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  1. All these recent promo pics makes me feel like the dram will air soon.
  2. Like someone said Daylight is really picky on their editing. If you look at their productions you will see they put a lot of effort into their cinematography so it makes sense that they dont want others messing with their work. For this reason, Daylight is known to not negotiate with Hunan since Hunan was pretty bad rep when it comes to editing the drama as it airs. That is why I was so surprised that Daylight decided to sell their drama to Hunan. This means that Hunan probably paid A LOT and that they agree to some contractual stuff such as not editing their dramas. Congrats to FSF and ZLY!!!
  3. The marriage news were so popular that it crashed weibo for hours. I saw a post of some of the weibo engineers afterwards saying that they had to work hard.
  4. Happy Birthday Yingbao!! P.S. lol when haters dont even know who zly is actually rumored to be dating
  5. I posted this a while back and I am bringing it up again bc hopefully we are getting closer to an air date and bc I am really curious about Sheng Rulan. So if anyone wants to drop me some spoilers about how her story ends up, I would be really thankful Sheng Family Sheng Hong (father) Grandmother Sheng Changbai (eldest son) Sheng Changfeng (second son) Sheng Hualan (third daughter) Sheng Molan (fourth daughter) Sheng Rulan ( fifth daughter) Sheng MingLan (sixth daughter)
  6. I am curious if anyone has read the book. I know there are like ~26 translated chapters on novel update but I think they are mostly about her childhood. If you read the book, I am curious about the ending. I don't mind spoilers.
  7. Could get cut by Hunan but I doubt it since Daylight are so much about quality and they probably added a million things to their contract to prevent Hunan's scissor fingers. I think the original script is that long bc the book is super long, I believe it has 5 volumes. So if they want to tell the complete story the drama needs to be long. It is not like HSALF for instance, which had like 26 chapters and went on for 68 episodes. This books has over 200 chapters. I know they are cutting a lot of chapters that are based on her childhood. I rather the drama has 78 episodes and a full story versus 64 and they leave out the ending in the book >_> Princess Agent. I havent read the book bc super long. But I read a bit around the part where they get married which was like ~chp.100. I am assuming the first 50 chapters or so are her childhood, which would get condensed into maybe 2 episodes. Then a lot of the drama will be before marriage, bc that is where the second lead comes into place. And the rest after marriage from some previews. From the sypnopsis the adaptation will give Minglan a revenge goal for her mother's death, which she really doesnt have in the book bc her mother was not her mother since she transmigrated. Now I think this revenge will be a large focus towards the end of the novel. How she is able to rise to a position of power in her husband's household so she can eventually take revenge for what happened to her mother. There are also a lot of conflicts surrounding her husband household since a lot of people in his family conspire against him. So I am assuming that after marriage, she will help him. Then gain some power and eventually take revenge against people who hurt her mother, her grandmother, and her when she was growing up. All speculation. So while I do think there is a potential for being draggy there are plenty of opportunities for interesting plot development. It is not a palace drama but there are similar politics in place, just more household politics and their own lives/reputations in the balance. Another good thing is a lot of side characters are properly developed in the book so I am hopeful we will get to fully see their story. I don't know if I am right but from everything that I have seen, I think this will be a character drama. Plot will develop around a group of characters. Which does remind me of Battle of Changsha. I am expecting a bit of a slow start to establish all the characters but I am really looking forward to really good fleshed out characters. Since source materials and scriptwriters are good at this, I hope they don't disappoint me. I am the type of person that enjoys good writing and cinematography, I think those will be the key points for this drama. Coupled with a pretty good cast. Has anyone read the book?
  8. It is ~78 episodes long. I have liked a few Daylight dramas. But even those that I didnt enjoy I appreciated parts of their production. For me NIF and Battle of Changsha are their best drama. And both are not something I would usually enjoy but they were very well made. This could be draggy bc it is a family drama. I wouldnt call it slice of life since it will have additional drama. It is more a historical family setting (?). It is up to the characters. If we have interesting well executed characters, even if we dont have crazy stuff happening every episode it can avoid being draggy. Also pacing of the story. Will have to wait until the first few episodes come out. I am looking forward to it bc it has a good cast, good writers, and production. But dont expect a lot of romance. Even the book doesnt have a lot of romance since Minglan is very pragmatic about her feelings.
  9. This time the rumor is pretty ridiculous. Some random person got a picture of "their marriage certificate". Then said that after they applied for license they flew to HK to buy baby clothes Like this makes no sense. It feels like a drama script. I feel like stuff like this is paid by people who want to drag them down. It was just a random post and less than 24 hours later all the major news and gossip accounts are spreading the same story on weibo. Seems pretty coordinated to me. In this case bad publicity is bad publicity. Bad publicity is only good when you are unknown. When you are this popular is really negative to your name. They dont benefit from this at all and it can even hurt them.
  10. I don't believe all the marriage rumors. Usually when stuff like that are floating around it is false. I remember the same happening a few years ago with Tang Yan and Luo Lin and they are still not married. If they had really applied for a marriage license, we would know about it. At that point there is no reason to hide it.
  11. I saw that rumor going around too. Hopefully it sticks this time *_*
  12. I dont think it has anything to do with FSF. Huang Xuaming and Huang Bing parted ways because HXM wasn't happy with the resources he was getting, his fans were also unhappy with his projects. As for ZLY, I think a few things led to her decision. One, contract coming up for renewal and him opening up his own studio. Two, I felt like his staff went with positive or negative publicity is good publicity and they rarely defended ZLY from rumors or answered rumors. And finally, I just dont think he was getting her the stuff that fits her image. Nothing wrong with trying to be different, but her image is different from the resources he was getting her. She is the girl next door type of actress. And I think she wants to be considered as a serious actress and not so much a celebrity. I just hope her next manager is good. I think ZLY and Huang Bin had a really good relationship and got along really great, which was really different from her previous manager.
  13. I am disappointed that it doesnt have the same director. I think a lot of the quirkiness that made it special last time came from the director. I remember seeing him doing all these weird stuff on the bts. I am not sure if this new director will capture that.
  14. I think we are probably done dubbing FSF and Zhu Yi long did their roles I hope they finish with the details and send it off for SARFT approval this month.
  15. XieNa is so funny. Her husband was like "can't object since it is an official marriage just send blessings" and she answered "tearfully sending blessings" I think ZLY told her that "Big brother, what is mine is yours" but not sure
  16. I am not sure but I think LGX and FSF are friends. I also think ZLY and LGX have a friendly relationship. When PA was airing they were filming Detective Dee. ZLY and FSF have not been dating for over 2 years, that necklace is probably just a coincidence. Also, her bday party in 2016 was not by FSF but by her staff, Fairy Yuan Yuan. They probably got together in December or January after her bday when Monkey King started filming. He made sure to go to her next bday party. And it was just FSF, ZLY, and their staff. Before it was just ZLY and her staff. At this point, there is a lot of stuff pointing out to FSF and ZLY dating. But I dont think they will publicly acknowledge it unless they are going to get married and I think that is good. Even if people assume they are dating as long as they dont acknowledge it, they will have more privacy.
  17. I really like her hairstyle today Let's hope LYF and ZLY reunite for another drama in the future.
  18. True Friends will probably air next year. Anyone you guys want Deng Lun to work with? For me: YangZi again , Zhao Liying, Li Qin, Mao Xiaotong
  19. I want another LYF- ZYL drama but sadly this rumor seems unlikely with Zheng Shuang there. ZLY and Zheng Shuang are too popular on their own to work on a drama together. It is like having YangMi and ShiShi working on a drama at their current popularity.
  20. I hope she does end up going and wears a pretty dress. No more Dior please.
  21. I just wish they werent so expensive. I always want to get jewelry from ancient dramas bc it looks simple yet classy but I know Chow Tai Fook is on the expensive side. At least their previous ZLY jewelry. But this is still a good opportunity. hmm I kind of feel that this is unlikely. If Minglan doesnt air in December, Hunan is just going to air another historical since they have ~40 episodes left of historical dramas for the year and they wont just throw them away. So if another historical drama starts airing then it will run into January, which would be part of the first quarter of 2019 dramas. For them to air another historical on the first quarter feels a bit unlikely. Not impossible just kind of worrisome that they are changing dates like that. If Minglan doesnt air in December I suspect it will be a while before it airs. Hunan owns two other historical dramas: The Gods, which they almost aired early this year but they have been putting it off for years and Queen Dugu.
  22. yeah it does seem a short time to pass SARFT. Hunan will air a historical drama in December since they have like ~40 or so historical episodes left for the year and I doubt they would waste them. So if Minglan doesnt air in December this year then we are in for the long run that is why I am hopping they finish up and pass SARFT already.
  23. So far we have seen a lot of supporting actors doing their own dubbing. I am guessing we are getting their real voices.
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