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  1. Today was just the set up for tomorrow. XF was finally investigating stuff. Other pieces are lining up. I guess tmr JM finds out about RY during the first episode and wedding is during the second episode. Drama reached 10 billion views for those that keep track.
  2. yeah dont know why she would but she def doesnt want to marry RY anymore bc she found out everything he did and she asks him to please let her go then he locks her up. The back hug is after the wedding fiasco.
  3. I think it is her acting on her own. Before that Night had locked her up and drugged her. He says that the wedding will go as planned so I think PuChi and the Moon god rescue her and help take her to XF for various reasons. First they want to help them get together and second if the Emperor wants to force JM to marry him the only safe place for her is in the Demon realm. People from the flower world are gutsy but they are not powerful and everyone wants her to marry Night except for her friends.
  4. @lxands Good to know. I read somewhere that his family was rich so it would be hard for them to accept someone like Liying bc of her background (poor family, no education). I am glad they are not known to be the stuck up type and after all Liying is pretty loaded now.
  5. Night never thought JM was a hostage. He knew she escaped but he used it to wedge a war against XF. He must be really delusional to think that someone that told him she could only love XF and that he had to lock up to stay with him didnt leave him on her own. But since the drama is making it seem like his craziness is escalating and he has a tendency to trick himself, who knows. I feel like drama Night is much more evil than book Night. I am going to be so mad that he doesn't get any punishment for his actions.
  6. not 100% sure but I believe the feather can only protect. Every occasion it was used for protecting and he initially gave it to JM for protection. So I don't think he threw it and it chose to protect. Once he saw it in his hand, he knew the feather was going to protect her so he threw his attack along with the feather knowing nothing would happen. Then he said the feather betrayed him bc he doesnt want to seem weak towards JM (as in easily taken advantage of by the person who killed you). Maybe what happened was that he was going to attack her and the feather appeared on his hand kind of subconsciously bc he wanted to protect her and he just let it happen. But is angry at himself for wanting to protect her that is why he says he is going to destroy it for betraying him. I believe his uncle used the feather to protect himself and the Emperor from RY during the wedding. When the Emperor sacrificed himself he used the feather to hold on to XF's soul and gave it to SH.
  7. Media day for his drama with AB my poor XuFeng @cenching She broke up with her bf recently :/ I liked her with her ex but since that is over now I ship her with Deng Lun Probably wanted to avoid any rumors with Reba since her fanbase is bigger it could have lead to problems. Very few active forum members that like Deng Lun but he is getting more popular
  8. yeah saw that. Someone asked his manager if he was back with his ex and he was like "not in this life" I have seen like three trends with his manager this past month, he randomly answer questions. well now I like him with YangZi, they are so cute in HSALF and they have known each other since they were 19-20. But I think they are just buddies. His ex is very pretty. Totally forgot about Shawn. I am sorry Shawn
  9. He has a few popular ships right now, but his manager is like "single" LOL His manager recently shooting down all these rumors. I guess that is what happens when you get more popular.
  10. I just realized his next drama is also a flower related drama. Was he going for a theme? @cenching I am usually not a fan of Reba's acting but she did well with this role. It just fit her and they are cute together on screen. They are the highlight of the drama lol No SML syndrome for me, he kind of annoyed me I liked ChenMo. Dont know if he looks like a young HuGe, for some reason HuGe just looks like Mei Changsu to me Now I feel like I should watch that variety show. Maybe after I am done with both HSALF and Sweet Dreams. I tried the Keyman show but really not my style, at least the first episode.
  11. From ZLY's birthday celebration last year (Oct.15-16) FSF had an activity in Beijing October 15th. He flew back to Hengdian that same night and attended ZLY's bday party. Everyone at the party were people from ZLY's studio. She got a birthday celebration that day with the cast of Minglan but then went to a restaurant for the party with her studio and FSF. Huangbin being very friendly here You see he is carrying something, well it turns out it is this rabbit from the pic First pic together, when they started filming MK3 in Taiwan on December 2016 I know they used to be during the same company and even worked on a few dramas together back when ZLY was completely unknown and playing very minor roles. I wonder what was their relationship like during those years? Maybe she has a good impression of him since then.
  12. @cenching hehehe I do prefer manly guys too started Sweet Dreams to heal my soul of HSALF angst. He is sweeter in HSALF, too sweet and in love. My poor Phoenix But back to Sweet Dreams, I like it just too much fillers. Dilireba and Deng Lun look super cute together.
  13. I think his eyes do set him a bit apart. I can't think of another popular male c-ent celeb that has monolids I always found him handsome since Because of You. But I didn't think his outfit in Princess Agents suited him. He looked better in modern clothes to me until HSALF. But I give all my points his smile, he has a killer smile. don't even get me started on this, just picture long rants about fillers, screenwriters messing up book adaptations, etc.
  14. I am going to casually drop in here since I became a fan after his recent drama @cenching I know! I also find him good looking. Like a manly classy type of guy. I think a lot of people dont find him good looking bc of his eyes. At least I have seen those comments.
  15. Yep but I think mainly bc her fans are more active and younger. Some people making fun of fireflies bc of it like do you want her to be single forever? or do you need a selfie as evidence? But I think rumors have been going on for so long that it softened the impact.
  16. Well tbh the two fandoms are not happy about it. They are trying not to fight so nothing has been started but only otp fans are happy. Zly fans are like focus on work not on her personal life. Seems like in denial to me. I saw a few "only recognize if open relationship" I dont know about fsf. Last I saw last year they didnt like the prospect of them dating as much as zly fans didnt like it. Big test will be Minglan, see how they deal with each other.
  17. @jehnnny99 Just wanted to say that fans have always been upset over both things. And that they are relatable. The fact that there is a lack of screen time and that actions/lines were taken from XF relates to his lack of character development. You can't develop a character if you don't have him appear on screen and you take away actions that defined him as a character. I think if it was just screen time, it wouldn't have become such a big deal. And at this point it is not only XF who was hurt, but JM too. Both are suffering from a lack of characterization needed to tell their story. Honestly, it is not book fans nitpicking it. They wanted this adaptation to work. They were excited about it and hyping the drama up everywhere at first. That is how the drama got such good word of mouth from book fans saying that they finally got a drama that was doing the book right. Now you see them before an episode like "cheer up it will be better today" only to be followed with "what was that?". At the end of the day, this will follow the drama.
  18. She is doing more activities recently. Do you think she is ready to get back into dramaland?
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