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  1. @Andzek Uh there really isn't a way to address older people/younger people in Chinese culture the way it is done in the Korean culture. At least there isn't much differentiation if you are from the same generation. I guess people generally call the people younger than them by their names (without the surname so it is more casual). I know people in China sometimes ask older people to refer to them as "小 + your surname" (Xiao/small + surname). So PXR can technically call CXX "Xiao Chen". You can also address someone that way if you are close to them no matter the age. But that isnt so common with Chinese speakers outside of China. Haha. At least there isn't a Chinese equivalent of "oppa" or "noona", if that is what you are asking. People who are unrelated can technically call each other "哥哥/gege/older brother" or "姐姐/jiejie/older sister" or "弟弟/didi/younger brother" or "妹妹/meimei/younger sister", but you generally only call people that if you are close like family/grew up together or see them as a respected senior (if you add 姐/jie or 哥/ge behind their names) or if you are part of a group (like a gang/brotherhood/sect - I am talking about those old martial arts stories hahaha). I wouldn't call a romantic partner 哥/ge or 姐/jie. That kinda kills the romantic feelings i think. I think an indication of romantic feelings is if they have nicknames for each other. Or like condense their names or something. Like if he calls her Ran Ran and that nickname isn't common at all or known among her friends. xD Edit: Tagged the wrong person. Thanks for pointing that out, @biancardi !
  2. From yesterday's batch of episodes, two of the most compelling people to watch were Yong Niang and General Pei. Yong Niang's anguish when she heard XF blaming Ah Du for not telling her the truth (a few episodes ago) - for watching silently as XF fell in love with her enemy once again. YN cried because she probably knew the truth too. And at the end, YN prepared a bag of money for XF at the place she knew where XF would be. She knows and loves XF too well to ask her to stay. General Pei. Oh, General Pei. Loyal to a fault. The shock on his face when he realised that XF remembered her past at Yu Men Gate. He knew then that he could not and did not want to stop XF from leaving. And then during the confrontation scene between XF and LCY atop the gate - his expression was one of heartbreak and pain for the both of them. It was like watching a impending train crash he could not stop - the two of them were coming at each other from such different perspectives. His (LCY's) confusion and her desolateness and resoluteness in leaving. Ahhhhhhh.
  3. @pad-hari They call each other "teacher". She calls him 陈老师 (Chen Lao Shi/Teacher Chen). This is what you kinda call people in the industry as a sign of respect. I think he calls her "brother" as a little bit of a joke xD. Like 彭哥 (Peng Ge/Brother Peng). I saw it in one of the interviews if I am not wrong. He also sometimes call her Xiao Feng. Hehehe.
  4. I am at episode 49 and can I say how annoyed I am that XF had less than 10 minutes of screen time? I don't remember ever having to fast forward the show so many times before.. When did the political machinations take center stage? Update: At episode 50: Wow. They really do like to drag!!! XF and LCY barely had any screentime?! This show could have been finished in 1-2 more episodes if they solely focused on the leads!
  5. Wow.. Caught up to episode 48 and this show is so so painful. But these two main actor and actress are so darn charismatic. My eyes were glued to both of them as they acted out the most painful scenes in the series. Their expressions were so compelling and the pain so apparent on their faces. They don't have to say much, but their emotions were communicated by their every look and glance. Mannn. Peng Xiao Ran is an amazing actress. Her Xiao Feng was vividly acted and brought to life. These past few episodes were nothing short of amazing. I am looking forward to LCY's pain and anguish in the coming episodes. THE AUDIENCE DEMANDS FOR IT!
  6. @rosierosie Glad you liked reading my posts. And yes. This entire storyline is heartbreaking. Rewatching it just kinda reaffirms the fact that the tragedy was inevitable and that the Yi boys will eventually fight among themselves. It began with the father's favouritism of his wives and hence his children, Teacher Fan's choice of disciple, the factors and people in each boy's life that tries to set them against each other, the shifting public sentiment, down to Yan Yun's love for YLK and YLS's suspicious nature. Add in external threats, and it is a recipe for disaster. The drama writers made use of the source material excellently! And QS!! I am glad the writers didn't try to tear them apart after they got together. They were resolute in their love for the other and trusted each other implicitly in their decision-making. YLK saying YY's child was his? QS knows it is all part of his ploy to keep her alive. News of engagement with Lieutenant Yao's only daughter? QS knows that it was all to get Yao to support YLK. Because these two were truly intelligent and rational leads. I don't think you get to see this dynamic in dramas very often. When the rest of the household is devolving, QS is rational and constantly tries to think her way out and for the good of the family. YLK appears to be unperturbed, but you know he is only bidding his time and waiting for the best moment to strike. When YLK did not want to meet Murong Feng to discuss the possibility of collaboration and wanted to drag it out, QS didn't question the wisdom of his decision but helped think of ways to carry out his wishes. This is what partnership in marriage looks like! :')
  7. @jennien @serre @rosierosie @rosamundekingsley99_stv @Katrina Abdul Talib Hello all! Hahaha. Can we have a gathering here in this chat, more than 9 months after this show has ended? I have something to announce - I know the reason why YLK decided to go into the battlefield and fight alongside his brother at the end of the drama (instead of going to live happily with QS). What actually happened was that YLK had already ingested the poison-filled wine (when YLK and QS were forced to play the poison-wine roulette on YLS's orders) and he knew that he was going to die. So all he could do was to send QS on her way, thinking that he could possibly be alive while fighting for the future of Jiang Zuo. How did I know this? Because when he joined YLS on the battlefield, when YLS asked him to leave so that the Yi family will have an heir, YLK told YLS that there weren't any miracles/it wasn't fate at work. He was just thankful that the snow froze the last two glasses of wine so that QS never has to find out the truth (that he has taken in the poisoned wine). This is why there is no reason not to fight alongside his brother. (I had to rewatch this twice to understand what happened because the moment passed so fast). This was why YLS stopped trying to prevent YLK from fighting alongside him (because he understands that his brother will die anyway) - so he said to YLK that he will use his life (YLS's) to return all the ones that he has owed and began to turn his head to their enemies. Knowing this detail just made YLK's character so much more amazing. One might think that his love for his brother/war was greater than his love for QS and their child - but the fact that he chose to 'fight' in order to protect QS from the truth (and reality of seeing someone she loves die in her arms) makes their love so much more beautiful. And his astuteness during these last moments really amazed me. He decided to go to his brother to extend moral support - precisely because he knew that Sixth Uncle had lost and that was the reason Murong Chen has the opportunity to kill all the way to where they were. It was very likely that he knew that YLS was fighting a losing battle, so he decided to die alongside his brother. I watched the show when it first aired (after waiting more than 2 years for it), but did not finish because their constant adversities gave me anxiety. But rewatching the show now, and finally finishing it, has given me further appreciation for the show. This show has been beautifully crafted, meticulously written, very well-executed, and amazingly performed. This ensemble of people really brought this show to life and the society (the times, the mannerisms, the chaos) was depicted so very vividly. Every actor/actress embodied their characters very well and their motivations were portrayed so amazingly. What was on the surface, in the undercurrents, yet to be revealed, were all so wonderfully shown. Someone mentioned that the family dynamics during the dining scenes were the most interesting. I absolutely agree. I remember the scene where YLK sat in his seat while wearing his full uniform (including the gloves). You have the Old Master's puzzlement and anger at his son's disrespect and insistence on wearing gloves at the dining table. You can feel YLK's unease because he did not want Yan Yun's bite on his hand to be discovered. You can sense Yan Yun's panic and anger at YLK. You can hear QS taking the fall for YLK by saying that the mark was because of her - she was already used to covering for her husband's many "misdeeds" and playboy ways anyway (even if the person it is with is her sister-in-law). You have YLS's suspicion (he can tell that YLK was lying) and disapproval (what has YLK done to make QS angry again). You can also tell that YLY sees it all - and understood that this was perhaps a situation between YLK, YY, and QS. His wife was just worried - the family is at odds with each other again. And this dynamics was just the beginning - in the later episodes, these characteristics and dynamics were further amplified (YY's anger and YLS's suspicion eventually consumes them). This show is brilliantly written, and the shifting dynamics between each character has been captured so very subtly, but each detail is not to be missed because it is part of a larger picture and puzzle. How we thought the Old Master had killed his brother - only to have that turn on us. And how the "truth" of YLS's birth unravelled. Even down to how the Murong family had originally planted the seed of doubt. And Teacher Fan/Advisor Fan. I was very puzzled at the beginning and a little skeptical of his "reputation" as the smartest plotter in Jiang Zuo. Because he died early in the drama, we have yet to see how great he was. But I truly appreciated his brilliance through the end of the show - he really was a smart man. But no one really could have prevented the tragedy of the Yi family. That seed has been planted too many years ago. I fell in love at the start of the show due to the leads' fiery chemistry. Every fight they had with each other was a spectacle. Each insult they hurled at each other cut deep and lodges specifically where it hurts the most - because they truly understand each other (yet they do not/failed to see the love they had for each other). Towards the back, I truly appreciate the plotting and mechanisms and how YLK truly had luck and ability on his side. What disappointed me was that, for all that the fortunes had "blessed" YLK and Murong Feng (youngest master of Murong), their lives had been cut short too early. They had barely begun to burn bright!! I want to see more "greatness" before their inevitable fall.. Every character served their purpose in the show, and everyone were so very smart in their own ways. There were no foolish decisions in the show - only pieces of a puzzle we have yet to understand. YLS's "senseless" decision to kill Murong Feng that did not make sense at that time? It was all a well-calculated plan to allow him to gain power elsewhere.
  8. The trailers for episodes 45-48 are out. I am very very very impressed by both of their acting. Her fear and screaming when she saw LCY/GXW for the first time speaks volumes and his crazed anger when he ordered the killing of GJ is... They are both so darn good!
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