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  1. i read what you wrote, just felt that flirty was too extreme to describe them, even in the first couple of episodes. being attracted to each other and being flirty with each other are on two different levels...i agree with you that they may have seemed attracted to each other because of their common trauma, but they definitely did not display flirty behaviour. it was nowhere near 'flirty'. anyhow...i do like that there's no romance here so far because the suspicions, the mystery and the dynamics between the characters have been more than engaging and intriguing enough. i hope they keep to it till the end (4 episodes to go!) also, grats to the whole production team as ep12 reached 6.1%! saw that it's currently ranked 3rd among ocn's all-time highest episode ratings, that's no mean feat i particularly like the directing and camerawork in this too, the angles at which some scenes are shot are very nice.
  2. hmm i don't find it strange. romance never crossed my mind and dating, even further off haha. it just felt they were both sharing that common burden between them and younggoon knew that too, it felt more like an expression of empathy. besides, it didn't really feel like a hug too. he just sort of put one hand on her back, his other hand was just by his side. kind of like a pat on the back? hahaha. he clearly knows their boundaries. it seems he initiated it only because of the emotionally heavy event (for both of them) of finding 'Turtle' (well, at least one turtle). agree with this! a simple hug that said i know how you feel. not all hugs involve romance. on how it looked uncomfortable - i remember in the earlier eps it was mentioned taejoo fears getting touched by others. the scene where she frantically washed her hands, imagining blood on it, after shaking hands with chi-kwang too. it wasn't really apparent later on tbh, but if it still holds true, the fact she didn't resist this 'hug' does speak volumes about how much she trusts younggoon. and that's all there is to it - trust (in the common experiences/traumas they've had) and nothing else. maybe a substantial amount of guilt on her part towards him too. 'flirty' seems quite extreme here. it seems to suggest they've been behaving to each other in a playful/sexually attracted way....which i don't think that's what we've seen so far. at the very most they've exchanged looks of understanding and concern for each other, perhaps more than usual because they can empathise with what each of them is going through/has gone through.
  3. haven't been here for a while but whoa, taejoo's husband's sudden reappearance really shook things up! always thought he was dead. then again looking back (on hindsight of course lol), it never really was explicitly mentioned he died haha. younggoon's mom case has been pretty well-explored in this show so far (and still confusing as ever lol, even at ep12). but taejoo's case, not so much. guess we all took at face value that her husband got tortured and died, and she got her thumb cut. as it turns out, we have more new info - her husband is alive, plus he got his thumb (two thumbs) cut too i'm feeling the same as when they introduced kim jae myung in ep05 - introduction of a new character who is quite integral to the case (unlike the new characters who were the clear gangleaders/petty criminals) which seems to signify another major plot turning point. haven't watched with subs but it doesn't seem like the killer who was unmasked today (jang hae ryong's underling) was taejoo's thumb cutter? was it kim kang wook who died earlier on? (gotta rewatch with subs tmr) the guy today also doesn't seem like younggoon's mom's killer 15 years ago, he looks too young hmm.... guess that's why there's been speculation here (+ at dc gallery) that there's several 'generations' of thumb killers/'turtle'. a method that's passed on like what the forensic pathologist mentioned previously. thank you for this! i too was confused @ Jang Society cause it sounded weird. 將士會 makes much more sense. i should have thought to watch the c-subs to double-check haha didn't think of that. there was, in ep03 where taejoo was talking with lee hyojung (the organ donator girl) at the hospital and prosecutor lee dong yoon appeared. he mentioned about her past which brought to her mind the recollection. timestamp-wise it's around 11:30, may be different depending which video you're watching. in any case, the show was right haha it didn't specifically show him getting killed. at that time i too just assumed he got killed after this. anyway since he's alive, curious to see his part in all this. spoiler (text preview for ep13): final thoughts: ep09-10 was actually losing me tbh, idk i felt the baek song-yi is dead arc was anticlimactic and unsatisfying when it was revealed chi-kwang set it up...felt a bit of a filler. ep11 brought it back to the main mystery and felt tighter - more deaths (lol sounds sadistic), the district attorney and his drugs, Turtle, the Boyfriend reveal etc. ep12 though i haven't watched with subs seems promising too. also, taejoo. the contrast between her and chi-kwang is amplified in this week's eps. she just wants to know(kill?) the thumb cutter, she doesn't even care about the mastermind. all just so she can have a good night's sleep, and really, just to actually live her life properly. versus chi-kwang who wants to catch the mastermind to end all this (stop people getting hurt, as his favourite motto goes). it's frustrating, because we all know just catching the actual cutter (who's also just a pawn/worker) won't solve everything. but if just knowing the cutter can give her peace of mind, i can see why she's so desperate. putting herself up for sacrifice, running solo amok...at the same time derailing the actual plans of the team which they had agreed on before. can see why viewers are annoyed haha. one thing's for sure though, she's stayed true to the character from the start. she only thinks of herself. she knows she's selfish (she admitted to younggoon in ep06, and i think several times after that). she charges ahead like a bulldozer. she over-complicates things. but that's why i find her fascinating (and yes, at times frustrating too). she's not a totally likeable character, it's like a love-hate situation. (really last point!) i somehow like the taejoo-younggoon interactions. every time they look at each other....they seem to have this deep understanding with each other, is it a victims kind of bond? taejoo lies, schemes, pretends quite often to get what she wants, but i feel she's at least the most honest when it comes to younggoon. younggoon knows she's selfish, and has had several outbursts/disagreements with her too, but in the end he kind of understands her too? i don't know how to describe it haha. the hospital scene between them near the end of ep12 ;;;;
  4. Just watched Ep07 with subs and everything's just getting more confusing haha Saw in the forums a summary of who's suspicious of who right now: TJ/YG suspicious of CK CK suspicious of KJM KJM suspicious of CK If the killer really isn't among the 5, he/she must be laughing at all of them suspecting each other This would be exactly what he/she wanted LOL. Upping my suspicions with the female commissioner too when she lingered behind to hear who JHR's source was too... I'm still not sure what's the motive of the thumb killer and the common trend among the victims. So far, most of them are criminals and all of them got killed. But then we have PSY and TJ who had their thumbs cut but were not killed. And most recently in Ep07 - one of the detectives in the elite team of 5 who was killed but his thumb not cut. The killer seems to be rather organised and skilled, and seemed to have planned much beforehand, but these anomalies add more confusion to the mix. Are they slip-ups, or people who just happened to get in his/her way of fulfilling their purpose?
  5. Ep07 soon! Quick last post about Ep06 - just wondering about the linked conversations between HTJ and DCK in Ep06 on saving people (well and also HTJ/DCK's dynamics in general so far). At the bar right after Jung Han Wook got abducted by Oh Sang Do, HTJ and DCK had this short convo: And then when they managed to bring PSY back to the station, this continued on: DCK: Remember when you asked me whom I'd save? I'm going to save both. Even if they don't need it, I'm still going to save them. HTJ: What if you can only pick one? Then what? (DCK didn't answer) Wondering who was the 'both' that DCK wanted to save? Seeing how he gestured at PSY while saying it, I'm guessing maybe PSY and OSD? Saving OSD from carrying out his revenge/committing even more wrongs with Jung Han Wook? DCK talks a lot about 'saving' people, even if they don't need to be saved. He does what he thinks is right (HTJ said this in Ep02 at the hospital), but at what cost? And is he doing what is right, or what he thinks is right? While I don't think he is the final boss, he may have done things that were morally grey (?) in the process of saving people/doing what is right. Doesn't help that he's been rather secretive about his real intentions - when HTJ asked him what he wanted in Ep03 ('I'm just doing my job'), in Ep05 ('I just don't want people to die'). This sums up DCK very well Hope more is revealed in Ep07 about what happened back then.
  6. Let me preface first that it's mainly questions and observations~ Trying to figure the whole picture out is hard haha so I'm enjoying reading everyone's theories here. Agree with your description of Taejoo! She moves very fast, 'changing sides' like lightning. (Even PSY acknowledges it in Ep06 - saying she's quick-witted, but not credible haha) Which makes it quite confusing for the viewer to follow, and like you said, DCK was right in saying she likes to complicate things At the same time, I feel for her and respect her too. To come out even stronger from losing her husband and almost having her thumb cut off 7 years ago is no mean feat. Though not without losses too - how she became selfish (as she herself acknowledged in her convo with Young-goon at his house) and unfeeling after the incident. Young-goon mentioned in Ep02 how she would wait for him to speak first 15 years ago, but she'd changed since then. I think she's getting more emotional as she gets closer to finding the thumb killer. I'm not sure if her moving so fast from trusting to not trusting as you mentioned, may mean she's getting more unstable. She's also still receiving psychiatric treatment. What will she do when she finally finds the murderer? Wondering if she'll take revenge (into her own hands...) or finally be able to just seek resolution. This short scene in Ep06 felt poignant to me too: She's always seemed so cold and unfeeling, and very businesslike so far, but this scene showed to me that she still has emotions, likely suppressed inside while she keeps her cool outside and relentlessly searches for whoever did that to her 7 years ago. I like your theories! There was definitely some betrayal between KJM/DCK, with DCK saying he shouldn't have trusted him back then and KJM saying he doesn't trust DCK now Of the 5, the missing senior that DCK was talking about is probably also a key player in this, I think the show will delve into him soon, can't wait to find out more. Re: Young-goon's memories of that night - people in DC have been debating quite a lot on it too. The glimpses we've seen so far seem to be from different angles, with some things different here and there, showing the fuzziness of YG's memories. There was this one angle (I can't find the pic now ) that seemed to show the killer with clothes similar to what DCK was wearing that night - so it may be him too. But YG currently remembers the killer as his father too...In any case, I think we can be sure he did not actually witness his mom being killed. He only saw the aftermath....KJM or DCK or whoever else could have just been 'planted' there as a scapegoat. As to who's the real mastermind, I really can't figure it out for now will leave to you all smarter ones who can better figure it out (Just a sidetrack too that this reminds me of the drama Defendant too, in which the real killer was someone else haha) For PSY, I don't think he would do that to HTJ. From his talk with DCK in the tunnel, it seems the incident also affected/traumatised him quite greatly. I doubt he would do the same thing to someone else. He also seemed genuinely surprised (doesn't seem like he knew her before) when they met in her office in Ep05. I could be totally wrong haha but that's how I think right now. People in DC are speculating quite lot on Director Park too! This corruption case is definitely bigger than just the 5 key people in that investigation team 15 years ago, I believe too that the real mastermind must be someone very senior in the police force who has a lot of power and is hard to take down. It'll be interesting if it turns out to be the female commissioner! Am really enjoying everyone's posts and theories here so far too! Fun to see the variety of theories and how we all perceive things differently
  7. I think people are confused by the twists in the last episode. I myself am reeling from how good EP06 was haha. I have so much on my mind that I think I'll spread out my thoughts over a few posts Where did you see that comment about HTJ's motivations? Personally, her motivation right now is quite clear to me: to hunt down the person who did that to her and her husband back then. You can see how desperate she was in getting the name out from the Prosecutor in Ep03-04, and how eager she is to find/follow any lead to get the person. It's just that her methods may be quite haphazard - she just tries to get as much information as she can from everyone who could be related/could know something. I don't blame her though, the whole truth of what happened 15 years ago is really so convoluted and baffling right now haha! (Then again, I better not be so certain about TJ's motivation because knowing this show....there could be a total twist anytime haha ) Motivations-wise, the ones I still can't grasp are Do Chi-kwang and Kim Jae Myung. Chi-kwang: I still don't think he's the final villain/murderer. The show seems to be throwing quite a lot of red herrings. BUT I don't think he is totally clean either, there is still something he's hiding. Kim Jae-myung: He seems to care about Young-goon, but he seems to have other agendas too in bringing the whole Oh Sang Do case to attention in the first place. I think a lot of questions rest on this 'Best Investigation Team' back then. Quick summary of these 5 (L-R): 1. Jang Hae-ryong: Still in the police force - Special Crime Team 2. Do Chi-kwang: Still in the police force - Corruption Investigation Team 3. Jang Hyung-koo: Went missing just before his retirement (Chi-kwang said this in Ep05) 4. Kim Jae-myung: Currently in jail for (allegedly) killing his wife 5. Park Si-young: Left the police force to work in Muil's Corporate Relations (to manage the risk of chaebols). Currently on the run from Muil from 'finishing' him up. Chi-kwang's conversations with these people in Ep05-06 are quite interesting as it's making me try to piece together what happened back then but it's hard haha. May compile these in another post! Speaking of comments, there are A LOT at the Watcher korean DC gallery (kind of a forum) - and with it a lot of theories over who's the final villain and more haha which I've been having fun reading One main question I've seen too is whether the final villain is among the characters who have appeared so far, or is a character who hasn't appeared yet? Who do y'all think it could be? Interested to know your reasons for thinking so too~
  8. Some quick thoughts before I livestream Ep06 soon. I'm loving the mind games in this! When CK sent YG to ask TJ if they could use her office for the sting, TJ caught on that CK asked YG to mention Jang Hae-ryong to get her to agree more easily. The fact that CK knew how to make use of TJ's obsession with JHR to get her to agree + TJ herself catching on CK's idea - love the way they think. As what many are saying here, TJ's intentions are the clearest of them all here. She only has that one goal, and she sure as hell is determined to get there. No matter how extreme her methods are, or whether it goes against the goal of the corruption investigation team. CK/TJ's dynamics in the team is quite interesting to me. They're both in it for something (TJ saying 'we all have something we want' in Ep02 when they just formed the team). It's clear what TJ wants, but CK we still don't know. Even TJ was still asking what he wants in Ep05 (their convo in TJ's office), and it's hard to buy his 'nothing, just don't want anyone to die' response right now with so much suspicion against him haha. And YG, he doesn't seem to play the mind games like the other two. So far he still follows CK/TJ's lead on ideas, basically being the action-taker. He still feels quite pure, being worried about TJ from the start till now. I felt his disappointment in Ep05 when he thought TJ was helping with the sting operation but she killed it and proposed a different proposal instead. I'll be waiting to see if he'll have more suspicions/other intentions instead. (There was that scene where he was looking down from his house at CK/TJ in the car in Ep03, where I wondered for a bit if he was becoming suspicious of them haha) Other smaller points/questions: - Prosecutor Lee Dong Yoon said that TJ's attacker was dead when she asked him in a cafe in Ep03. Wonder if it's true and if he did know who it was (well in any case, he's also dead so no use) - So Jae-sik (TJ's bodyguard) was a debt collector in the past. No wonder TJ said he was good at finding people and asked him to help CK find Oh Sang Do's wife - Soo-yeon's "boyfriend" is suspicious too. Jae-sik's observation seems spot on. Wondering if it could be the police contact who planted her in the investigation team to watch on them. - Still unanswered qns from prev eps: CK putting stuff in the washing machine 15 years ago + Mr Kim's killer letting YG off Awaiting Ep06! CK getting more and more suspicious. TJ's finding doubts about YG's dad murdering his mum, and YG saying 'Let's catch the murderer together.' - wondering if it's the start of an alliance between TJ + YG, against CK.
  9. Checked this out because I'm a big fan of Kim Hyun Joo have been missing her a lot! Glad to see there's some discussion on the drama here~ Like the points raised here so far. Some of my thoughts too: 4 episodes in and I'm also semi-enjoying this show. I realise that the scenes I like the most are those where we have Chi-kwang (CK), Tae-joo (TJ) or Young-goon (YG) interacting together (or in pairs). The 'case of the week' scenes, not so much. Agreeing with @Nam A here. First off, the cases are kinda short (2 eps each) and they don't make you invested in the characters. The villains/criminals also feel pretty one-dimensional (and they somehow all just end up dying lol...). At this point the cases just feel like buildup to what happened in the past, with the recurring theme of the chopped-off thumbs and the police being behind it, albeit a very weak link. I'm more interested to learn more about our 3 main characters, and what really happened 15 years ago. As mentioned, I feel more for those short scenes where we have our 3 main characters interacting with each other, be it TJ/YG with their common traumatic experiences, CK/TJ with their disagreements/personality differences or the somewhat fatherly-son CK/YG relationship. I have quite a lot of thoughts on their dynamics which maybe I'll post here more if I have the time haha Regarding the individual characters, I feel right now we've been fed with the most information on Taejoo's past so far, and how we can see her desperation to find out who did that to her and her husband growing in the recent eps as she seems to edge closer to the truth. Really felt for her when she kept trying to get the name out of the prosecutor (and then he died), and then the chairman (who was handed over to JHR, too late again). In any case, she seems to be the most 'open' character so far, her main motive is to find who did it to her 7 years ago. CK and YG on the other hand I find them harder to fathom, and their intentions wrt to investigation team, they're more unknown to me right now. Anyway, looking ahead, I'm thinking we'll have more insights into CK/YG in the coming eps, especially with YG's dad's appearance in Ep05. Some questions I have at this point: - What CK put into the washing machine at YG's home back then (pretty suspicious and this has been of much discussion in the k-forums too) - Why YG didn't get shot in that public toilet (where Mr Kim the trafficker got killed). Was the attacker someone who knew YG?? - Is there any link to what happened with CK/YG 15 years ago, and what happened to TJ 7 years ago? (sorry if I'm a bit slow and I missed it somewhere haha) Oh and I'm really liking Taejoo so far, she's looking set to be among my favourite KHJ characters @titania1000 Haha sorry to interject but yes please do check out her other roles too! (hint: she's just as amazing there too) I wouldn't say she did a lot of romcoms~ I think it's more of weekenders (no, not the current tvn/ocn types, but rather the KBS family dramas, MBC/SBS makjang dramas and the like) which aren't that popular with the international k-drama community (I just happen to be that rare pokemon who has watched more weekenders than primetime dramas ). I first got to know her through a weekender too. If it's not too off-topic, may I recommend some of her works: 1. I Have A Lover (2015, 50 eps) - This is THE drama you have to watch if you mention KHJ. Her performance was phenomenal there, she picked up a Top Excellence Award for it too. If you're looking for "same competent vibe, poised grace, natural elegance and sophisticated style" this is it, and more caveat first though, it is 50 eps (which is not what most kdrama watchers i've seen are used to haha) and there is infidelity involved (her character gets cheated on). It's a melodrama genre which can be rather slow-moving (with the front parts kinda frustrating). Will understand if it's not your type. But her performance there was brilliant enough to overcome the shortcomings of the plot. Can't give more spoilers, but do check it out if you can! Till now, people still mention it as her 'life character' (in korean netizen terms, the best character of an actor/actress) oh just one last thing, her character's a lawyer there too 2. What Happens To My Family (2014, 50 eps) - the first drama I watched her in. This is a light-hearted family drama, but it does pack a punch in terms of emotional life lessons as well. You can expect more humour from her here~ She plays a very competent secretary here (kind of a Head Secretary in a company), so "competent vibe" would be right there + a lot more hilarity haha. I liked her couple storyline here the most too (vs the other couples). Fun fact: Seo Kang Joon stars in this too! (though they do not have many scenes together) So they've reunited together here in Watcher after 5 years. 3. Cruel Palace: War of Flowers (2013, 50 eps - i guess you see the trend now HAHA) - this is a sageuk drama, she plays an antagonist lead here - an evil scheming concubine to the King. another outstanding performance from her here too, some people consider this one of her best characters too together with I Have A Lover. I have to say sageuk isn't really my type, but she managed to blow me away here too. Off my head these are just some of my KHJ favourites Sorry for gushing so much about her here haha I'll hope to post more thoughts on CK/TJ/YG during the weekend too~
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