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  1. Actors dubbing the drama I also saw these pics going around and production looks so good So much attention to detail. Don't let me down Daylight. I am hoping it airs in December like it is rumored. @vintage_chutzpah I only read after they get married and I feel that it was pretty much what dito said. I find Minglan quite interesting because she is so practical and level headed.
  2. sadly no air date I don't know about Lin Mochen, he has his own book and I really like the actor who is playing him. I don't think I would mind some filler with his character.
  3. yeah ratings dropped and douban score dropped 0.4 in less than a week. It should still end up with an average above 1% but it is not longer going to be that high. Edit: If anyone wants to this douban group is looking at changes. I personally think it is pointless since we will never see it. https://www.douban.com/group/topic/123028598/ I am glad the screenwriter came out to defend her work bc she was going to get the black mark on her work when it wasn't her fault. Production and the second set of screenwriters are getting all the blame on this. I dont see anyone being happy if they see that second screenwriter's name working on a project they like. Jiangsu is probably not happy, but their complaints would be against the production team. Still the drama did better than other dramas just the potential was for much more. Fans at first thought this was going to be a classic and then everything just hit the fan. Also, I am glad that fans are standing up against all these bad practices bc if we let production teams get away with stuff like this we will end up with dramas that have 80 episodes where 50 of those are just fillers about side characters. Back in the day dramas had like 30-40 episodes now you have 50-70 with fillers. You have to try and stop practices like this by using backlash. Other production teams will think twice before doing something similar. Also, thanks to this info came out on other dramas doing similar things and I think there is more awareness regarding this issue and hopefully it will help stop it. It is not only unfair to viewers and book fans but also to actors who get cast in these projects. They change the script on them after they start shooting and there is nothing they can do about it, but the drama's performance and their work on the drama will follow them. It is also unfair on the first team of screenwriters, they work hard on a story just to have it changed without consulting them and then their name gets dragged. The mortal realm was actually on the original script and by what fans are saying it was better and sweeter in the original. The additions were the story lines regarding the demon princess and RY during the mortal realm part and afterwards. Also probably everything after that was changed.
  4. yeah I saw some of SD and you can tell all the unnecessary melodrama surrounding supporting actors really dragged the drama. I have finished very few modern dramas, probably like 6 bc they get so draggy and melodramatic. I really hope they don't do this drama wrong. The book is not masterpiece level but it is enjoyable and it could be really nice if done right. Lately cdramas add 20-30 episodes to the original scripts just to increase episode count bc they get paid more if they have more episodes, but end up ruining the story. They did that with HSALF, which was a shame. Another book that I read and really enjoyed. Books always stick to the main couple and once the story is adapted and they add so many unnecessary side plots with supporting characters that do nothing to move the plot forward. Then the main story that you want to watch ends up with very little screen time. I will still watch this bc Zhao Liying but I am going in with more realistic expectations.
  5. They did the same thing to HSALF and that is turning into a mess. My expectations have been lowered after this tbh. Modern dramas are already more draggy and actors did film for longer than ZLY so I expect a lot of secondary characters filler Something needs to be done about changing original scripts for secondary characters. It just ruins the adaptation. I liked this book. The otp was very sweet in a slow burn type of way.
  6. Original screenwriter came out to defend herself and her script which was changed by producers. Somehow the script got leaked online and it had much more otp development and XF had all his original lines. There was not so much focus on RY or the demon princess all of that was added. The original script contract was for 36 episodes. The rest was added and changed without the writers consent. Sad that stuff like this happen, apparently the script was so much better and it was original to the novel. The first episodes or so kept her original script, no wonder everyone was so happy with the adaptation then. Edit: it seems fans were right and from the original script a lot of XF scenes were removed while they added a focus on RY and even gave him some of his lines.
  7. Yeah that is some of the stuff that has been going around, except that the writers response was to the initial backlash to lack of screen time a few days ago. The one about changing the initial script by adding over 20 episodes mid filming hasn't received any feedback from the team. That explanation from writers and producers didn't appease fans and that was in ep. 43 and the drama has just gotten worse since then. As in the changes that fans are seeing Fans are all confused and angry about the previews for the next few episodes bc it is really deviating from the story.
  8. The one thing I did like about the wedding was the Emperor redeeming himself to save XF. I guess he did love him after all, he sacrificed everything just to save him. Sui He too. I always felt like despite what she did, she loved XF truly and everything she did she did thinking it would help protect the person she loves. She is a bit selfless in this aspect. She wants XF to love her but in reality she sacrifices everything for what she thinks is his well being not caring about what will happen to her. I find it kind of unfair that Night doesn't get any punishment and Sui He does He kills and hurts way more people and his motivations are all selfish. At this point from the drama it feels like XF shouldnt forgive JM.
  9. I hope she is happy and that everything works out. Like lxands said most actresses her generation are going for older guys. I mean older guys are more likely to settle down and be looking for a real relationship while younger guys are more worried about their fandom and are still playing around a bit. I also hope to hear wedding bells soon.
  10. No, RY finds out months after XF is alive. He casually mentions it to her to see how she reacts. Then when she finds out of his duplicity what she figures out is that he knew she was trying to bring him back so her told the guy making the pill to ask for 60k years of cultivation and he added that extra ingredient just in case she did give him the cultivation. But he didnt know it had worked until months after XF had taken over the demon world. This is a big difference. It takes a lot away from her redemption saga where she saves him even while thinking he killed her father, she can't help herself she just wants to see him again. Also, there is another clip that came out that also shows they changed how she finds out XF is innocent. I am just ... tbh
  11. Yep people complaining are book fans and they have plenty of reason. Like each passing day our reasons for complaining just keep piling on. I honestly feel like the production was trying to drag DL to take some heat off themselves. They need to own their mistakes. Exhibit A of why book fans get angry. It seems like they changed XF's resurrection. Of course they had to involve RY bc he has to be everywhere.
  12. I am going to talk about this bc it made me angry. The one to bring this topic up was actually the producer. No one had said anything about DL, fans were complaining about the script and too much screentime for supporting characters. Then the producer came our with a long post defending Dent Lun and people were like?? Where did you see that? It felt to me that to divert attention from the problem they were trying to create some controversy regarding DL. Like ohh is not us screwing the story it was his fault. That is why I am glad some of the writers chat came out where it says that production hired a second team and changed the original script to give Night more screentime. Judging this production hard.
  13. So many controversies regarding the production and script for this drama. It is sad bc I feel like Yangzi and Deng Lun are doing a great job and they really wanted this to be a memorable story. I think the production team did them wrong
  14. I am honestly so disappointed The drama started out so well and it followed the book pretty closely. Now they just keep making changes and the last 15 episodes haven been a waste. Could have been done in five tops. Now we will only have like 10 episodes if anything to conclude the story and it will be rushed. I am also mad that they did XF so wrong. Kept changing his stuff even gave some of his lines/actions to RY. They better ended it like in the book so at least it won't be as bad. But I am not happy with this adaptation
  15. Depends. If you go by the book then they are both good, I would even give an edge to XF. He did seem much more capable and prepared to take over after his father. He predicts Night's plans, he just doesn't think JM will take Night's side during the battle.That was what he miscalculated. If you go by the drama then RY bc they make XF more concern about those he cares about than the smart decision. Like it is his concern for his brother, mother, and JM that eventually leads to his downfall. He also doesnt seem calculative enough or ready to sacrifice people if needed. You need to be somewhat cruel to rule over others and be ready to just backstab others to effectively stay in power.
  16. Spoiler of when the JM inside the frost flower wakes up : http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5853817573 poor baby she must hate herself so much
  17. Yeah I agree with everything. One of the reasons fans are extra upset is bc the screenwriter bias. There is a chat going around with the screenwriter and someone says something about there should be a drama just about RY and the screenwriter was like good idea. So fans are fuming. I always find it kind of ridiculous that screenwriters are given a source material and they just need to adapt it but they try to make it a different story.
  18. TV ratings went down yesterday and douban ratings also went down. Kind of expected since fans are super angry. Production released a statement but fans are still unhappy. Right now the problem is that the wedding still wont be today. Why are they taking so long? It is ridiculous. I just want XF to become Demon Lord already. As for who will marry XF, I dont know. It does look like SH to me. Theories I saw was that he is doing the ceremony with SH and JM stops it or that he is doing the ceremony with SH and he imagines he is marrying JM. yeah they do make him seem more pitiful in the drama, someone was saying something along the lines of: "this is the story of Red Riding Hood where the poor wolf has been starving for days and he is just so hungry he has no choice but to eat the grandma and try to eat Red Riding Hood. We have to understand the poor wolf." Kind of sarcastic but it fits since you can tell a tale from different perspective and change how a character is seen.
  19. It did already. I posted about it long time ago with the official poster promoting the fact that they hit 1.5% https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashes_of_Love_(TV_series) You can see the day it happened under ratings. XF is more powerful. One of the reasons JM keeps asking him for cultivation power.
  20. it reached 1.5% before, that was the second time. I think it is on more than one site and that iQIYi is one of them
  21. I wont even look at that preview bc Anyways a lot of controversy regarding screen time for the leads right now. Someone actually calculated their screen time in the past few episodes and it adds up to less than 10 minutes. Book fans are really mad at the screenwriter. Seems like they are mainly angry that there is too much screen time for RY. edit: some are saying the drama should be name Run Yu Chuan , someone working at douban even added that to alternative titles I feel like I have seen fans angry about this before in other adaptations and like I said a few days ago one of the major screenwriters really likes to give supporting characters a lot of screen time. I dont know why they always do this since they know fans are going to be mad.
  22. Ratings yesterday were back to 1.5% again. I also saw that there are going to be 63 TV episodes, it has to do with how they cut the TV episodes for ads and recaps. So still the same content, 60 DVD episodes.
  23. YZ#2 DL#5 LYX#10 Not even trying but spied some stuff happening today and I think they made Night much more evil in the drama. > 6.3 billion I think it should reach 10 billion while airing or get close. It is doing about 350-360 million views per day.
  24. Some actors are working on their dubbing for this drama. I saw a pic on weibo so I think we will have real dubbing for most of the cast.
  25. yeah, I feel pretty much the same way. I think the drama is purposely drawing up a lot of similarities between them. I don't remember seeing them in the book. I also think just like his father, RY never sees himself as doing something wrong until JM sacrifices herself. That was his wake up. Welcome to the thread! Historical cdramas with happy endings are very few I think this one is one of the best xianxias I have seen. I do think that he does get taken advantage of and the main reason like someone else said is his stupid bird brain . He is too much of a softie.
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