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  1. but she closes comment colum of her another recent picture too many posted about wgm in that pic, the one which ne in palaquen. the commenters said it reminds them of wgm (the wedding) i guess ne just avoid unnecessary event that might happen
  2. the comment colum for her picture with kibum's baby name is suddenly disappear ! thankfully i got read it a little. someone posted that the jacket brand is kibum's baby name hahahhaa is it why na eun close her comment colum ??? i may have imagination right
  3. regarding the silver bracelet.. an IG owner wrote her/his theory abt the bracelet. Firstly, taem gave it to nauen. Secondly, the bracelet is originally belong to naeun, she gave it to him to support him during his debut solo period. That s why, taemin only wore it during his debut promo then the bracelet returned to na eun.
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