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  1. Night is kind of not redeemable to me. At least if the drama keeps going by the book. I mean the only actually selfless nice thing he does is give XF the paintings JM made of him. I think he found some sort of inner peace by the epilogue. I have been seeing a lot of comments on how Night has the right personality to be an Emperor like scheming, backstabbing, etc. So that he was destined to be Emperor while XF was more of the give up everything for love type of guy. In the end, Night ends up being a lot like the current Emperor in what he did in order to reach the throne. I wouldn't mind a side story with Night and how he redeems himself in some sort of way. While I do think his actions towards XF and JM are 100% wrong. I also think he realized a bit that he was wrong after JM jumped in front of XF and that is why he let them be at the end. So it would be interesting for them to show him doing something to redeem himself. But if I were XF or JM, I would still never want to see him again. Epilogue/Drama spoiler lol at how they filmed this
  2. I dont know if I can take the next few episodes so will probably stop watching until ep. 47 or so when he will be back I am really hating Night these past episodes. In fact everyone related to XF is pretty despicable. He is the best out of the bunch and he is the one that ends up being a demon lord, says a lot. edit: YZ #2 DL #4 LYX # 7 thanks for the video, my heart breaks for XF so much
  3. it seems that RY knows about it bc he read about it on a book and he took a guess that she one and that is when he took it out and decided to repair it. XF doesnt know about it and shouldnt know about it until the very end </3 Someone asked about the Jimin inside the frost flower and I think that is her real self. As in fully aware of all her emotions and feelings. I feel extra bad for the Jimin inside the frost flower bc she cant do anything but sit back and watch. I think that will be the reason for her to spill the pill bc she has that part of her inside that is somewhat aware.
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