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  1. MQ did not steal the sword,even before MQ appear to give a helping hand to het,she has already been injured by the power of the sword trying to obtain it. to save her ,MQ was almost killed by the two clan who was still searching for ZY to killed,it was the magic and power of the sword that drawn MQ to take the sword ,she knows MQ has no strength to obtain that type of sword ,she has live with him ,knows his limited power and strength ,he has never done anything before to betray her, to me,she would have pause to think how come the power of the sword destroyed her and MQ which most people csn beat up was able to obtain that sword,then again her thinking was right about MQ been crafty,he could have by now captured everybody in the village to submit to him,he wouldn't be wasting time quiet in one Conner not make use of his power.I like ZY in beginning,no nonsense lady especially the way she fought those self centered too righteous clan to save MQ was very interesting.then again,they did not show us how the man who killed her grandfather end up dead,only world of mouth.just hope and pray this is not second of bloody romance.
  2. Well ,this drama lack hero,he is always the last person to know what is going on around him,the type of hero in the "The legend of yun xi"is not here at all.the writer has the right actor and actress ,a little bit of good story going on ,but, can't understand why she is so blind to the truth of seeking to hurt him when the evidence of her anger shows otherwise,it doesn't make sense at all,she knows him,he is not capable of hurting her,even ,memory of her around him shows the dip love for her in his ❤,this type story is confusing. The man that killed his grandfather is the one she supposedly to be angry with,i am confused why he is in the casket waiting to be resurrecte,he cleanly betrayed himself and her,stab her in her heart,t that type of revenge is what i was waiting for to be done,Mo Qing even have some score to settle with that man.even though some comedy in her quest to hurt Mo qing ,still i myself can't understand why she is doing it at all.i sincerely hope this is not other bloody romance"i hate that drama.
  3. Yiren is not useless,he is a brilliant man,it is not only LBW who comes out with a plan how they can survive in that palace,yiren also comes out with good ideas too,even ,they usually plan everything together in yiren hut,he looks very sad not interested in life at all from the beginning,not until LBW met him in prison ,he become an ambitious Prince ,it was LBW who was ambitious by using HL beauy to attract yiren,then start couching him to become ambitious Prince,he fell in love with Hl the very first time he saw her in the street,even when king wanted to execute him for not marrying his daughter,he wasn't afraid to die,he stands firm on his words,it was LBW who was scared to die .from the beginning LBW plan was to use HL beauty to achieve his embitiousness,he brought HL not because he was in love,he brought her to make use of her beauty to achieve his aim,he basically prepared her to dance for the king ,which almost get HL killed if not yiren who gave her the pill to swallow to prevent the fire consuming her alive,by then LBW was helpless to save HL.HL open up her heart to LBW but LBW keep thinking of his next plan,three of them scheme together and use each other plus others to achieve what they want. yiren left for eight years his wife and son is very bad but it was LBW scheme that create that situation,because he was jealous ,he didn't like the way he lost HL to yiren ,he comes out with plan for yiren to go back to his home town to become a king,the situation of scheming to become a king lead yiren to agreed to marry that lady,yiren did not left HL unprotected ,he left his personal bodyguard to her,when the battle was going on ,he was tie up as a hostage ,when HL went into labour ,he has to work against his home town to create a save enveroment for her and the baby.i am not here argue with anyone ,i am just mainly stating my own opinion how i view and understand the story,i don't have to write too of grammar in my views ,i hope the little grammar i write can be understood.
  4. Different viewers,different options ,that is what makes the drama very interesting,well i know sang sang look kind of cute in her own way, especially watching her drinking wine happily when others are trying to keep up with their own,that was beautiful,still,i like dramas that are straight forward in love interest,people like sang sang never grows old,they are forever young with their baby face,25years old ,still, look like fifteen.the fighting scenes are not that bad,the one who act as the general,he is my favorite Chinese actor,i hate that they make him a villian in this drama.love his styles of acting.
  5. So far so good,i wanted the princess and Ning que to be together,but it seems they are going to end up been brother and sister,they look good together,the way he keep saving her and talk to each other was much as equal partner.sang sang look ,doesn't match Ning que at all ,they aren't match to be lovers,they are much like bodies rather than future lovers,the story Will lack romance ,it going to be hard for me to watch,i don't want to criticize the writer or the producer's of this drama,but to me the love interest should have been the princess,they are much alike.
  6. I could have love Ning Que love interest to be the princess li yu,they look good together.
  7. Ml in his past did he die and reincanate,can someone help please,because he seem to be a lost Prince.very beautiful drama so far.
  8. Were did you find the other eps ,i thought the drama is run Thursday to sat each day two episodes,correct me if i am wrong ,i could like to watch it raw episodes,so far the drama is very interesting,i hope for happy ending.
  9. @skibbies,you have no right to tell me to stop watching,i take nothing from you watching this drama,you seems to be angry person who endorses sucide,good luck with that,but my advice to you,if you know ,you can't handle other peoples opinions then look pass it and pretend as if you didn't see ,i have very right to comment on this website,or else you own's this website,let me know if it belong to you so that i can stop commenting.if not back off ,or seek help yourself ,therapy i may suggest.
  10. @skibbies,even though a novel is transform into drama series or movies ,it is still left for the writer to make some charges,if he or she think the viewers will love it, the writer is not writing for himself,he is writing for the viewers pressure and appreciation of his work,i respect your opinions,but it seems you are giving excuses for Zhi Wei decision to die instead of living,she glorified sucide ,her bitterness ,vengeful heart couldn't let her give in to Ning Yi,because she wants to win Ning Yi,her senseless mind couldn't accept defeat,she accept to die,as i said earlier i do respect everybody opinions,such as the way they see things in this drama but as for me i think people who chooses sucide as the way out are vindictive,some of the stories in today'newspapers are very awful to read,some, because of child support they kill their own children and their wife and themselves,they never think what they are about to do is wrong,they justify it with different reasons to suit their vengeful mind.i love Zhi Wei with Ning Yi,i haven't finished watching the drama but i think by the time i finished watching it, i will end up hating her more for choosing to die ,and her mother i don't think i will forgive her too because she sold the seed that lead Zhi Wei to make some of the stupid decisions she made eventually lead to her shameful death.
  11. There are always difficult times in people life,as long as you are a human being,everybody on earth goes through something that make them helpless whether you are rich or poor, nobody is immune from that,and there are always a way to solve that problem ,chosen to die to me is a big no no. Now Zhi wei has gone through so many trials both with her mom and Ning Yi,the one she thought she going to die ,she was able to over come it then,why will she think been wife to Ning Yi is going to be too for her to handle?her sucide is not justify at all,her taking her own life was very selfish of her,she did it to punish Ning Yi ,which is very wrong,that sweet,funny,energize person ,she lost it,and become bitter vengeful person.i hate that the writer turned her character to be like that.after all the great writing yet this writer forget to make this one happy ending, it is very unfortunate that all chinese dramas lately are having a sad ending,is like all the writers had a meeting together to be ending their dramas with sadness,no more happy ending any more.
  12. @tendrilsofwind,Zhi Wei still lose,the lesson learned here is that she took the wrong direction and punish herself, if the writer thought her sense of decision was a good lesson to be learned ,she could have won, she couldn't have lost her propose of been alive ,that bitterness still overwhelmed her, make her to take her own life ,even when the door to her victory was still open to her,her story was tragic one right from the beginning of her birth ,as you said she was light for people around her,that is what i think the writer could have her directions continue,not engage in old fraud that yeah nothing but to take more innocent life,the life she could have protected by continue to love the man she never stop to love,even when she try to. Oh well ,as one said earlier it has ended already ,there be no changing what has completed,i hope the writer will rewrite the story again one day.
  13. As for me,even though this drama i enjoy the revenge plot of Prince chu,very aspect of it was excellent executed,but my question is,Ning Yi and Zhi wei age different ,if i am not correct 8years between them,the emperor married Ning Yi mother when he became king,Ning Yi already born before his father became king, then Zhi Wei was just a baby.well all i can say the writer forget to make things clearer for better understanding to the viewers like me . the best revenge drama of the year ,Ning Yi acting was excellent,the beautiful love between Ning Yi and Zhi wei was not utilize,it was wasted, achieve no propose,or benefit,i have not finished watching it because i am following Netflix series also, Zhi wei I guess married the other Prince that is interested in her, and followed her mother ill advice ,try to over throw Ning Yi.i can see that in the add when Ning Yi took the sword out of her hands,Zhi Wei did not let her love for Ning to over come her adopted mother ill advise and hate ,with all her brilliant skills she couldn't add two together and caught her gain and loses and restore back her father's glory , her propose was all wasted.i do hope for season two ,hopefully the writer explained more of the young Ning Yi and. Zhi wei didn't die jumping off the cliff.
  14. No, @skibbies ,i was not referring to the very first episode when i was quoting what concubine Chung said to the king,i was using it to compare to the very first event that took place in the first episode, even though Prince chu is gifted ,how can the king send him to be negotiator when the battle is still taking place? he just took over the reigns and battle have not yet over.it really amaze how a brilliant the writer is,written such entertaining drama like this, yet the starting of first episode does not add up to the story he is telling .
  15. @tendrilsofwind,as i said before in my text, people see things differently what you don't like may not be what i don't like ,you are entitle to your own opinion so do i,we don't have to agree on this subject or other,so , in other words,nature have proven that things does not work for everybody same way,i myself think the best way for Zhi Wei to get her father kingdom back and her children to inherit their grandparents kingdoms no any other choice than to marry Prince chu ,both Prince chu and Zhi Wei love each other,love conquer hate and anger,they both meet by chance without knowing what has conspire in the past,so i don't think Zhi Wei carrying a sword and forming her own army or rebel group will give her ultimate victory.we can disagree on this ,it is ok with me. About the young Prince chu in the very first episode , negotiating when arrows and sword is flying ,to be honest ,that scene is unthinkable to me, the writer didnot clearly explained what compire to that event,because how can a child of eight years old be involved in the battles filed,plus Prince chu couldn't have been born by then,he was the six son of his father,and his mother was given to his father after he has become the emperor,Prince chu mother had a promising friend whom she was in love with until she was forced to marry the king,she wasn't even the first wife of the king i could have believed that child was prince chu, for Prince chu to be 8 years old when his father take over the throne was also odd to me, because the wife who drank poison to die in place of son ""said before the king ,how he should remember when she was pregnant she and her son in the womb took an arrow that was made for him.that very first episode was a blonder of his writer ,or else that was just a dream.
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