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  1. I'm so sad. Thanks for letting me know. I think I'm going to finish it on my own.. I don't want to look at spoilers!
  2. Ahhhh. I said this about another drama! So far behind. The flowers are already blooming on the tree. That's all I remember! I am really bad at watching dramas. Is it the end yet?
  3. I promise. I'm here. I hope it's not too late for me to catch up! I miss watcher. I just want to say that everyone is such a great actor. It's been a long time since I've seen a drama with all good actors. Pray for me to catch up! I love this drama. Is it already over?
  4. I'm so far behind. I'm sorry! I hope I make it! I've been looking for eng subbed!
  5. Really? Wow! Edit: Finally caught up with Hotel De Luna. I have many questions! Isn't that good? I'm doing some back reading
  6. So I've finally caught up! I'm going to do some backreading on everyone's comments and opinions! I also want to share my thoughts and opinions too! Thank you! Yes! I love Are You Human. I love his hair in that drama. I like it in Watcher too.
  7. Thank you. You are so kind. And I love that gif of Shin Se Gi. I love everything about him! So you rewatched Kill Me Heal Me after watching ep 1 of Doctor John. And I'm just going to copy and paste what you said. Why? It was so amazing. It reminded me of how I felt watching Kill Me Heal Me! You said, "These both dramas are quite similar in those philosophical conversations revolving around the aspects of fear/darkness and hope/lightness. " Well, I really like that because I can relate to what you said. I love those dramas. So you enjoyed Innocent Defendant and Familiar Wife. Ok. I want to watch them too! So you think that Ji Sung "is drawn to stories that emphasize the preciousness of life." That's so beautiful. I copy and pasted that too . I believe you about Ji Sung. I would agree with you. But I've only seen Kill Me Heal Me. I'm going to copy paste again. Love you! Your words are so beautiful. I like how you describe Ji Sung. "And I love how some aspects of his life are seen through his characters. CYH does not drink alcohol and Ji Sung himself doesn't drink (after having a kid). I was like YES. Finally there's a character who doesn't drink in a Kdrama!" I didn't know that you could see some of his life in his dramas. I think you made me like him 1000000000000 times more! Why? I think that makes him mysterious. I like mysterious actors . I'm glad he doesn't drink in his k drama. I wouldn't mind if he did . I'm sorry my reply is bad. I agree with you. What are we going to do? Ji Sung Stop!!!! . I'm joking. He should keep stealing our hearts @Ameera Ali and @Ameera AliThank you. These gifs of Ji Sung are so cute! He's stealing my heart again
  8. @ucylucy Thank you for sharing updates on Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In couple! Hi everyone. I hope Kim Go Eun updates her social media again
  9. I snapped this photo of myself watching Watcher! I'm so excited!!! . And I snapped a photo of Han Tae Joo(Kim Hyun Joo). She's walking up to us. She's gazing at us. Her beautiful hair. She looks so beautiful. I snapped another photo of Han Tae Joo. You can't see her. The words are hiding her beautiful face. I'm so in love with her! My girl crush! (I'm so sorry. These pictures are low-quality) I am trying to catch up! I promise! I have so many questions. Who is Prosecutor Lee? What happened to Han Tae Joo's husband? Why were they attacked?! This is getting so good!
  10. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still here! I just wanted to share this. He's so CUTE. (Are you Human) Edit: This does not belong to me! credit to owner! Edit2: I love Watcher drama! So much mystery. Everyone is so interesting. And I am curious about their lives. Edit3: I'm still learning names. I wrote them in my notebook! Edit4: You are so funny @Ameera Ali I love your gifs. I'm laughing so hard. Repost credit @Ameera Ali
  11. HI!!! I've loved IU( Lee Ji Eun) for a long time. This is my first time in her thread. I first saw her in dream high! Pil Suk! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm still a Milky Couple Shipper. Don't judge me! I'm watching her new drama Hotel De Luna!
  12. I just wanted to pause my episode. And I wanted to share this. She acted with so much emotion here. She made me cry. I'm sorry this is off-topic Im Sun Hae - Will Be Back (Scarlet Heart/ Moon Lovers)
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