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  1. She was supposedly 3 months pregnant in July like her fans are saying it will be December and she will still be 3 months pregnant
  2. lol Deng Lun probably avoided that, no good answer. I do think he is friends with Yangzi while he is not close to Reba but no need to bring him into the fight.
  3. I read someone said that she has been 3 months for a while and next thing we know she will still be 3 months by the end of the year.I agree.
  4. the question about Yangzi is regarding with which actress was his first on-screen kiss
  5. well maybe they will be like Wallace and Ruby who were friends for many years before they decided to date
  6. I am here for these cuties. Even if I think they are just friends, I so wish they could be more edit: for those interested this is their otp Baidu bar https://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=邓伦杨紫
  7. @jewelsc Thanks for the info. I will give it a few episodes to built up since I really enjoyed those dramas. I do think the story has potential to be liked by many. When I was younger family dramas were really popular with the whole house while ZLY fans can bring in a younger audience. @dito Yeah pretty much. I found the first episodes a bit slow but didnt skip. The brother in law grew so much on me. He did some bad things but he had a good heart while the father was very honorable but didnt do anything for his family if was only up to him they would have died. @Wotad Great drama. Has very realistic characters that experience a lot of growth. It is a family drama during war times but it really captures the complexity of human beings. No one is really evil or good and everyone has character flaws.
  8. The version we get doesnt have it but their version does. Some episodes are shorter I remember one episode had like 30 something minutes, etc.
  9. The difference between TV version and DVD version is how they cut the episodes to include commercials. When episodes air on TV, they add like 15 minutes + of commercials in between the two episodes. This amount of commercial varies, I guess they do some real time tracking for ratings. But some episodes are shorter while others are longer, etc. They also have a recap of the previous episodes and a preview of the next episodes. When we see episodes online, we don't see any of that. But that difference adds up and that is why episode count differs from DVD to TV version. At least that is my understanding of it.
  10. Good writers are so hard to find in every country and then you have production changing scripts to please their sponsors and adding fillers . NIF you couldnt skip anything bc everything was essential to understanding the plot and for other dramas some side character parts are completely irrelevant to the story. I hope I am not jinxing it, but I really like the screenwriters for Minglan. I believe they only have another drama, Battle of Changsha, not sure if it was adapted from a book but I think it was. One of those rare dramas with really good character development. I do admit some parts were slow to me but I think it was due to it being a war drama. I am hoping since the original book has good reviews plus with these two screenwriters produced a great scrip before we will get something of quality. *crosses all fingers* Hunan does try their best going after ratings. They usually get high ratings but this year has just been a big flop for them. Their main problem is their scissor fingers. I swear they do some of the worse editing. I was hoping Daylight wouldn't sell to them and they had never sold to them before so I am guessing the rumors that they paid a ridiculous amount for this drama are true. Zhao Liying is one of the actresses that gets Hunan good ratings so that along with Daylight made them go full force after this drama. I can only hope that Daylight got some reassurances about what Hunan would do with their final product. Looking at their lineup for this time slot, Minglan is their only big production drama left for this year so I think they are hoping it will do well. If it gets pushed back then it could be a long time before it airs. I have seen only a few episodes of Ruyi and I havent seen Yanxi. While Ruyi is not bad from what I have seen, I do think people were expecting a higher quality production but most of the money was probably used up on the main two actors. While Yanxi used up most of their money in production so it comes off more visually appealing. This and ROP should be a wake up call that paying a lot for popular celebs is not enough, you need a well rounded production. A lot of these dramas used up most of their money on two cast members. I do plan on checking ROP out when it starts airing on Netflix but not super excited for it just bc I am not in the mood for its genre. Overall, I liked HSALF but I am not at all happy with the script. It could have been so much better and you can really pinpoint where things started going bad. You can skip about ~15 episodes in the middle and miss nothing regarding the main storyline. So many fillers. I can rant about issues with this script forever. Really frustrating since a lot of bts drama came to light and you know production messed up a good story.
  11. honestly, I dont know how long it takes SARFT and they are very mercurial. They have approved very few historical dramas to air on TV this year. On the plus side I believe the story doesnt have any real historical figures which would make it much easier to get approved. yeah low ratings for Rise of Phoenixes have been shocking but I read that they completely changed the novel so they lost the initial fanbase from the get go. I don't even know why they bothered in buying an IP if they were planning on doing this. It seems like production was relying on good reviews and the main cast being pretty popular. But I guess it is just not enough to offset people feeling like the plot is slow. Daylight always goes for quality > ratings. And I think Nirvana 2 also had pretty low ratings but it was airing on a late time show. For some reason I don't think Minglan will get super low ratings. Apparently script is true to the novel and novel fans seem happy with everything coming out so far so it will retain its original fanbase. Then we have Zhao Liying not having a drama in over a year, rise in popularity for ZYL, and Daylight being very well respected as a production company. Rumors between ZLY and FSF could cause buzz but I doubt they they will be more significant. Timing is also big bc some dramas miss their timing and it can really affect them like Ruyi airing after Yanxi Palace became popular cost them a lot.
  12. Minglan is still being dubbed How long will this take? At least we know Daylight is a high quality production company, they are really being thorough.
  13. It seems like they are still dubbing this. Hopefully post production will be done before November. I don't think they can submit this for SARFT approval until dubbing is complete. I always thought dubbing was done very fast, but I guess since actors are dubbing their own characters it is taking a lot longer to dub the whole drama. I still havent seen any pics of ZLY or FSF dubbing their characters just some supporting actors. On one hand it is good that Daylight is being so detailed oriented and they are def not rushing but on the other I wanted to see it soon. If it doesnt air during December, I don't know when Hunan will have a spot to air it again
  14. It feels like we have been waiting forever but filming just finished early this year. I think the original novel pretty much covers all side characters. The main reason I am not worried is that the screenwriters for Minglan are really good. They both worked on Battle of Changsha, which had a really good script. Both dramas seem similar in the sense that they focus on relationships among family members. The main problem with HSALF adaptation is the mess between production and screenwriters deviating from the novel. I also think Minglan book version probably covers more than the drama since it is so long so they will cut some parts.
  15. [Deng Lun: My aspirations aren't in Shijiazhuang] (T/N: Deng Lun's hometown is Shijiazhuang) While Deng Lun was in high school, there were girls who liked him. He asked the girls to give up by saying "My aspirations aren't in Shijiazhuang." Even his rejection is so good, as expected of a phoenix with aspirations. Let’s take a look at Deng Lun who was handsome from when he was young until now source [488 shares] [764 comments] [3061 likes] 1. [+44] Is this actually true? Can someone confirm, he's had four ex-girlfriends? [+25] Reply: It's probably true, who hasn't had an ex-girlfriend! I still like Deng Lun (Saying that his past girlfriends were all dancers, so OP should go learn dancing) 2. [+21] If your aspirations aren't here then fine, what has your hometown done to you? If your aspirations aren't here, don’t come back here to open a hot pot restaurant. I look down on him [+56] Reply: Have you ever heard the saying, good men have aspirations everywhere? It doesn't mean that he does not love his hometown OK 3. [+83] Haha he's been handsome since he was young. I'm looking forward to 我的真朋友 (currently filming), 海棠经雨胭脂透, 燃情大地, 毕业季, and 封神. (T/N: These works don't have English titles yet) Thanks for being here this summer 4. [+48] Recently, Deng Lun is so popular, he's in all the hot searches. I also like him very much. 5. [+56] Jiayou Deng Lun! Work hard at your career, play in a lot of dramas, I am looking forward to him as a drama fan 6. [+86] I have already fallen. Teacher Deng, you should hurry and get married with Teacher Yang! ! ! 7. [+46] He's really so handsome after he grew up 8. [+24] He's been not standing straight since his school days http://weibo-talk.blogspot.com/2018/09/deng-luns-unique-way-of-rejecting-girls.html
  16. I will check out both dramas from Deng Lun, even if I am not too optimistic. Plot wise they dont look like my thing. Also, Go Go Squid with YangZi. I really like the book it is based on, probably more than I liked HSALF bc it is just fluffness. I would love for YangZi and Deng Lun to work on a modern drama together. An original script would be better but those are hard to find nowadays. If they are doing an adaptation then Best to Have Met You. Even if they dont fit the image that I originally had in mind, I think acting wise they would do really good with the plot and I love that story <3
  17. I also can't accept SH's ending. She was not that bad for a villain. Like I dont get how you justify RunYu just being alone while SH had to suffer that. I would say RY is responsible for way more bad deeds that SH. I felt that it was very unfair and way too cruel what they did to her. I don't think XF should have let that happened. The book did it better.
  18. I havent seen it but fans dont seem too happy with the ending, not enough sweetness or interactions between our couple. Could have been better but it is a happy ending so lets rejoice, we know how hard those are to come by
  19. I agree a lot with your post. I found him more ambiguous in the book while in the drama most of his actions seem to root on his jealousy of XF and his own selfishness. He never regrets his actions and even until the end, he thinks he made all the right choices. That by itself makes it hard to redeem him. He is also always saying that he did everything bc he loved JM but most of his actions were to hurt JM, never thinking about what she wanted only what he wanted. As for the paintings I think the book version makes him look better bc he goes to see XF and give him the paintings while in the drama XF comes to see him. In the drama, it makes even less sense that his only punishment is loneliness. After everything he did as a villain, he should have gotten more of a punishment. Some of the minor villains got a lot worse and they did nothing in comparison. Just look at SH's excessive punishment in drama compared to the book where she was just in heavenly jail. That was another point on his favor in the book, when he took it into his own hands to punish SH for JM.
  20. I dont think they will get married in Bali this year, but their relationships looks good so far. Fans have to accept it and stop their denial. Some fans on both sides are still in denial.
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