rotten to the core and his greed for power was not (as I saw it) just greed to become mighty - he in the start thought he needed to become the most powerful so he can protect what is importend to him. And was he so wrong? No - he could do nothing against his father and his wife. I still understand why he need to get rid of those two who ruined his life and the life of his mother and the whole water clan. Sure - it was about revange too... but I can´t blame him for that.


    Great - I tried to get over it little by little - coming here was no help... but I guess I just need to give up. Phönix will become like Wang So to me - a Character I can never forget. But in the end this time - I got a happy end for him - and thats so good for my poor heart.

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    Good Morning - okay - at least where I live it is morning.


    So I finally managed to watch the last episodes until the last with subs. And it is still so hard to let go for me. I must say - i love the final after knowing the words more - but I am still sad because they forgot about wonderful Moon and Snake (hey - without them JM would be the Empress in the end and very very lonely and sad.... give them the credit).


    But the last words where perfect... His Smile is the most beautiful scenery to her - and not only to her.


    I am a bit late - sorry - but I need to say thank you to all of you here - for the spoiler (the rescue of my days in that long waiting time). I loved to come here and read all the comments and share my meaning too. I already miss that. I am still like - where is the preview - I need more.  Listen to the ending song so often - watching the clips I collected.

    Oh damn - its really difficult to get over this Drama. I am so greatful for it.



    (by the way - is there a thread for Deng Lun somewhere in soompi?

    edit: YES - Found it!!!! )


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    @Evangeline Yang


    At least we have a happy end - i don´t want to talk about my trauma here. Giving me my most fav Drama Character ever and than ruin everything.


    I agree - C Drama don´t like to give us longer happy ends... thas one thing I wish them to change - or a few more happy times in the middle - would be nice too... a lot of suffering and a painful lovestory - But this time it is really a happy end...

    I just watched Fu Yao  - but that end it terrible...


    Sure - I havent seen todays episode - but i guess we will not get much more for the happy time than that what they already let us know about. Okay -  still - they found each other again. And the image of the familiy is wonderful.


    I am a bit torn - one little part of me still wishes for Night to find a cheerful woman later - who can bring the light in his darkness. The other part of me says - he deserves to be alone... From the spoiler it looks like he had a painful time dealing with the demon inside - and wait - Phönix came to rescue him... yeah - thats fits... he would do that. Its still his brother and JM wished for peace... And Its good that Night have to pay a price for getting that power.


    The Princess is now the Queen - and Phönix is still Phönix... don´t tell me JM is mortal... For that i need the subs.


    I need to wait now to see the real thing...


    The spoiler already hurted me so much - loosing her again... thats torture.

    Waiting to see it - is torture now too...


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  10. You know what - I only wanted to change on little scene today. I would loved it when JM woke up we could have seen that she slept in his arms... But he now prepare for war. I don´t need to see anything more - but this scene would be perfect for me to show even a little more heart before she dies in his arms.


    Its a curse to watch Drama from a writers point... I am so sorry...


    I am so relieved that the episode not felt rushed in any way. And I am confident now that we get a wonderful final tomorrow.

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    Okay - just forget about me for the next hours... I am the pool in the corner... i will hopefully change to be a human in a while. But not to soon.... Heartbroken.. Oh my god - the last picture of Phönix... whoever said DL is not doing a good job .... wow


    Night used demonic energy to go against his brother... The heavens emporer now is half demon or what...

    Phönix became a demon to live...

    Night used the demonic energy to kill...


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  12. I am soooo happy with the clip from the coming war - that looks great to me. And yes - she is his Underworld Queen - how i love to see him proud and arrogant. i needed more of it. sob...


    So I wonder how can Night blame the Empress anymore for killing his tribe because of jealousy - he  tries to kill a race because of a woman (in the end it is like that) who don´t want him.


    He dares to risk a war about his personal feelings. How can he call her the heavens Queen - he needed to imprision her  -how did he believed the wedding could happen - using a puppet spell too...


    I will watch it again - oh I love it!

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  13. 1 minute ago, angel318 said:

    Okay, I'm not really okay with the repeat of this event..

    Like I get it. SH was evil and she let her obsession for XF caused her to make bad choices but this is NOT the way it should end for her. In the novel,

      Hide contents

    she dies... but I can't remember how..

    BUT I'm sure the actual writer would have never incorporated this scene. It doesn't seem like her writing style for her characters to end up this way, even if they are minor.



    In the novel...



    was only a sidenote in the end that SH was imprisoned. I can´t recall any scene in which she died.


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  14. @BaiZiHua Agree - they messed up a few parts but i still love it so much. Extremly the time in human world and now... after he came back.



    16 minutes ago, dramacraze9006 said:

    XF you can't lie to yourself now, you love JM and JM loves you!!! The stone said so :wub::wub:


    Thank you so very much thanks-raccoon-emoticon.gif?1302774079


    So the Demon Princess was part of it too - love that.


    Funny - that Stone part - the Demon World ask for love. If the heaven would do that history would have been different.

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  15. @BaiZiHua 




    First of all - don´t get me wrong.. I have a soft spot and sympathy for Night too. I really feel sorry for him. But even if you like someone - you should not oversee his wrongdoings. I see clearly where he came from - how he never really loved or was teached to love and care. I know that he only could find a way to survive becomming smart and calculate his steps. I know all that. I know that he was lonely all his life - and to be honest - it would haven been a piece of cake for a writer to change the loveline from Phönix to Night .

    But - Night reached a crucical limit when he restore the pill... and for me - there was a deeper meaning behind. He already planned it all - and he could not use JM to kill Phönix when she open her heart to him. Maybe he believed she would not be hurt too much too - because she could not feel any love. It was okay for him that she can´t love him too because he already understood that her feelings for him and for his brother where different. But he was okay with what he got - she was kind to her and friendly. That is kinda sad... but its still cruel.


    For me - i nearly like all side charas - the Demon Princess and Mu Ci too - so that is not my biggest problem. And I could handle the changes before... but this time it is really crucical for the story and the characters.

    If someone writes stories - i was told - they should call themself a writer - so even i never published anything - I am a Writer - and i would freak out when a character in such a crucial point would have been changed. and for me it was not needed - they already showed us his tragic past. And i agree - how can it be okay to imprision the person he loves. And he did more.



    1 hour ago, Kimchi Sweet Potato said:

    Personally, I used to think they suffered equally. Now, not so sure...



    If she had to gave up his power i would like it more - on that point it is still Phönix for me - because even she could not controlled it he must felt so wronged by her getting back and forth - but the worst was she killed him - so in the moment she dies for him - for me it will be equal... but it would have been fine withme if she risked her life and he knew it... but she could be rescued. In the end it is him again who has to wait 5000 years for her to come back to him. sob

    But okay - they have the eternity together later... Í am happy again.


    I don´t need the suffering to be equal - what i see is that there deep and honest love is equal. Even when he tried to hate her - even when he was afraid to trust her again...

    even when she was sealed with a magic spell - he managed to damage it - and later broke it

    - she still fall for him

    - he still for for her.


    Thats the kind of equal I need and love so much.

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  16. 37 minutes ago, BaiZiHua said:


    I can't remember him doing that in the novel. And ughh I hated that part where he gave half of his life force too ....... like why did they have to add him into Jim Mi's redemption arc. I was super mad that the writers added him in that segment.


    They should had left the entire redemption story to only Jim Mi. I am so annoyed at the writers for adding in a bunch of Cr@p into this drama (it could have been perfect if they didn't stray so much from the novel). I understand the need for filler but at least don't use it in crucial points of the story.





    29 minutes ago, paperwishes said:


    They changed this part from the book. In the book, JM used half of her Ling li to change for the pill.


    In the drama version, they have JM sacrificing her ability to see color + RY sacrificing half of his life span to save JM.



    This is the first time since i watch the Drama i wanted to flip tables and feel like screaming out loud - what kind of ... is that... I loved how she did not hesitate for a second and gave up so much for Phönix - not asking for anything she can have anymore - just wishing to give it all to rescue him She would - as I see it even gave up her immortality on that point or 99 % of her power. I hated Night for using such a trap - and still manipulating the pill for the worst case to come. But I started to love JM again for doing anything for her love.


    I just read a fiery discussion on the side I watched the Episodes - it was all about how unfair JM is against Night who gave up so much for her and all that an I needed to behave. That is exaclty what must happen with a major change like that.

    Making Night the tragic hero now --- he is - in the start - but he oversteped a limit long ago... so what the hell... Oh its been a while since i got so angry becaue of a drama. First time i feel like they ruined a very importend part. I was a bit unhappy before for not giving me a strong War God of Heaven. But i was fine getting the even stronger god of Hell later - but damn...

    Yes i know Night loves JM - or maybe have an obsession about her... But what have they done... the biggest difference between Night and Phönix was that Night used each and everybody even the people he said he loves - and calculated everything. He go for his aim - the throne and wanted to have it all - so JM inclusive. Kinda enwinded in his wrong believe that she will love him back and stay on his side how she should do.


    Phönix only wanted to be together with her - he would have give up on everything - was not interested in political power - he only selfless and honestly loved JM.


    And now they let Night act selfless... thats so stupid... Sorry I will stop here.. so sorry - please bare with me.. I got a bit overboard...

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    And one more question to make it sure for me - there is a part missing in the episode - these two versiona are wrecking my nerves... JM never give up on her magic power to get the pill?? Or was it in the missing part?


    Sorry - i guess it was already dicussed - but i needed the subs first to understand the details... i still watch it RAW day by day and can´t wait for today... but of course i need the subs too.

  18. Please help me out Novel Lovers out there.. I admit - I kinda marathoned the book and maybe i missed something it was deep in the night when I readed it and I was unable to stop myself in the ending part so I was a bit tired... But hello - was there ever a part in which Night gave up half his life to save JM? I am watching the older Episodes now because the subs are out. When JM got the light she needed for the pill - and Night sacrificed so much to rescue her...


    I can´t recall that from the book - and if I am right - i hate this change...

  19. 41 minutes ago, pad-hari said:

    here you go.  Me too.  I got more curious abt. YZ and  had the opportunity to read an article abt. her.  



    Thank you very much - I just found out I finaly reached a point with C Drama I watch a clip or Drama and can say - wait I know this guy or girl from somewhere... :D What was the name - what was the drama...check...



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  20. 3 hours ago, pad-hari said:

    BTS, they are so adorable:kiss_wink:



    cr: the owner


    I really love to see alt those BTS clips - never able to understand a word but seeing and feeling how good they are together and how much fun they had. Acutally - I don´t know a lot about C Actresses - and I love her as JM. But thanks to the BtS I wish to know more about her.


    Coming here at first in the morning again to check for more spoiler. What will I do when its ended... Okay wait for the subs - and than rewatching - extremly from that moment on he came back to life. I love the Deamon Realm Scenes so much - and him as the great One.

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  21. 56 minutes ago, Kimchi Sweet Potato said:

    I just realized in the gifs Pu Chi is seen bowing the same time the bride and groom bow to each other. So, they are doing that puppet control thing again. Sigh, it would have been more romantic if Jin Mi was acting on her own accord...in any case at least it's Jin Mi not Sui He


    If it is the puppet - and i agree - it looks like - i hope and think it will just like that in the start.


    But Moon and Snake really trying hard to bring together what belongs together.

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