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  1. the one on youtube has an intro and ending I am loving the opening song I know he is not the usual really cold type. I think it is easier to see how he starts to like her in the drama than in the novel.
  2. Hunan is about to air The Rise of Phoenixes, which means MingLan will probably air in December or late November. As for Our Glamorous Time one rumor says late August but probably more like September imo.
  3. I dont know with the Nicky Wu dramas. They have more martial arts than fantasy but they do have all the sect stuff so probably more xianxia than wuxia or a mix. Hard to tell. Sword of Legends felt a bit more xianxia but also had a lot of fighting. For some reason when I think of xianxias I don't think of either of those dramas. I think more along the lines of Journey of Flower, TMOPB, Novoland Castle in the Sky, even if this last one is more fantasy and not really xianxia. But they all had that otherworldly feel to them of Gods, etc.
  4. it is bc Yang Yang is more popular than both leads for this drama. Maybe Viki will license it or some fans will sub it on youtube.
  5. Well some xianxias have been made the issue is that not all of them are high quality xianxias or have been able to air this year. I fell in love with xianxias during Journey of Flower. I would say TMOPB and Journey of Flower are some of the best xianxias out there. I hope that this adaptation turns out as good. I consider those more wuxia than xianxias since those are more focused on the martial arts aspects over immortals, magic, demons, Gods, etcs. And Majesty's First Love doesnt count because it is set on modern times and it involves aliens, it is more like a fantasy romance. Sadly this year there haven't been too many xianxias. Top of my head only Destiny of White Snake and Beauties in the Closet, which felt a bit more like a palace drama. I don't know about Martial Universe or Legend of the Fire God since they haven't aired yet. Martial Universe looks like it will heavily focus on martial arts but not sure. For me, some dramas can have some fantasy elements without really being xianxias. Just like some dramas have wuxia elements but you don't really consider them a wuxia per se, e.g. Princess Agents.
  6. So sad that no one is subbing it. So far it is pretty close to the novel and I am really liking it. Probably the best xianxia that has come out since TMOPB. Hopefully it keeps it up.
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