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  1. Happy Holidays!!!! I saw this interview of Feng Shao Feng saying that this is the first time he had a director only use candles as lighting and that he felt he was going to faint bc there were so many candles. By the end, he was like an ancient painting I don't know if someone posted this final trailer
  2. Feng Shao Feng is doing a lot of promo for Minglan. I saw this interview and he talked about how zly felt a lot of pressure for this drama since it is a big female lead type of drama. I wish she could do some promotion for it. But she is probably resting.
  3. I am happy with the amount of otp moments we are getting in previews. I have to wait until the drama airs ro determine my favorite
  4. International broadcast rights were sold to Youtube in HK, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore. And Viki for the rest of the world (I assume since Viki has rights to it).
  5. the new trailer looks really good, much more funny I also like the chemistry between Zhao Liying and Zhu Yilong. He is suppose to break hearts since his character is a fan favorite so they needed good chemistry. for this one it is fully dubbed by the actors. I saw a lot of actors posting posts of them going into the studio to dub their characters (it was like 1-2 months ago when they finished dubbing). I don't think all actors dubbed themselves but I think the main ensemble cast did. Probably smaller roles got someone to voice them just to avoid all the hassle.
  6. same it seems that both her and FSF want to take time off and just hang out.
  7. I think Nig Wei Kai is a really good antagonist. Acted pretty well by the actor too since you can feel his struggle with some of his shady actions. It even feels like he is a bit ashamed.
  8. seems like December date rumor is going around so happy Viki licensed it, this is the sort of drama that needs good subs otherwise we will miss a lot of details
  9. so far I like her character but it is different from her usual. She has a bit of a cute personality like Shan Shan but much more confident about her skills and way more independent. I am only like 11 episodes in so hard to judge the whole drama so far but I like their interactions. Cons for me: background music, some romcom tropes like being forced to live together, one of the supporting characters has horrible makeup like I feel sorry for him, I wish Jin Han was more handsome Pros: I think all characters are fleshed out so far, the antagonists have good reason for their actions (corporate wars, etc), you can understand how the main characters start liking each other since they have similar personalities and share the same values, etc.
  10. yep, I agree that the time change really hurt it. I saw some fans confused about airing time and also apparently it also started airing late in one of the networks so if someone tunned in in time they probably thought they missed it or something.
  11. actually not really that low, I was expecting something like that with a slow climb to 1%. It is doing better than the previous drama on that time slot already. Dramas have not fared well in ratings this year. For this type of drama this is the norm plus this drama has had very little promotion, even by ZLY.
  12. are the time changes permanent? I dont know why they keep changing the time. It will affect ratings for sure. Also, even if broadcasting on two networks ratings don't get added up. I have read that they are independent of each other like one going up shouldnt affect the rating in the other network. I hope it breaks 1 soon but I feel like it will be a slow climb. It will do better in online views. I saw that Tencent has 900 million already so total views must be higher since iQIYI no longer reports total views. ZLY's dramas usually do better in iQIYI since she is a spokesperson for it a lot of her fans have VIP accounts there. Total views are probably close to 2 billion.
  13. I read the book and I agree with comments about how the changes so far are pretty good. I liked how they met in the drama more since it was more impactful. Their meeting in the book is not that significant to me. So far I am really enjoying it. I hope it keeps it up. I am also loving the fashion.
  14. Yeah like someone said that picture of ZLY is of OGT or at least months ago since her hair is much longer now. I do think we should be a bit more selective with rumors that we post here, there are a lot of false rumors going around and blindly posting them can spread wrong information.
  15. Yeah I saw that. I can deal with some changes as long as it doesnt go too far. Will wait to see what they do with it.
  16. The HuGe article is very obviously fake. You cant believe every news out there. HuGe is not close to FSF or ZLY so I highly doubt they would invite him to their wedding as a best man. Huge was trending during their wedding announcement bc he is a forever bachelor and people were hoping zly would break his curse since a lot of her past leading men got married after working with her. Also whenever anyone really famous gets married he gets sympathy comments.
  17. I also think that after OGT airs, she will probably reach 80 million. Her follower count always goes up after a drama. This is her first modern drama in years so she is bound to reach new audience. If she keeps it like this, she will join Xiena on crossing 100 million.
  18. I want them to have their wedding ceremony this year, but it seems unlikely. As of right now they are just getting their house ready. I bet their wedding ceremony will break weibo too.
  19. Breaking 1% average is like the bare minimum. A hit is something that was talked about or had any sort of impact, which neither of them did tbh. The Negotiator did a bit better bc it had good online views but to me it feels like Mr. Right, which had better online views and TV ratings but no presence. For instance, this years biggest hit is Story of YanXi Palace and it was a webdrama but no one can argue that it wasn't huge since it is still generating buzz. At least, that is how I see it. Personally, I rather get a good drama over a successful and I haven't fully enjoyed anything this year. Maybe HSALF, but that one had huge problems. Oh Daylight I know. Their most recent ones Nirvana in Fire 1&2, Battle of Changsha, The Disguiser, Ode to Joy 1&2, When a Snail Falls in Love, Candle in the Tomb, Love me if you dare, Surgeons, etc. I know they have a lot of dramas that are a bit older than these that were very critically acclaimed but I don't know them by name. I personally only liked both Nirvanas, Battle of Changsha, and the first season of Ode to Joy. I tried to see all of the ones I mentioned. Some I dropped. Others I finished but I didnt like them much, I wouldnt say they were bad but just average to me. All Daylight dramas have really good cinematography just not all are my cup of tea. In fact, my main concern with Minglan is the director bc his previous works were not really up my alley. But I dont know how much of it was director versus script and at least they did have good cinematography. That is why I am putting so much hope on the screenwriters, who did a great job on Battle of Changsha.
  20. It looks like it will air in Novemeber unless something changes last minute. I also saw a rumor that it would air on Zhejiang TV at the same time.
  21. @leah8 The Negotiators and Old Boy managed to scrap by rating wise. They are not really considered hits. Hunan is having a bad year by their standards. They usually have much higher ratings that other networks. Just look at their ratings last year. To be fair, it is a low ratings year overall but other networks are doing much better so it does feel like overall Hunan is having a bad year. I dont keep track of Ciwen dramas bc they are a trash company. Only saw those two dramas and made me want to curse them forever. I doubt Hunan will not air a historical drama this year, they have like 40 historical prime time episodes left for the year and I dont see them just throwing that away. They have a few historical dramas in their arsenal that they could air if they decide against MingLan. Pros to airing Minglan right now FSF and ZLY wedding will get extra hype for it. Cons another highly expected Daylight drama will air in December with Wang Kai. It feels to me like it would have the support of the government due to its story. Another con is that OGT with ZLY will air in November and run into December so people could not be as excited to see ZLY again. For those two things, I could see Hunan pushing it back for a better time.
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