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  1. Bora also posted on her insta story where she was enjoying the snow with the casts and eating the snacks that LSG sent in. 


    Go to her IG story to see the full clip, this is just a snippet



    Interesting article on KSB great lines in this drama. I have more than 4 lol! 

    "The moment you give up, you start to look for excuses."

    "The moment you think you can do it, you find a way." 



    Ep 12: "That's why your will is important to an operating surgeon. The success rate of surgery goes up."

    "This is your operation. Do what you think is right." 

    Those words marked the turning point for CEJ and she became so much more confident in herself and as a doctor.  I wish I had KSB as my mentor. 



    4 Great Lines By Han Suk Kyu In “Dr. Romantic 2” That Heal Hearts

    4 Great Lines By Han Suk Kyu In “Dr. Romantic 2” That Heal Hearts


    Dr. Romantic 2” is rising in popularity with its realistic situations and plot that provides comfort, and viewers can’t help but to admire Han Suk Kyu’s acting as the selfless doctor Kim Sa Bu!

    In the medical drama, Kim Sa Bu presents his unique “romantic leadership” in which he encourages people to reflect on themselves and grow in terms of maturity and skills. He respects and comforts those who have different opinions from him while awakening the characters with his honest words.

    Here are four of the most memorable lines by Kim Sa Bu so far:

    1. “So…come out of that bus already.”

    Though he himself was hurt in the bus accident, Kim Sa Bu saved two seriously injured trauma patients, and Park Min Kook (Kim Joo Heon), who insisted only one of them should be saved, got another taste of defeat. In the end, Park Min Kook told Kim Sa Bu that he had fled the bus accident 11 years ago when Kim Sa Bu had remained on the bus to save a patient. That’s when Kim Sa Bu learned for the first time about the reason behind Park Min Kook’s (Kim Joo Heon) inferiority complex.

    Kim Sa Bu patted his shoulder and said, “The accident that day…It wasn’t your fault or your responsibility. Who could blame you for running away from such a pandemonium? So…come out of that bus already.” The viewers were healed by Kim Sa Bu’s generous embrace, which even encompasses the pain of Park Min Kook who is at odds with him.

    2. “The moment we give the excuse that we can’t help it, things like that happen. The vicious circle will repeat itself.”

    While visiting Nam Do Il (Byun Woo Min) who hadn’t been coming to the hospital, Kim Sa Bu found a notice of contract termination sent to Nam Do Il by Park Min Kook. He tore it up, saying that the notice showed that Park Min Kook had no respect or courtesy for Nam Do Il. Nam Do Il responded, “If the hospital chief made that decision, we can’t help it,” and Kim Sa Bu replied, “Let’s not make excuses saying that we can’t help it. It’s not that you can’t help it; it’s that you’re too tired. You’re actually sick and tired of dealing with people who don’t have manners and common sense. You want to avoid it.” Then Kim Sa Bu pointed out that the patients Park Min Kook sent back had died or become unconscious. He shared, “The moment we give the excuse that we can’t help it, things like that happen. The more we look away and pretend we don’t know, the more the vicious cycle will continue to repeat itself.” His prickly words gave Nam Do Il an opportunity to reflect, leading to his awakening.


    3. “If everything becomes easy and obvious with all these excuses, you will end up living a life where you deserve to be treated in any way.”

    Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung) became stuck in a difficult position as the security tape recorded scenes of her scolding a Korean man who abused his foreign wife. Park Min Kook demanded Cha Eun Jae to apologize, but Kim Sa Bu was strongly against it. Cha Eun Jae offered to apologize because she didn’t want the hospital to be in a tight spot because of her, but Kim Sa Bu yelled, “It’s better to be uncomfortable! You get on your knees because you’re uncomfortable! You bow down for fear of trouble! You pretend you don’t know because it’s inconvenient! You lose because you’re afraid! You will end up living a life where you deserve to be treated in any way.” Though Kim Sa Bu gave a severe scolding, Kim Sa Bu’s famous words remind viewers of the value of their existence.

    4. “Don’t think about useless things and just take care of the patients. That’s all you have to do!”

    Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) hurt his hand because a loan shark broke into Dol Dam Hospital and caused a scene. Kim Sa Bu personally disinfected his hand while asking how long he had suffered and how much money he owed. Seo Woo Jin refused to give any details and just stated that he has never told anyone about himself before.

    Seo Woo Jin thought Kim Sa Bu would hold him responsible for the disturbance caused by the loan shark. In response, Kim Sa Bu asked, “What kind of responsibility can you take? Did you forget that you have money to pay me back? You can never leave this hospital until you pay me back.” Then Seo Woo Jin asked why he was being so nice to him, and Kim Sa Bu replied, “When was I nice to you? You always get broken up and scolded by me.” Kim Sa Bu added, “Don’t think about useless things and just take care of the patients.” Kim Sa Bu’s straightforward yet gentle advice heals the hearts of both the characters and the viewers.

    Production crew Samhwa Networks said, “Kim Sa Bu’s teachings, which were harsh on Cha Eun Jae, Seo Woo Jin, and Park Min Kook who are each struggling with their own pain, provided them with consolation and an opportunity to grow up. We hope that Kim Sa Bu, who is a ‘romantic mentor,’ and his human qualities will continue to be a meaningful point that continues to heal the hearts of many people.”



    Behind the scenes pics of the casts smiling and working so well together 



    Cr. https://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2020/02/16/2020021600396.html


    New stills...KSB smiling at a patient's son played by a child actor Jung Hyun Joon (whom also stared in Parasite)




    Read - http://www.xportsnews.com/?ac=article_view&entry_id=1236519


    Also here is the preview for ep 13. The site I use to watch kdramas didnt have a sub version nor was the preview up there. @stroppyse I know you are busy but I  hope you have the time to sub the preview.  Many thanks in advance :thumbsup:





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    Hope you all had a ROMANTIC day with your love ones. Chocolates anyone? I'll take thr box and the person with it :w00t::lol:


    Google translate - "Dont eat chicken with other guys. Today eat chocolate with me" :joy:

    Looks like she did get some chocolates


    Any YAS!! theres definitely more for Dr Do...meeting up with Dr Seo infront of Doldam



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  3. @corey @Alice Wonderland 

    We better get more of Dr Do In Beom, they gave him a script book so there must be some verbal lines for him say rather than show his iconic smile and scratch on the cheek. I refuse to think that we wont see more of him... It said this appearance might be  his last before he enlist in military duty. Im praying there's more to his cameo....:(


    Dr Do In Beom and Nurse Park has grown so much it would be a waste to not air any interaction plus also with AHS too. 


    Also in S1, Euntak had a dispute With Dr Do believing he was bullying his crush Dr Yeon Hwa. But Dr Do was being his cranky self trying to teach and improve her skills as a doctor. If no make that WHEN Dr Do finally appears its going to be even more hilarious to see Euntak be jealous and bicker at Dr Do again lol!


    Im going to be greedy and want a front view of the chocolate hahaha! please


    cr. insight.co.kr/news

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  4. Happy to see some new names here. WELCOME!!! Keep delurking all!! 


    Let me try to lure more out :naughty: Dr Seo is :love:


    cr. aries


    cr. https://twitter.com/pageofyou

    How on earth can she not blush/ when he stares at her like that lol!


    Or maybe she just needs to see this instead



    cr. https://twitter.com/hyo_seop_


    and one chocolate is never enough :P





    and these 2 are so cute.... I wonder if SBS drama awards ever allows the 2nds leads win best couple???



    cr https://twitter.com/_of_taste


    Watch the full making vid in spoiler






    Im not shipping but does the casts and crew especially Dr Bae and Dr Jung know something that we dont know? :joy:


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  5. Part 2

    CEJ mom calls EJ ..I think she wants to get SWJ to help her brother but she wont pick up her mothers call. VIP patient tries to ask her out lol!





    KSB starts accepting emergency patients into the ward and he gets all his staff working including Dr Nam. A patient need surgery KSB tells Dr Cha to perform it. Just b4 it Dr Shim tries to stop her as there is no anesthesiologist to assist the operation but Dr Nam comes in to back her up. KSB is there to and was guiding her during the operation. 







    Naww KSB and Dr Nam is super proud of the development of Dr Cha 




    CEJ mom comes to Doldam and speaks to SWJ. EJ sees this and tells SWJ to leave and speaks to her mom. She breaks down in front of her mom telling her to leave her alone and that she should get her brother to solve his own problem not her or SWJ. When she leaves the room she apologises to SWJ and cries. SWJ comforts her with a hug








    BOTH SWJ choose to reveal the truth of the malpractice much to the distaste of Dr Park, Dr Shim and that sunbae doc. Dr Cha apologises to the patient and his wife.  DR Cha and SWj talk and KSB sees them and smiles to euntak lol! KSB is shipping these two lovebirds lol!





    KSB has a visitor..its the previous Chairman's secretary from S1. Yes, now KSB has more backup to go up against the current Chairman Do


    EJ and SWJ goes to pick up her car that was towed away. EJ speaks to the towtruck company to pay for her fine  and the gangsters came and took SWJ. EJ leaves the office to find that SWJ disappeared ENDS no preview






    EJ needs to call the gangsters whom she saved now to save SWJ..PRONTO!!


    and still no signs of Dr Do In Beom??? EKKK!!!!

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  6. fd2dd2b1ada44c5a5da8f7474a6f0ea4.png

    Dont know if this is good or not but the doctor whom made that accident was CEJ brother not her. SWJ staring at her :love: :joy: he was sussing info about her brother and she had to leave since her mother called









    The exdoctor is scouting all the Doldam staff under Dr Park orders.

    SWJ has an arguement with this exdoctor. Both are very upset 

    EJ meets her mother and she mentions something about SWJ and we cant hear what it is. Later it is revealed and she was able to suspect that her brother was the one whom commit malpractice. She returns to Doldam and tries to ask SWJ but he tells her her will tell her later.








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  7. Oh gosh malpractice the writers seriously threw that at us. I see why President Park remains on no one's side but his own . Doctors constantly at risk of malpractice and one mistake can be devastating on their livelihood and career. While I hope it's not CEJ but with her history in the operation room I wouldnt be surprised if that did happened.  I dont understand how the writer made CEJ this way and how was able to pass her doctor degree with this anxiety. She couldve accidentally cause the damage on that patient while she passed out though why didnt the assisting doctor tell her afterwards? This is so uncharacteristic of her. If she knew that she did that she wouldve sincerely apologised to the patient and resigned long ago. There must be more to this and I think its all apart of Dr Park's game. His challenging the staff to choose between their pride and livelihood. :crazy: 


    Moving on, that sunbae ex-doctor is scouting most of the Doldam staff and I wonder who is telling him to do this. Dr Park? he knows the staff there are talented and wants to use them in the new hospital project. Who is leading them to go elsewhere? 


    And Im excited that KSB havent forgotten his initial plan... the "oddball" project HAHAHA! love the name. Just as mysterious as himself. I recall in S1 this was his dream to open a  medical research centre a dream way different to Chairman Do's. 


    Looking forward to the next ep and I hope it wont be as intense because another 1 week of waiting is always a killer lol! 


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  8. Just watched ep 11 and I have such mix feelings. While KSB is recovering, the changes in Doldam is taking place. Slowly the Doldam staff is being replaced and GAH!!! why writers did you have to make SWJ choose between the condition of the patient and Dr Cha. I hope this isnt what I suspect... I need subs to be clearer? 


    I think their expressions just sums up my feelings of this ep


    Dr Yoon : Oh crap! what did I see?

    Dr Cha: Everything will be alright?...right?

    Mr Goo: HULK SMASH!



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  9. @sadthe1st I agree Nurse Oh and Dr Nam clicked more and they understood each other so well. This was also the case in s1. As I recall in S1 Manager Jang and Nurse Oh were rekindling their relationship... Im pretty sure that's what happened and then in this season it seems it didnt work out. Looking at the above stills I hope we get a clearer picture on what happened between them. Obviously Manager Jang still loves her though she Im not so sure. She probably feels guilty for not understanding his intention of saving his job (and many others) and calling him a coward. 



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  10. Some updates



    More of the making video including scenes of the bus accident, KSB abbs(his so fit lol!),  Dr Yoon and Euntak's encounter of the rapist, Dr Cha operation with KSB and did I say KSB abbs?? :P



    “Dr. Romantic 2” Previews Intense Situations In Upcoming Episode

    Feb 10, 2020
    by D. Kim

    New stills have been revealed ahead of the next episode of “Dr. Romantic 2.”

    In the new images, Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) is running towards the emergency room with an unconscious Doctor Kim (Han Suk Kyu) on his back. Bae Moon Jung (Shin Dong Wook) and Jang Ki Tae (Im Won Hee) appear concerned as they run alongside him, and Oh Myung Shim (Jin Kyung) seems to be in a state of shock.





    This particular scene was filmed on set in Yongin in January. The scene required strong teamwork for from the actors, and they prepared thoroughly by checking and practicing the timing of their actions several times. Han Suk Kyu also showed continuous encouragement for Ahn Hyo Seop who had to run while carrying him on his back.

    Another set of images shows a tense encounter between Jang Ki Tae and Oh Myung Shim, a divorced couple, as they are leaving work for the day. Jang Ki Tae is speaking with dramatic facial expressions and gestures, while Oh Myung Shim looks at him with an expression that is harder to read.


    The production company commented, “Jin Kyung and Im Won Hee are high quality actors who do not miss out on every small detail and perfectly portray each scene through their lines and gestures,” and asked viewers to anticipate how their relationship will progress through future episodes.

    Episode 11 of “Dr. Romantic 2” will air on February 10 at 9:40 p.m. KST.


    Credit. Soompi 

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  11. @sadthe1st I can just imagine Nurse Oh calling out "Mr Koo!!" for help lol!:joy:


    @Shinobu yep she def appeared in the last ep 20 plus the special episode. Like @nrllee said her appearance sparked so much gossip in the hospital lol! But it was good to see her in action. Her cameo wasnt that brief as she appeared throughout the special ep. 



    More IG updates..tune in for ep 11 tonight peeps







    or more on SBS 


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  12. 55 minutes ago, Shinobu said:

    Please tell me if Dr. Kim will have a love interest.  He's romantic right?


    In S1 had a very special cameo (actress Kim Hye Soo)  whom was KSB love interest. But it didnt eventuate as like him they dedicate their lives to saving lives instead. I think Dr Kim being described as romantic has a different meaning especially in terms of the love department. :lol:



    The SBS Daesang awards will be a tough call lol!



    Preview ep 11



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  13. Bromance... may it be a start of a beautiful friendship and partnership in Doldam


    Maybe Dr Park will operate KSB arm and take on KSB role as head of GS while he recovers. Looking at the preview it seems that the Chairman wants to fire a staff member in Doldam and it could be KSB. I hope DrPark will stop this. 


    The full making vid of the kiss scene and the bus accident. 



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    KSB, "Opps, saved a life":thumbsup:

    Thank goodness mother and baby is well. While Dr Yoon dealing with the raped victim. I knew that fake police seem odd. She is so quick wit and I cheered when she poured the boiling water on his face. Eun Tak and Mr Goo saved her. They are growing on me and KMJ deep voice is soooo sexy lol!






    Real vs drama scene lol!


    So our cameo will continue pver to next week's ep...what a MAJOR tease




    I hope KSB is ok. 






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  15. 2 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

    @Kasmic those people are not really sick. You know those going for their annual health checks. Or those being " sick " so they can't be prosecuted. Or it is just another trend amongst the rich. Or plastic surgery then resting for weeks then having the entertainment and their spa treatment.


    Lol. If the group is known for it I would invest. Health stocks and products are business investments.


    Can't Master Kim have something simple like a tennis elbow or bursitis etc? I am sure it won't be since this is a D R A M A. But I am just saying snorting at the actor beating his elbow during CPR.


    I am liking Director Park's looks by the way. I have been sick of the same actors playing senior doctors in all the medical dramas. 



    Omg chingu you sound like Chairman Do hahaha! where doctors no longer make money saving lives but by other means .... resorts, escaping prosecutions,  health stocks, luxury benefits. Its not a hospital anymore especially since all those emergency cases will be turned away. I wonder if such grand hospitals truly exist or is it in discretion of the hospitals ? Though Ive seen some cases eg plastic surgery that offer these luxury treatments,/benefits. 


    I like Director Park though i'd still like to correct and yell at him like Nurse Oh did in ep 9. Such a highlight until.Manager Jang had to spoil it. Im hoping we will see his development as a doctor. I havent seen the  sub ep yet but I dont think he likes the idea of the luxury medical hospital.  His angry that KSB saw his weakness- cowardly running away from the injured and his pride just wants to prove that KSB choice of staying in such dangerous condtions to save lives was too reckless and therefore his choice was right.

    By the way can you enlighten us on what Dr Seo suspects KSB have with his arm - carpal tunnel syndrome? I googled it and its something got to do with his nerves...that sounds serious. Does  that mean he wont be able to operate anymore?

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  16. @000231846597 thats a good point as Dr Bae was able to find out Dr Seo debt and the person he was talking to he called him ahjussi which could mean his an Uncle or just another word for mister. He seems very eager to find out more on Dr Seo. I even suspect his dinner with Dr Cha was to find more information on his past. I wonder if they are related somehow. He def looks differently at dr seo now and it looks like as if he feels guilty...or maybe my hunches are way off lol!

    As for the new hospital resort plan at Doldam was intially Chairmans Do plan in S1 but that was ruled out by Dr KSB and the then Chairman. KSB argument against it because  most or all the patients whom come to Doldam arent rich. We see that even in s2 and most emergency cases are motor vehicle accidents or gang fights since Doldam location is near many highways and a local casino.  KSB and his staff is against this new hospital because this would mean these would be patients will be turned away to go to other hospitals but that would mean they may not survive as the next hospital would be too far for them to reach. 

    Frankly I think this new medical hospital resort is such a dumb idea... who plays golf, shop and lives in luxury whilst the patients are suffering and ill. Will you even have the heart to do that? as a business person why would you invest in that?

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  17. Ep 9 is literally going to have us on the edge of our seat. DANG!! I need ep 10. Where do I start??


    Dont open the spoiler if you want to  wait for the subs



     Dr Bae, he is definitely hiding something. He researched Dr Seo background and knows his debt is 80,000 won. I wonder why his checking on Dr Seo


    KSB better be ok. His hand is injured and Dr Seo saw that his arm was weak. He suspects theres something wrong and its called "carpal tunnel syndrome." 

    KSB went to another hospital to check his hand and on his way back to Doldam (as like the preview) the bus swerved off the road. KSB calls Doldam and alerts them of the accident and to prepare the hospital ready for them to come. He tells Dr Seo and Cha to come to accident to help him. KSB hand is injured even more and he struggles to save some of the injured especially a pregnant lady. President Park was at the scene and like a coward he hesitates to help those on the bus knowing that KSB is there. He sees Dr Seo and Dr Cha going down the cliff to help KSB. The ep ends and looking at the preview the coward President didnt really help KSB


    This so heartbreaking to see KSB so angry at his body for not being able to help the patient. He hits his arm and tries to force himself to perform CPR on injured lady



    What a nail biting ep...Geez Im not the only one whom was screaming out WHAT the FARQ??? why arent you helping KSB you coward Dr Park

    as in preview... I dont think he did :crazy:




    Cute scene from Nurse Park and Dr Yoon





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  18. Not sure why the SBS Now video of them singing got taken down :crazy: Lucky they post it on their IG accounts. 


    New BTS vid of last weeks episodes



    So the BTS vid didnt give us the scenes of the kiss or  belly rub (not that I wanna see it again _*cough, cough* Im looking at your gifs @Ameera Ali :joy:) Im hoping to see Dr Do In Bum or I'll feel totally bummed out :P



    OST 7 is released..why the apologies in the lyrics? 



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  19. On 1/30/2020 at 1:44 PM, Ohsh said:

    Oohh I didn’t see the still of the kiss! So that was what happened. They need to give us more of the flashbacks! But if he did kiss her then, she should already be aware of his attraction to her so by saying that her heart aches, is she subtly hinting that she is more receptive this time? Argh there are so many loose ends, hope they tie them up nicely in the next episode pronto!

    No I dont think he kissed her to show his attraction but more to make her angry at him.  Her slap is what he wanted and so deserving. His been giving her too many mixed signals I doubt she realise he cares for her. Poor Dr Seo just prefers to push anyone away whom dares comes close to him. Doldam is a  different atmosphere for him and his seeing a different side of humanity - selflessness that he has never experienced. 


    On 1/30/2020 at 2:48 PM, Anh said:

    It's ep8 already, I think it's safe to say now that Season2 focuses more on the healing side while season 1 was more about introducing us the romantic ideology through Dr Kim. Some say that Dr Kim has grown softer in this season, I partly agree. It's required of him to show more of his soft caring side since the junior doctors face different problems in this season. And I think this season we're able to see his deeper concerns of how to preserve the true values, his system of belief that were shown in Season 1.

    For those reasons,  Romantic Dr Kim 2 might seem less charismatic, less heart pounding medical scenes as compared to the previous one but it feels warmer and slow burnt. While watching, I keep thinking that these young people have been hurt too much, they are struggling with their lives, please give them lots of hug and let them be healed.

    So true. I do believe the writer's intention is to raise the question of one's choice in becoming a doctor. While our young doctors are truly talented in their career they are very unsure of themselves and their passion for this profession. President Yeo said sincerity is a key factor in working in Doldam, Dr KSB and his staff agrees to that and strives to save as many lives as possible.


    Anyways stills for ep 9...where's the preview??


    Dr Cha and Dr Seo are out on an emergency rescue.




    cr Naver


    Ost 7 "Dont Know" will be released later today



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