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  1. I forgot about that I think the editing will take longer than the actual filming especially with the fantasy elements involved like you said!
  2. Hmm yea I'm sure they'll wait for the summer as well for some scenes! As long as most of the drama is done by the time it airs it'll be good.
  3. Yup true!! We've already got quite abit of pics of the shooting etc! Do you think it'll be fully pre-produced since it's not gunna air till Sept? They have enough time to shoot it all before it actually starts or you think they're taking their time because of covid etc and trying to keep everyone safe whilst also shooting?
  4. Oh okay that's good that's the main thing!!! Hopefully they do justice to the novel then and add all the good bits into the drama!!
  5. My girl is back and so am I!!! Hey everyone!! Hope you're all well in this pandemic and keeping safe!! Really excited for this one and I'm trying to avoid reading the spoilers so when it does start airing I can be pleasantly surprised by everything!! Can't believe we got confirmation last year and yet the drama won't be airing till about September or so Great casting!! I've seen ahn hyo seop in my father is strange and I liked him in that so I'm glad he's kim yoo jung's next partner!! All the actors they've chosen so far have been great *chefs kiss* Teaser was
  6. Haven't written here in this forum before but knew I had to after watching this whole drama in a week and I wanted to comment. First things first tell me why I cried my eyes out like a baby when byeong in died even though I was hating him previously as each episode went by Happy that everyone got a happy ending but I still kinda felt sad that BH is no longer in the queen's body I don't know how to put it in words but it hurts me that the person who CJ fell in love with isn't there anymore! Even though SY was cursing now etc would that mean she would have some of bh's characteri
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