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  1. Can't believe I'm so late to the party and commenting after the whole drama has ended!! I loved the drama and can't wait for season 2! So far the best character development/arc has been Tanya's!! From this helpless girl to now the strongest high priestess! Although I do want her to learn some self defence so she's not always in need of saving! Maybe learn from yangcha lol for some weird reason I'm shipping tanya and yangcha need more of their scenes in season2 but endgame has to be eunseomxtanya ofcourse! When will they meet !!! I was getting annoyed with how many times eunseom would just get captured and taken prisoner but finally his character got stronger the last couple of eps so deffo looking forward to how he gets more tribes to join him and follow him on his quest to fight against arthdal/tagon and so him and tanya can live happily ever after lol. What I don't understand is the red claw.. if she is a spy for tagon why was she talking about eunseom being an enemy of arthdal and smiling about it? And what is hers and tagons plan? Sorry if it's already been discussed I haven't actually looked back at any pages of this forum. So upset for taelha and tagon but I guess that had to happen! Loving all the female characters in the drama they've been great! Even chaeun and nunbyeol waiting for more of them and I'm sure they'll join eunseom to take down tagon. All the characters have been great! Saya got more darker as the eps went on especially at the end and I can't wait for his face off with eunseom as well as eunseom meeting tagon and revealing himself! Hopefully there is definitive news on season 2 since there is still soo much left to show! It's so exciting I don't get why the ratings weren't higher and I hope that doesn't affect the decision to carry on with the next season. P.s apologises for the grammar and sentence structures. I just had to write all this and get it off my chest somewhere as none of the people I know watched it so haven't had a chance to discuss this drama with anyone
  2. How can they end the epsiode with 'I will make you fall for me' and then decide not to air the drama for the next few weeks !! No preview for next episode yet?? I hope he becomes a cool/suave dude in his attempt to woo her lol! I wanna see more passionate scenes between the 2 Loving the bts vids! They all share such a great rapport it's so nice to see! Bunch of dorks!
  3. True the secretary is a mystery! Hopefully they're doing this in order to help SG! I'm sure the little girl is oh sol because by this point he already has mysophobia so she isn't the reason for it! They're probably showing it to show us the 2 main leads have a history as well and not just CG and oh sol! And he started smiling when she was jumping up and down same as when he does it for present oh sol! She's the only one who can make him smile!
  4. True there probably is a misunderstanding! The grandfather is the type of person who's pride and ego comes before everything else so it's hard for him to express himself without him being rude to SG or he'll see himself as 'weak' maybe? Also I just remembered didn't Choi goon say that mysophobia runs in SG family?is that supposed to be significant I wonder!? True I'm glad choi goon isn't beating around the bush and is straight up with SG! But I ship her with both and I don't know who I want as the end game ahaha if only CG was the bad boy type might that have made me like him less... I doubt it
  5. Why oh why couldn't they just get her friend with Dr Daniel rather than have him like Oh sol! She seems to be looking for a boyfriend so they should have paired those 2 together rather than this love triangle! Didn't they say he was just gunna help her and not be a love interest? Also why do I feel like he purposely put her cleaning fairy clothes out so her dad could see them in order for her to quit? Otherwise how could he have known that the dad found out?? Loved the umbrella scene ofcourse! I think I've found my new display picture if I'm allowed to use the umbrella gif @Jemrie @Jillia The fila product placement though hahha didn't even try to hide that! Overall great episodes balanced and well paced! Coming to the preview I thought secretary kwon was a nice person! Is she trying to get oh sol kicked out as per orders of the grandfather??! But why!
  6. The whole of episode 6 was going so well until the end! My poor gil oh sol! And yeong sik you're too good for that girl! The preview for next ep looks like she will annoy him haha love it! Get your revenge
  7. Ahhhhhh 2nd lead syndrome is kicking in! But I love her interactions with both and they're both decent guys! I'm already heartbroken for Dr choi as we know he won't get the girl aha! Aawww and the fall! So he didn't faint from that but the cloth that fell after! Mr jang the lovesick puppy so cute!
  8. It's stable so that's the main thing! But I also hope it does hit atleast 5% in the near future!
  9. Can't wait to see the falling in his arms scene ! But poor guy's going to faint again ahahaha Loving those cartoon drawings of them!! They're so cute
  10. Agree with all these points! Getting drunk nearly every ep just starts to get boring after a while as well! Decent eps but some scenes are still abit draggy! Fav scene was when seun kyeol kept spraying oh sol in the face when she visited him in the hospital! The face expressions he made were hilarious! I need a gif or a video of it lol. The kiss scene and then him fainting after reminded me of the man who came from the star! Whenever do min joon and cheong yi would kiss he would get a fever and collapse somewhat similar here haha! Would like to see more of her friend and her storyline she's quite funny! She has a love line with oh dol? Seems abit weird! Would like to see more of song jae rim's character also! This will help the scenes to be less dragging! Ever since oh sol came seun kyeol has gotten worse with the OCD I wonder how she will help him get over it?
  11. Just seen the 1st episode it was decent! It wasn't boring but some scenes did drag! I actually didn't mind bogum's hair but I didn't like that shk's hair is too short :/ if they wanted it short shoulder length would have been better! Fav scene was the sleeping on shoulder one it was cute and their little 'date night' was sweet. She was already doing things she wouldn't do within 5 mins of meeting him! He will definitely break down the walls she has put up! But him grinning every 5 secs was abit :/ it was too much! And her talking about the photo and how he wouldn't have had that picture in his hotel was quite snooty although probably unintentional but I didn't like that comment. Overall Good episode will wait for 2nd ep to be subbed! Also am I the only who was hoping they didn't meet at the airport? They should have left it at him waiting for her and then he leaves... And then meet in Korea at the conference/meeting thing(saw a clip of ep2) without him knowing who she was? It would have been abit more impactful! Or is that too cliched? Lol P.s Great ratings for 1st episode!!
  12. This is such a feel good drama love it! One of my fav funny scenes of episode 2 is when she tells him off in front of his car!! The faces she makes and then the way she walks off is hilarious!! I'm assuming the reason jsk has germaphobia is because of the grandad!! The grandad wanted him to be neat and clean and so in order to impress his grandad he probably tried his best to be as clean as he could but I guess his grandad never acknowledged him! So his need to be clean just went to the extreme level that he now has mysophobia!? Poor guy! The bickering between the cleaning fairies and gil oh sol's bro and his friend is gunna be so fun to watch not to mention gil oh sol and jsk!! Now that she'll be working there more fun moments to come! I'm loving the rollercoaster of emotions in each ep! Can't wait for next week! P.s now that we know yks can sing as well I hope both him and kyj sing an ost for the drama!
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