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  1. First full trailer is out girls! SOOOOO HYPED!! Love that she's getting so much screen time! I was worried she'd be a "flower vase" because Hollywood doesn't have the greatest track record of using Asian actors/actresses for more than just props. This show is the only reason why I still have DirecTV Now lol. As for filming, they've done most of the filming in Budapest iirc. They used an apartment building there and put up some Korean signs and stuff to make it look like it's a North Korean building. I remember a Korean man who lived in the apt building posting about it on his IG when they first started filming the first episode. You can see a quick cut of it in the trailer.
  2. If I could read Korean I would legit volunteer my time to do this lmao. I am petty af 33 people is a lot so I hope she and her team got enough dirt on all of them so that they're all found guilty. I hope she and her team are not afraid to add more people to this list either. I'm very happy that her and her team went through with this and that they acted on it so quickly. If it's true that she's back filming Treadstone, then it's one less headache for her to have to deal with.
  3. Is anyone else confused over the shooting period for Treadstone? Like they just filmed the pilot and then took a long break lol. I know a full season was picked up though so they should resume filming soon...
  4. I hate that Knetz want her to take a drug test too but if it makes these guys shut up then I hope she does do it even though she doesn't even need to or should have to do so. They're bringing up a photo from like 15 years ago when she was out with her friends as if it's conclusive evidence that there's any correlation between that and the Burning Sun controversy. Like what? Suddenly people forgetting the effects of alcohol now? Her reputation is really on the line here so I hope she and BH do all that's necessary to prove these people wrong.
  5. Yeah, I'm glad she's not promoting anything in K-ent right now but I still hope she and her company do pursue legal action so that they can set an example to those slandering her name and reputation. They seriously aired a "witness" testimony based on no factual evidence. No photos, videos, or even other witness testimonial accounts. Just irresponsible as hell.
  6. Freaking witch hunt to derail from the actual important proceedings of the investigation. SMH. I hate that she was dragged into this when she's been low-key af the past god knows how long. Girl's just been minding her own business getting ready for her American debut and this crap happens. I hope she remains unbothered and that the Knetz take what BH Ent. said seriously and back the F off.
  7. I hope BH Ent. sues everyone. I've been following the Burning Sun scandal and everything else and this is just ridiculous and irresponsible of the program and the journalist to put something like this out there with no evidence. You'd think they'd be smart enough to realize that putting out a blind item when Hyo Joo's appearance (or lack thereof) on said day can be so easily proven. I'm legit so mad right now. This comes after the May 4 episode of SBS’s “Unanswered Questions,” in which one source alleged that a cosmetics brand sponsoring Burning Sun held a dinner gathering at the club and reserved around 20 VIP tables. The source claimed that during the event, “An actress in her 30s, ‘A,’ hit people who were greeting her with a light stick. Those who were assaulted were in their 40s and 50s.” The actress’s eyes were said to be bloodshot, suggesting drug use. Source (1) (2) (3) source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1322229wpp/lee-byung-hun-and-han-hyo-joos-agency-releases-statement-denying-connection-to-gathering-at-burning-sun SHUT. IT. DOWN. I hope all the Knetz slandering her name are deleting all their comments right now. Or better yet, I hope BH were quick enough and added them to their sue the living crap out of list.
  8. Looks like they've been filming Hyo Joo's scenes in this guy's apartment complex in Budapest according to Google Translate
  9. It just seems weird to only primarily film in sets/studios when you're in a place as beautiful as Budapest when they could just do that in LA... So I'm assuming they are also going to be filming outdoor sets as well. It's why I'm hoping that there's not too much camera time for her family because I find the action aspects of the show more intriguing. But her character won't abandon her family so who knows. Maybe her family is all just a set up/plant to let her think she has a "normal" life lol.
  10. I haven't been able to watch Kdramas in a long while lol. I never even finished watching W haha. I have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and cable TV so I watch A LOT more American/western shows. I'm at the point in my life where I enjoy watching shows that aren't romance focused and where the focus is actually on the female characters (Killing Eve, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, HBO's Sharp Objects, Big Little Lies, Harlots, etc.) She is a sleeper agent but since her character resides in N. Korea, I'm wondering how she will be filming with the rest of the main cast if the setting is meant to be in Budapest and how her character will get there.
  11. Anyone else tried to google the name of the place on the piece of chocolate? lol
  12. Yeah, USA Network shows usually do pretty well (Mr. Robot, Suits, Monk, White Collar to name a few). I'd much rather watch American shows than Korean dramas so I'm very happy haha. Looks like we'll find more about Treadstone in 9 months according to Hyo Joo's co-star
  13. Eh, I'm not worried about the show. It's on USA Network, which has been the most watched ad-supported cable entertainment network (non-news/non-sports) for 13 years in a row. Deadline states this is their second year as tops in the genre among 18- to 49-year-olds and that the network ends the year with an average of 1.48 million viewers, and 585,000 in the demo. Filming for American shows is way longer than Korean dramas. Hopefully it's a short season with only about 10 episodes. My concern is if it'll actually be a quality show lol. Its creator is the same as Heroes, which was meehhhhhh lol. Most Bourne fans are hoping that the show will stick to the books when it comes to the the world-building. We shall see... I hope this will get her more opportunities in America. I hope it does well critically so I can see her with Sandra Oh at award shows T_T
  14. Lol she probably has a translator because she’s in Budapest where they speak Hungarian.
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