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  1. Sorry if this been posted but this thread is super speeding lol!


    For those interested in the OST full album it will be released 30th May with 20 tracks. It also includes a photo Polaroid and signatures of the artists participating in the album









    Track List:


    01. (여자)아이들 - Help Me
    02. 홍대광 – 둥둥
    03. IN2IT (인투잇) – Shining Star
    04. 이해리 - Maybe
    05. 1415 - Happy
    06. 하성운 – Think of You
    07. 러니 (RUNY) – Smile Again
    08. U-mb5 - I Wanna Be (Feat. 클랑 (KLANG))
    09. Mr. Wolf
    10. 뚜뚜
    11. U, Who?
    12. 덕통사고
    13. Hello! 금사자
    14. 덕밍아웃
    15. Photo Zone

    16. 홈마스터
    17. 덕후의 로맨스
    18. Story of Us
    19. I Like You
    20. Water Drop


    Preorder link  - https://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo?grp_no=231312&goods_no=38320

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  2. 9 minutes ago, SGahjumma said:

    Think now the story of abandonment of RG seems more clearer. LS left her son in the neighborhood playground to play with other children whom they do not know, then after which, she was met with an accident that took her very long to recover. DM parents being a nice parents took RG home since he could hv waited very long for his mother to pick him up. But think never knew that it took so long for LS to come back, and DM parents could hv thought that RG was being abandoned by his parent, likely they also make police report to locate his parents,  it could be a difficult decision finally at that point of time for them to decide to leave him at the orphanage. 

    I think your right. May I also add that DM father just lost a lot of money from a failed business and that might mean her parents werent able to afford to look after Ryan especially since EG was also left with DM family too. I think Ryan will forgive DM parents his very understanding and please no unnecessary separation.


    2 eps to go I just want more cute and love

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