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  1. Hi everybody. Nice to see some latest photos here in this forum. Ive been absent for several months and now im glad to be back again. I havent heard of JWS  latest projects. Anybody has any latest information on what he is doing now? Thank you. Cheers. Take care

  2. Hi @sweetcream‌ ......yes i watched episode 152 for the second time and i was still filled with laughter.....iGary said the farming field has become an instant runaway when JWS put on the pants..... And you know what? JWS can be very very funny too. It finally breaks the image of him being this cool romantic guy....into somebody who can do a comedy...he said he's got good hearing but a small heart so thats why he was a chatterbox. Hehehe...What a super, talented, all rounder man JWS is. And may i add super tall and handsome too

  3. Hi @sweetcream‌ . Thanx for the info. It was so hilarious....JWS looked good just standing there listening to the explanation hehehe ..i think one of the Running man member remarked that....so funny...and they didnt want to stand near him because he was too handsome and he made them loooked ugly. Lol...

  4. Hi @PeerNorway‌ yes AMTR is super awesome...its a movie that i can watch over and over again and not get bored. I love the soundtrack La Paloma too. Its so beautiful....it was the background music when she first saw him at the worksite when she accompanied her dad.....soo romantic. I watch a Season of Good rain but didnt find it captivating enough to catch my attention. I felt that the actress doesnt have good chemistry with JWS somehow......Sad Movie also to me was like a mixmatch kind of thingy...dont know how to describe it...watchable but....

    ....looking forward to watching Scarlet Innocence...

  5. Hi everybody. Im new to this thread because i just dicovered JWS after watching him in Daisy and AMTR. What an awesome actor he is.....so endearing.....so expressive....when he cries i feel like crying alongside him......I find him an actor of great calibre and can put him on the same level as another favourite actor of mine Kam Woo Sung who i actually just discovered too from the drama series My Spring Day. I hope to see more of JWS on melodramas such as AMTR and Daisy...he's tall and handsome and super talented....im several years behind because i heard he started acting in the 90s. Thanx everybody for the awesome photos and latest updates

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