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  1. I'm gonna heal myself watching Doctors, pinocchio, flower boy next door, heart blackened, hyung. I crave for PSH acting for the past 2 years. Ahhhh, i need to watch my faves drama of HB too...kim sam soon cause i'm gonna miss those deep dimples. Good night peeps. My lovely shinhye! She looks so pretty in the last episode
  2. As i calm down, i just want to say kuddos to PSH and HB for carrying the drama through out the episode when there is so many plot holes. I still felt traumatized from the ending. Being a fan of PSH, MOA is definitely has the most shitty ending ever from all of her drama's. I'm still tuning in just to see my cutie Jinwoo and Heejoo. Writer should thank to Hyun Bin's dimples and Park Shin Hye's eyes AND their first class acting skills which covers many of her faults during the drama. Hug to all of LOYAL viewers of this drama. Specially to HB and PSH fans. Let's pray and hope for them to collab again in the future. Whether it's movie or a drama. I cant believe this is their last time seeing each other. No wonder that kiss look so sad, and i even felt the longing and desperation through that kiss.
  3. Like i said..................what a waste of HB-PSH chemistry and talent. I waited 2 years for her to comeback! 3 years for HB to comeback to drama land after the failed of Hyde Jykell Me.. Oh my god, i am super angry, angry, angry and angry right now. Such disrespect to the followers all over the world and to the actors. I was holding on to a very VERY LITTLE HOPE THAT THEY AT LEAST MEET AT THE END I WAS READY TO SCREAM IN JOY BUT THEN IT SUDDENLY ENDED WE ARE SCREWED OVER BY THE WRITER.
  4. I'm sorry but SJJ!! You turn a story that was doing great - into something I totally lost and feel 100% heartbroken over. I'm happy that PSH was able to play as emma and heejoo. She nailed it. It just the development of her character make me felt devastated. I waited 2 years for her to comeback..ahh...What a waste of HB-PSH chemistry.. Anyway, i'm just curious how the writer gonna wrap all of this mess in one episode? SJJ got a chance to explain all of this in this 2 remaining episode but she twist everything back and make my heejoo running and cry over jinwoo again. Poor heejoo. I'm sorry, i just felt.. dissatisfied..Aigoo.. She nailed it! That cold look. Her eyes. She turned from graceful emma into this evil look.
  5. I've never watch any of SJJ previous drama, but I knew about W storyline based on the reviews. She just know how to made viewers boiling with blood pressure lol. The continuous unexpected thing, when will it ended tbh? I felt exhausted just by look at Jinwoo only. That man deserve a break. That police question really didn't make sense at all. Like..dude? Viewers aren't stupid. I just hope, Jinwoo narration about "now, only one story remain" is his story with heejoo.
  6. Jinwoo and heejoo are playing with my emotions. I just felt their desperation for each other through that kiss. Jinwoo eyes trembles. Like..he catch a glimpse of heejoo as long as he can. The warmth of heejoo. That cab scene specially.. really got me drawn in my tears. Ottoke SJJ unnie? They deserve a happy ending. Please...
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