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  1. @Ohsh no you didnt miss another kiss. the earlier kiss aired was this lol!



    cr. https://twitter.com/Aylin11714332


    but the SBS stills showed that the kiss did happen and the flashback didnt reveal it all for viewers to see.  Such a tease right? Now that Dr Seo is reminding her how he made her forget it we might see this in the next ep. Dr Seo has too much on his plate that his not confident nor ready to start a relationship. His pride of owing so much money plus the fact that his family tragically died made him so bitter and closed off to anyone whom comes close to him. No doubt his fighting off his feelings for Dr Cha and want her to not come close. The kiss in ep 8 will make her angry at him and that's what he want her to do "reset" - go back to bickering/ hating and keeping that distance with each other. I wonder will she slap in the face as like her first reaction. 


    SBS stills in spoiler







    9 hours ago, cherriesblue said:

    Is season 2 with 20 episodes like s1 or just 16 eps?  Coz 16 just feels too short.


    On a side notr, i remember Cha bringing along her violin case when she first came to Doldam.  Hope there's a scene where she plays the violin.

    S1 was extended to 20 eps and I do believe this will too because the ratings are very high. The only problem is the casts may not be available. Will see. 



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  2. So sad the ambulance officer is declared brain dead and her mother agreed to donate all her organs to those in need including the prisoner. It was so respectful of the staff of Doldam and her colleagues to give a guard of honour as she was wheeled to the operation room. :heartbreak:












    I think the spirit of this patient (I think her name is Soo Young) shows that even in death she chose to save lives and gives Dr Cha the courage to stand up for herself in front of that spineless Geodae doctor. 










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  3. 7 hours ago, cherriesblue said:

     Looks like nurse Park and er resident's date will take a raincheck.

    or maybe she chose to have chicken instead ..plot twist lol!




    cr. https://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2020/01/28/2020012802476.html


    in fairness she took the patient's mother to Doldam and Nurse Park was late to meet her . So he went back to Doldam to see her together with Dr Seo...oppsie



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  4. I cant believe Mr Koo came back only to have one of our doctors hanging on her dear life. What a cliffhanger! Doldam is already low on staff and one down means those Geodae doctors better step up and not just stand there in disbelief. They should be ashamed of themselves and they call themselves doctors...:crazy:


    BTS vid based on ep 5-6



    OST 5 by Yang Dal



    cr. melon 


    Hear Ost 4 "That's All" by Heize and Ost 5 in spoiler







    New stills - I love the tension between DrPark and Dr Kim 




    cr. tenasia


    Dr Bae (with a busted lip) and  Dr Seo








    cr. Naver

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  5. Here it is OMG! so quick and even more quick with Eng lyrics..EXO fans are no joke lol!


    OST 3: "Go Away, Go Away" by Chanyeol and Punch

    Hear it here in Naver or in Melon 



    OST 2: "Your Day" by Gummy



    What an impressive OST album for this epic drama. Cheers to the casts and crew of  Dr Romantic Teacher Kim 2! :D :thumbsup: FIGHTING!!!


    Some eng subs on the latest BTS 




    Full video in spoiler








    6 hours ago, anjelikaeyes13 said:

    I just started watching Kim Sabu 2. But I am heavily missing the #Barley Couple - explosive couple! Hahahaha. Plus Real.Be nurse Park I am happy of his parts here! :) Yay :)

    OMG! I miss them too.





    I hope they come back even if its for a cameo and wouldnt it be great if Dr Do In Bum comes back and tells his daddy President Do to BACK OFF!

    Also please refresh my memory why were they called Barley Couple? :D


    Here are some IG updates from the cast - sending out reminders to watch ep 5 tonight



    and more in spoilers








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  6. @nrllee @rita96  his obsession with bones may not be acceptable for all. I wonder if this is the reason he separated with his wife.  Glad his quirkiness is accepted in the staff at Doldam. They all work so well together because they all have the same goal - to save lives so they trust each other. Love to work in an environment like that where the common good outweighs money and prestige.  Can't wait to see our young doctors develop this characteristic and even Dr Park whom Im sure will realise this when he works in Doldam. 


    I'm loving the OSTs and eagerly waiting on LSK and AHS duet. This news update is making me more excited. Chanyeol and Punch will collaborate for another OST - YAY!!!!! 

    This is their second collaboration and their first one for Goblin was SOOOOO GOOD! :D




    Cr - https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/117/0003324813

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  7. As I wait for my download to complete thought I'd drop in to share some thoughts. 


    7 hours ago, rita96 said:

    Just saw episode 3 and I realised how much I missed Nurse Oh's temper. I love when she transforms from this extremely mature sorted person to godzilla in a second. Also love how she is the only one who gets to talk over our teacher kim. In this episode she even gave a earful to the evil Dr. Park!! (Maybe it is a little far fetched but is it wrong to ship her and Dr. Park- I felt some real chemistry there). Go Nurse Oh!!!


    Love the fiery Nurse Oh, good to see her sense and temper back lol! But from memory in season 1 I always thought she and Manager Jang were already an item. Am I wrong? s2 so far havent indicated anything. :blink:


    7 hours ago, rita96 said:

    Also I must confess I find our two new doctors in Doldam- Dr. Bae and Dr. Yoon very cute and intriguing. I really wish we get to see their past too and that they don't remain just eye candies. Especially Dr. Yoon- I find her smile very contagious. She is so cheerful and sassy.


    Dr Bae scares me a bit..speaking and naming a skeleton...ummmm.. I don't think that's quite normal (no offence lol!) and sassy Dr Yoon I think she seems more interested in Nurse Park. (I might change my mind esp after watching the next eps)


    And Dr Seo and Dr Cha I get the same vibes of the lead Doctors from S1. It's no surprise since its the same PD and writers from S1. It's so good to see and Im loving every ep. The slow burning reveal is their thing. Im trying to bank up the eps because I know Im going to get so anxious for the next eps lol! It's so not working. :lol:


    @Yippeun_eonnie @YongZura⁷ thanks for the updates. I read somewhere that LSK and AHS promised a duet esp if their ratings surpasses 10% I guess we will definitely have a duet from them soon. I cant' find my source but it was a radio interview that they both did sometime last week. I hope Im right. I love hearing LSK sing. She is so talented. 


    Ost2 will be released later today 



    cr sbs

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Ondine said:

    Hahaha I was right about the flash forward! Perfect last episode, perfect last scene and shot. They know what the people want! :lol: They looked like the coolest kids in school making out behind the school building, hahaha. I loved all of it! (Even Sian not knowing who Sinagil is; some times you just gotta have some secrets. :))

    Really SA doesnt know?? Oh gosh, does that mean she's still fangirling? her lil brother in law?? :blink::sweatingbullets:

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  9. So here's the kneitz response:


    [Her Private Life] Ep 15 spoilers, Park Min Young & Kim Jae Wook



    Article: Naver 'Her Private Life' "More precious than paintings" Kim Jae Wook forgives Kim Mi Kyung  Park Min Young's portrait as a gift  

    1. [+545,-19]
    Ryan~ His soft eyes, gestures, the way he speaks.. and even his every move, everything about him is so sweet.. Kim Jae Wook is getting his title of the romcom king from this drama. 

    2. [+319,-52]
    I really hope Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook date in real life... They are born in '83, and '86, even their age difference shows their chemistry as a couple. ♡ I really like them^^ To add, that lion brat. ㅜㅜ I'm a man, but I think I'm falling for him too. ㅜㅜ
    - [+53,-2]
    I'm not sure if the two really have feelings for each other... But I think this is too delusional and burdensome for them. 

    3. [+220,-7]
    I'm currently bewitched by Kim Jae Wook. ㅜㅜ To think it's the final episode tomorrow, what a pity. ㅜㅜㅜ

    4. [+193,-4]
    I was afraid of Deok Mi having some other ideas, but she's a really pretty character. I hope she leads a happy life together with gold lion. 

    5. [+73,-1]
    For me, Uhm. So. Hye was so funny today. ㅋㅋ Deok Mi's father has the most lines in this episode too. ㅋㅋ Their acting are really natural and good~~

    6. [+70,-3]
    Kim Jae Wook is really sweet. Let's do lots of romcoms~~

    7. [+47,-2]
    Ah~ What should I do with Kim Jae Wook's corrupted beauty that's overflowing? ㅠㅠ He's just too cool. ㅠㅠ

    8. [+46,-3]
    He's perfect... Ryan-nim.



    Article: Naver 'Her Private Life' Park Min Young discovers Kim Mi Kyung had sent Kim Jae Wook to the orphanage in the past 'shocked'

    1. [+51,-3]
    I was hit by Kim Jae Wook multple times today. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    2. [+33,-0]
    I had tears and mucus all flowing out today. ㅠㅠㅠ There is no drama with Kim Mi Kyung sunbaenim as a mother that doesn't make me tear up. ㅠㅠㅠ Park Min Young cried when she saw the picture of Deok Soo today. ㅠㅠㅠ Anyway, my eyes are swollen now. Take responsibility!! 

    3. [+18,-2]
    These days, it's a trend to have the leads meet as children and meet again when they grow up. Not sure why are all the scriptwriters writing it this way. And it's too unrealistic, even if it's fantasy, don't turn it into a makjang. 

    4. [+18,-2]
    The script was written cleanly. I like it~~

    5. [+6,-0]
    They should hand him over to the police station. Why did they raise him for a month???

    6. [+6,-1]
    They found him pitiful and they wanted to raise him like what they did with Eun Gi, but their circumstances changed all of a sudden, that's perhaps why they took him to the orphanage... They thought Yoon Jae was a kid abandoned by his parents, which is why they sent him to the orphanage instead of going to the police station. Could it be that way?

    7. [+5,-0]
    But... Ever since the past was revealed, but leads' perspectives and Park Min Young's previous drama 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim' kept overlapping with this drama. The only difference is that the male lead isn't a chaebol, but it's too similar.... The fangirling part was just to help the story develop. Even if it's switched with 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim', there'd be not much of a difference... 

    8. [+16,-14]
    Scriptwriter, please write it realistically. Why are you writing things that don't make sense at all? What's this? Is this makjang? You should write something that's relatable. 

    9. [+1,-0]
    That isn't ill-fate. They had no choice to do that back then. 


    cr. melowah

    Love the positive vibes - KJW is PERFECT to being a rom com King betwitching many fans. Was the first few comments from this thread lol!  :lol:


    The negatives - I think Kneitz gotta realise this script was based on a webtoon thus the plotline was fixed. Scriptwriter cannot change too much of it. The fact that the leads had a childhood connection was already set in stone. Cliche but still cute - Im a sucker for it esp when they look this cute. :heart:

    D7wX-PiV4AAI1_u.jpg Though I agree DM mother cared for young YJ for 1 month before leaving him at the orphanage. Even if she circumstances change it was so out of character for her. It shouldve been written handled better. Maybe she did try to find Ryan's mother but failed and had no other option... or maybe Ryan reminded her too much of her own lil son and she couldnt bear the heartbreak :cold_sweat:.  I need to watch the sub eps to understand it more 

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  10. Ryan talks to EG and EG greets him as YJ  like the preview. DM confronts her parents and shes upset. She looks back on photos of child YJ and remembers them playing happily together









    dad comes to visit DM and talks about her dongseang...wait what??





    oh he died in a car accident...DM mustve forgotten but always scared of drivin








    EG told Ryan of ?? sorry my connection is bad





    Mother and DM makes up



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