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  1. I stopped after the wedding-to-be. Waiting for it to end and will only continue if it has a happy ending
  2. @dashmount20 @xienrue Wuji is the awesome n gorgeous hero in Legend of Fuyao p/s Mo Qing is gorgeous too... n kinda cuter ... Geez! Why do I feel like a cougar?!
  3. Highly recommended ... Camera-angle-wise, Mo Qing's kissing is better than Wuji's ** back to lurking mode **
  4. http://www.133694.xyz/mingxing/20180326/221209.html Zhang da da
  5. I resist reading the novel (translation) so that I can accept all that is dished to me by the director, scriptwriter n production team without constantly having to compare the drama vs the novel. Loooove the drama but this ending frustrates me to no end ... I know I'm unreasonable :p
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