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  1. Ep 14  "The players in the ring have it the hardest. It's nothing for the onlookers." Jh appaa! Thank you for understanding, thank you for confidently even suggesting the dinner with "JH's Ceo" later! We have great male examples in him, Driver Nam, and even SH' dad, I want more female mentor-ship, till now I've only noticed teacher Lee. "Soohyun-shi. Why do you like me?" JH must have been called ordinary so many times this series- by Woosuck, Sh's mom, Sec Jang and even by himself "it must be tough for you since I'm ordinary" - during the breakup call when their relationship got revealed in press or wondering whether the ring he got her was enough last episode. Whenever it has happened he has just taken it, but his face always showed his turmoil and this ep he finally sought out Sh. He really needed to hear it from her to absolve his doubts. "It'll happen to us one day right?""I had to control myself last time" - Chinguuus, they might not have parked at boom boom town but they were nearby. He was so sleepy at the airport too last ep. And SH's answer-"I pictured it in my head, and it seems nice." "He's a human stimulant" Give me the Weddddding."Soo hyun has always had guts. She's just finally being herself again." "The presidential election is important, but my child comes first." So good to see Driver Nam tell it straight! And also admirable is Sh's dad willing to part with the election race because like an actual parent he cares about his daughter and is trying to make a mends. Contrast: Mrs Bampodong calls her literally panicking and weeping to attend the funeral meet. To sell her dignity for them like always. That utter desperation - it disgusted me. SH's repeated yearnings for a mother figure and affection hit me even more than before."Deliberately hurting someone you love, is that right?" "My wealth or power doesn't match yours. I'm an average 30 Yr old man. I will protect her in my own way." Jin hyuk owns up, makes it clear love is being considerate about the other person, and the ex is in an unhealthy self servicing obsession. Also including the scene later with WS and his mom, I hope some parts of this convo with JH register in his head later. He seems terrified of his mother but he's also observing her ruthless bullying maybe finally with new eyes? Maybe he can finally realise how his actions looked to JH. Is it too much to hope for him to turn his back on Taegyong aswell? Him and SH were birds in the same cage, this is their chance to get free. This episode just made me hopeful for everyone. SH: "Your feelings for me are what heal me. If I didn't have you by my side, I would've been scared and lonely. You told me that I helped you become clear about what love is. But thanks to you, my thoughts on fear have become vague." JH: "I cherish you very much." . . . SH: "Saranghaeyo." I have to confess this scene is really special to me. I tried livestreaming the show for a bit the first time for this ep and this was the scene it opened on. Initially I was like- oh SH and JH are hugging it out and then slowly, so quietly, she said "saranghaeyo". I don't know a lick of Korean, so the depth of the scene based on the dialog was lost on me, until she said that word. Of course now actually seeing it translated, the moment is tender, intimate, and everything I had hoped for. This show really has a way of making the milestone moments quiet and hopeful. I loved the silence in her office. The focus on the clock with Havana time. Even the way she said it- I see her as a bit reticent, holding just a little back, because it holds a lot of meaning to her, a bit like me. So that quiet confession and what it meant for their relationship, especially JH's confidence- was perfect for me. "I'm in trouble. There's no exit now.I'll never be able to escape your charms. "Boy u were in trouble the moment your eyes met in Cuba! Coming back to the scene, I was already spoiled by reading the forums but still nothing could've prepared me for it. I've been destroyed by sheer decency- just two, honest people deciding to bank on their love and faith for each other. So much has been said already about this scene and I can only vigorously agree. Triumphant! These two episodes dealt with their inner doubts and uncertainty. But those are conquered, and now they face their challenges together. And I want to see nothing more than Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk's family enjoy a warm meal on that table. Really. Also, I've seen the truck of doom in many dramas. But this is first time I'm seeing the truck of love. Mijin pls get in, youre missing out. Chingus, it's so hard to restrict myself to just a few lines or pictures- 1 hour of viewing easily becomes 3 because there is so much detail to unpack in these episodes. I love this show so much, and love your posts as well.
  2. Finally got time to see episode 11, my thoughts- I like how there's a recurring theme of SH saying "I know every example of ___ that exists" for e.g. all the art galleries in the city, or about the playground, and JH surprises her every time . Its hard to hold back after enjoying their privacy in Cuba, it was hilarious to see JH go for the attack within their first day of being back at work, but who can blame them, really. When he bit his lip and was being all suggestive, I don't know how SH kept her cool. She has a core of steel. Also, while Bogum has been flexing his emotional chops, this scene made me see hes got great comedic timing- him struggling to explain why exactly he called her, and look at that cap of him fleeing the scene lols. Finally, I get to see a scene of healthy, real, mother-daughter connection. Happy to see all the side plots trickling along, hope Driver Nam joins their family dinners soon, too. And of course, for SH to eventually experience having a mother who cares. They both know why JH was that essential element required to heal bond the b/w Samuel and Donghwa Hotels. It was more emotional, less business. JH and Samuel harabeoji come from the same stock- people who value genuineness and human interaction, no matter how fleeting. A sanctuary garden in Cuba vs a playground in Seoul- both are imbibed with meaning because of their life experiences. And they both are hopeless romantics- no wonder they clicked. Nice to see SH realise the connection. More under the cut Yet to see ep 12, but will return with my thoughts. And I should really login more, I once again have nearly 50 pgs to backread. Keep the discussion train going guys.
  3. I was backreading and omg the posts from around when the kiss scene aired had me dying of laughter! You guys are hilarious! Those kiss scenes really made me want to go back and take a look at how far JH has come- Remember this chingus? Nervous JH and SH being as cool as a cat. credits@tumblr Man did our boy GLOW UP! Proud of you JH. credits@tumblr My thoughts about the rating Whew! Including all these pics and gifs took me nearly an hour to write, I'm so thankful to the posters who keep supplying us with their wonderful posts and I appreciate your hardwork. Also surprised to see so many thoughts about the ex husband, especially from @bebebisous33, I hardly think of him at all while watching the drama so thank you for these posts, amongst your others, of course.
  4. Hello chingus! I was held hostage by real life for a long time but today I decided enough was enough and I marathoned eps 9 and 10. My combined thoughts- "The world is not as romantic as u think it is" Vs"Love is like sneezing-u can't stop it! "I am glad that both these perspectives exist within this drama universe. Balance the heavy with the light. "Having that normality shattered. You know it better than anyone."I think this was the line that made SH actually cave into the pressure later, as it came from someone she treasures. That misguided attempt from HI and the news articles just compounded it. "Why now? What I can't forget is how weak you looked when you stood and watched from afar.The person I'm seeing right now means a lot to me. He's someone special."I think this was one of the most frustrating parts of the episode for me. How suffocating it must've been for SH - the one time in her life when she is finally experiencing real love and affection and her ex comes in expecting she'll hop right off with him. The delusional way he just kept avoiding the obvious - please woo seek, let her live her life. And these also pointed out exactly why she likes JH- he has always stood up for her and maintained her dignity. "Some people are destined to do what's asked of them."I hope you meet your comeuppance lady. Your husband and daughter should teach you just that. It's made me feel doubly sad for SH for how she has had such a poor excuse for a mother. And proud of JH to actually answer her calmly- I would've Kimchi slapped her and gone to jail. "I'm uneasy. I'm afraid you'll get hurt. I'm afraid. Don't be afraid. "It was really sad to see JH still keep strong in the after effects, but then he only had to face SH's mom, while SH was getting attacked from all sides. Her crying broke me more than JH, surprisingly. She cherishes him so much. -Jinhuk tracing her handwriting, and finally wearing her tie! He was obviously missing his family after seeing the fruit shop in Sokcho - I wonder why he didn't go to Seoul, he would lose their bet? -That scene when SH is developing the photo in the dark room and JH 's face slowly forms - her longing crept up and filled the room, the silence just amplified it. I loved this scene. "If the sea job is to make waves, mine is to think of you. Me and the mother in this book are both the same. After all, we are both thinking of somebody."JH's love is so earnest, so sincere. I lost it within the first five mins of this ep itself lol. And I knew SH has laser vision/intuition - she glanced someone reading by the lighthouse and was like yup-that's my man. As lovely as that line was I have the feeling it was kind of bittersweet to SH? She has obviously never experienced maternal love and affection. I feel that the actual line being from a parent's heart made it much more poignant. And I really hope JH's family gives her the love she deserves. "I don't have a solution, but I'm determined to solve it." I find myself mesmerised by SHK's expressions in some of the scenes and this was one of them. Just look at her observing his face and taking in his sincerity. She was hanging onto every word. I love them both so much. "I'm the best driver in the world."I can't quote his convo with Soo hyun because nearly everything he said was gold. Driver Nam, you are the best confidant, advisor, caregiver, teddy bear, and overall best human anyone could ask for. "You shouldn't just keep things inside. You should express it."This video call!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Honestly this show has given me so many adorable moments I didnt think I could smile any more but this section had me locked in a maniacal grin the whole time. I could so relate to her awkwardness with video calls, SHK was super duper adorable in this scene. "What can I do to win Soo hyun over."Bro. Its time to stop. He can honestly start dating his handsome secretary if he really wants to shake up his life. Nearly everything he does to woo her is an imitation of other peoples feelings and talent. He can't hold a candle to JH. And he's doing peak second lead behavior right now so I can't even feel bad for him. "Do you have some money?"The whole Cuba sequence - what an absolutely wonderful callback to their initial encounter in Cuba. It was an entirely magical and ethereal feeling--no wonder Soo Hyun glanced at the clock showing Havana time while writing her new years wishes. And honestly, I cannot thank the entire production and especially our lead actors for portraying that culmination of passion so authentically that early on during filming. It made me eat my own subliminal feelings that this romance was just lacking a little spice. Turns out I should have kept my patience - this is such a well tempered romance, everything just fell into place organically. If I was squeeing the whole episode, towards the end I became weirdly silent- I just felt their whole journey till now and how beautifully it has been portrayed and I don't know if I will come across such a gem of a romance again. And if there was any doubt regarding what happened--just look at their eyes. And the ending animation showed them both horizontally soooo ok ill stop now. Why am I single again. Where is my JH?! So glad to have encounter back again, and I have more than 50 pages to backread! Love your discussions guys.
  5. This was a fairytale episode. You have the seperated lovers, a masquerade, a fairy godmother, and true loves first kiss at the stroke of midnight. I don't know how this show does it - blending the extraordinary into the ordinary. I really hope my thoughts make sense because I'm still not over it. Wasn't it wonderful just how much thought Jin Hyuk put into that masquerade - yes it was an important year end event, but he put in a personal touch that would reach Soo hyun - the announcement of it being a celebration of their Havana hotel opening and the salsa dancers - it would remind SH of their wonderful memories of Cuba and connect them even though he could not physically be there. He knew she would be missing him just as much as him. And all the detail in creating Sh's mask- he knows exactly what she needs, and this is why this couple works. And that kiss at the end, I was pleasantly surprised. I really loved how their was no hesitation, no dialogue, he sees how touched she is by that announcement, all that longing, and it just happens. I wish the pd did focus on the moment though--he has given us beautiful shots of their hands and even their shoes, then why not that actual affection. The ending though was really sweet, with them gently swaying with each other. My other thoughts- -Sh's confrontation with the director - this is such a remarkable change. She has come such a long way. Her speech was controlled but there was no mistaking the obvious anger and dominance. - I just love Shk's acting in this drama, she is a big, big part of why their chemistry is just so natural and overflowing. Her secretly shedding a tear while observing JH - just gorgeous. - Jh's family is so warm and loving, I really liked his omma this episode... But why do I feel Jh's identity will get revealed and his mom makes the connections next episode. Her gut feeling isn't wrong. - On the other hand, something is seriously wrong in taeyong household. Ws mom is trying to protect him and his feelings and Ws is misguided ly going about his. Everything is twisted up. - The side characters and their stories are all interesting. I get the feeling that this show is perfectly cast. - I want to end with this quote - "You know when your in the middle of work, or you're asleep, or brushing your teeth, I find myself smiling alone thinking of these memories." Me too, Soo Hyun, me too. Its gonna be a long wait for the next episode.
  6. After the previous episodes I had read a few blog posts elsewhere mentioning how this character was limited/not suited for Bogums come back, or JH's apparent lack of ambition and other desires/character building. I really wanted to write a post regarding that but I'm glad I waited since this episode gives us quite a lot. -First, I really want to appreciate Park Bogums acting. I have only viewed him in "I remember you" previously, so I didnt start viewing this drama as one of his die hard fans, but I am totally won over by him by every episode that passes. This is what an episode feels like without JH's smile- yes, that much critiqued, simple gesture of his - I found I was smiling much less. I agree with the knetz comments saying that his sadness made me feel a lump in my throat. He tried to keep up appearances, he smiled in front of SH - but you could sense the sadness radiating off of him. I realised how much his typical 'JH' smile contributed to how much I enjoy this show. And there's so much still to follow, I think this character and plot will allow him really flex his acting muscles, especially with what's coming up. - He is free spirited and poetic by nature. That easy way in which he soothes a moment by rephrasing a quote, or talks about his love of books and travel, art. If JH was truly just a candy stereotype, he is leagues above by having his own personality. I like how he brings that aspect of his life into his work - he suggested a masquerade for the year end event. I get an inkling that his romantic exchanges with SH are inspired by literature more than real experience, as another viewer also said. -He does care about his job. He takes care of the small details - he went to personally reach out to the celebs for the sokcho opening, he was totally immersed in his PR assignment on the masquerade. It further proved his tendency to go "all in" when be is focused onto something, whether that be work or SH. I could feel how much of a toll it was taking on him when the colleagues implied he got in here through connections, or that that CEO would automatically reinstate his job- undermining his own talent and hardwork to reach there. Considering how much his parents value him as the older, dutiful son who has never brought them much trouble, and that scene where he talks with his father, he knows the value of stability and integrity, but he also knows the real value of being "rich"- and its not monetary in the least for him. I think he will go Sokcho, because I see it as the best way for him to prove himself on his own accord and away from the nonsense the Seoul office is plagued with. -The artwork featured in this episode - I got the feeling that even when "sun"/JH is sad, its not obvious because of his nature - but when the "moon"/SH finally understood him, it became that much more apparent/overflowing. A sad and simple interpretation. Other thoughts -SHK is doing a spectacular job. That quiet moment when she realised how much JH was suffering behind the scenes and that power stride into the office. CLAPS. -I really like her father. He is fighting back and it's gonna be a tough fight! -For the first time ever, I felt a bit sad for Woo seok. There is a loneliness just emanating off of him, esp in that scene where he was at the window at the end. And even the divorce announcement- unforgivable as it was, his expression afterwards conveyed it wasn't any easier for him. And is there a trend with his gifts being returned? But I hope he escapes his cage too, what a suffocating life.
  7. "It's already spring for us" -How can just looking at two people just gaze at each other make me so giddy and happy. The actors are doing a phenomenal job and have A++ chemistry. So cute that both of them have a mini shrine to each other set up in their rooms. "Every now and then she smiles, it really makes my day." -I had written earlier just how much JH values SH's smile and how he's striving to be the one who brings out that side for her. I don't find it to be a "savior complex" from his side, more like he is trying to be an equal partner to her in the best way he can. Its funny, but I think the actress playing the tea maker is the same evil mom who ruined the otp's life in pretty noona who buys me food. Looks like she's earning back kdrama karma points by being the cautious but warm supporter of JH's relationship. "Relationships are important to you. Value is important to me." -ICE COLD. That scene literally gave me goosebumps. SH's mom is equally odius to both her daughter and husband. I feel characters like her are too far gone already to really be helped. I don't know if she can be redeemed. "You know, there are people who just make you smile." "Time passes by Soo hyun-ah, no amount of money can buy it back." "Nothing can stop flowers from blooming in spring." -Driver Nam gets the award for best supporting act. Great, sagely advice and the original Jinsoo couple shipper. "We are in a 'some' relationship." -This show is spoiling me with its endings. If last week was JH's turn to step up today it's SH's. It warms my heart to see just how much this couple care for each other. That "its ok" expression from JH was heartbreaking. SH must have laser vision to have caught it from the back of the room. I lol'd at the various expressions after her confession- loved to see her father and driver Nam smiling. This is one OTP I will support till the end. Love the other posts guys. Let's keep supporting encounter till the end.
  8. So first thing I did after waking up today was running to see this ep... Laughter, tears, joy this ep me feel so many things. 1. In the beginning when all four of then were in the car and Sh smoothly tells her secretary to opt out of the ramyun date- I couldn't stop giggling. Actually I kept pausing the scenes cause Jh was coming on so strong, I couldn't take it all at once. Thankfully, I can pause and squee all I want. 2. Some of his lines did seem a lil pushy but I liked that they explained it was really his attempt to lighten the mood and cheer her up. He has no regrets for stepping up for her. But that scene in the office the next day, reality is catching up to him... And they can't take adorable day offs to escape, I'm really waiting to see how Jh is gonna handle all this now that he's among the sharks. 3. That scene at the playground where Jh is contemplating Sh's "prison" of a life, his expressions were daebak. I can understand how maybe "smiley" bogum is not to everybody's taste (but 100% my taste) but his acting in the more sombre and serious scenes is indisputable... 4. They really know how to create the best ending moments for the episodes. For Sh, to come off from such a nice day to the ugly reality of her mother waiting to attack her, and for Jh to slowly acknowledge all the precious moments of happiness Sh has shown to him, despite her frigid and suffocating life and that yearning to be a more meaningful person to her. The acting, score and direction brought about this feeling beautifully. 5. Sh crying and lost on a highway... And her confession to her secretary about her regrets and and how she is trying so hard to clamp these feelings... But not really. Tears were shed! 6. Love their continuous engagement of the audience with various poetry and artworks... I feel like am learning something every episode. 7. JH new nickname "ramyun boy" and Sh teasing him about his various nicknames. JH mom finding out about the heels. Ah, these little moments! 8. Driver Nam is love. Love all the posts on here, this drama truly has taken such ahold of me that I've truly forgotten studying. Hopefully I have no regrets, like Jin hyuk.
  9. Hello chingus, I haven't commented on a drama thread in soompi in years... So happy to be back for encounter. Some random thoughts about episode four- 1. I loved the cute way JH held the coffee cup while draping the coat over SH. SH's expressions while telling her life story thinking JH was asleep- that faroff, melancholic look while remembering the scars of her past - was mesmerising. In fact Song hye kyos eyes did most of the acting in this episode, but more on that later. 2. It was funny how she was so distracted by JH at the bus stop that she got into an accident. In a way its good JH apologised on her behalf cuz he was indirectly the cause of it. 3. Her birthday dinner was so telling--she has lived such a suppressed life that she doesn't even remember her carefree acts and past personality. Love how Jh is bringing out that side of her. 4. That ending scene, when he called her name, I literally gasped. JH actions cudve been called impulsive and immature but he just cudnt stand for someone he cares about getting disgraced. That isn't in his nature, and so he selflessly risks it all to be by her side. And song hye kyo's eyes in that scene-that mix of relief, disbelief, hurt, confusion, I would say she's doing a masterclass in restraint. In fact, I don't understand the complaints about her so called "expressionless" acting, its all in the subtle shifts in her eyes, a stolen smile, her hands, her feet even. Like someone said, so much of the communication between them is implicit and nonverbal. 5. I also loved Nam drivers subtle acknowledgement of JH in the ending scene - like ha! He's worthy enough for SH, in reference to his earlier convo with the secretary. 6. Lovely use of music and graphics - it really adds to the mood. And thanks so much to the users here for explaining the metaphors, it really enriched my understanding of the drama. And thats it! I'm really supposed to be studying for a major exam but here I am continuously browsing the threads for more news on this drama.
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