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  1. @EInfinityYeong Guk character is so immature, even his own son shows more maturity. His the only character who we have yet seen to grow. Although he was right, I do think Hwa Jeong fell in love with him because she needed some comfort. He did say that her mother only just passed away and her best friend/ his first crush left them so they both were lonely and  his goofiness brought her some happiness in a time that she needed the most.  I do agree that HwaJeong still loves him so they will reconcile after all its a healing drama and he will need to do some serious growth development to heal HJ wounds.  His so oblivious of what he did and the damage is too much.  I agree DS will play cupid with these two and somehow it might workout again.


    @ferily Ironically we said  a storm is  coming between our couple. There is a typhoon coming in Gongjin and it's happening when Bora's mother goes into labor. :fear:  A 1.5 hour drive to the birthing unit and  through a typhoon. YIKEs please no car accidents, no white truck of doom..:cries: 

    Am I right? this is the ep 13 text preview. cr tvN




    In terms of the marriage and divorce laws. It depends on the country, as I'm not really familiar with the family law in Korea I can say that in Australia a divorce has a settling/ cooling off period of 2 years where the once couple must prove to have lived apart for 2 years for their divorce to become finalised. Once divorce they are free to remarry anyone including the ex spouse. If within the 2 year period the couple wants to reconcile they can and their divorce will be revoked. In HJ and YG case I think they have been divorced for a long time now and way passed the 2 year period so the court would've approved of their divorce already. If they do want to reconcile they can and can marry just like another other couple.


    Who knows can we have a double wedding, no quad wedding in Gongjin - HJ and DS, MS and EC, YG and HJ, Ji PD and the writer Ji Won. HAHAHA! what a happy ending there! Though I'm still yet to be convinced for HJ and YG. 


    Wow, so many different theories of who the mystery lady is and DS past. I need to go back and read them. I'll share a bit of DS instead and why I think his love for HJ will get him thru his pain. 


    More contrasting images: DS yes keep thinking of HJ and you can move away from your dark self. The negativity is too toxic.


    Then vs Now





    Seeing DS eyes and smile change after meeting his sunbae. Ep 12 kiss is just too bittersweet. :heartbreak:

    KSH you better win Best actor for playing such a complex character. You are delivering DS inner self conflict so well. Thank you writer nim and PD nim in raising more awareness of mental health, self care and self worth.










    DS you cant bottle this inside, please speak up and have confidence that HJ can help. 


    I like this analysis of their kiss in ep 12- "I love you" is a sign of their commitment to love and understand each other and I'm holding onto that hoping DS won't push HJ away or cause any unnecessary break ups.  




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  2. Ah Yeong Guk you finally remembered what happened and what harm you caused. You idiot, I hope he doesn't become a coward and avoid her. It's time to grow up, become a better person and be more considerate of those around you.  I think we will see a new YG and one who will truly care for Hwa Jeong and their son - Yi Joon. She obviously still cares for YG so he might have a small chance. Frankly, I'm not sure if he deserves her at all and I understand why she prefers to remain single.


    Mi Seon and Officer Choi, the ship is sailing and dam Officer Choi is slow - frustratingly funny to watch.  Mi seon just might suffer some more  teaching him lol! I think we will see a double date soon.  


    Moving onto the lovebirds DS and HJ, HJ was in a hurry to racing thru her 101 bucket list - did she want to get to the black heart ASAP? she should just listen to DS advice and start from the bottom up. I'm sure he wont mind. I wasnt sure if I liked the slow reveal of DS secret. Or maybe Im just too eager to know what happened to him. Arent we all? Writer-nim you are such a tease. I guess you can say they had to show us the "calm before the storm"  The calm being our lovebirds showing how happy they make each other feel. Their happiness is DS means of getting himself out of his  dark self so he can find the strength to stand up to this fear and say yes he deserves to be happy.









    cr. tukkata

    DS nightmare was so well executed by KSH. 


    The mystery lady and child in DS photo, so it was her who took DS  to try on the black suit. In the preview, while he was wearing the suit , did anyone noticed that there was another figure looking on? Which makes me think they weren't alone.  It could be the male (?) figure who we saw at the funeral. I don't think this mystery lady is DS wife or partner. This short scene looks too platonic and respectful to be otherwise. Its so different to how DS is with HJ especially when he was trying on all the clothes that she picked out for him.  So she just might be a University Art History teacher or his close friend's wife.  


    There was a child crying in DS nightmare. I think when the supermarket wife has her baby this might trigger DS nightmare more.  Can you imagine going into labour and the nearest delivery birth suite being 1.5 hours away? Oh God please mother and baby be alright. She just might have the baby on the road....:wut:


    It was interesting that they showed how our lovebirds were experiencing their insecurities. DS seeing a different side of himself being jealous and childish over Ji PD. HJ thinking her money spending has offended DS. Our lovebirds needs to see that the importance of their communication to not cause any misunderstandings.  DS giving  her a romantic date on the beach with a personalised handmade jewellery box. He even started his own bucket list - one step at a time. :fullofhearts: Then to top it off they strengthen their love with the  "saranghae"  Maybe HJ you can see the sunrise with DS and tick another wish off your bucket list. 



    The storm is coming, notice this beautiful picture, I like the little filming details.  HJ side is all bright and DS in the darkness. This ep had so much fluff and laughs that I'm sure our lovebirds will work it out. Then finally reach the black heart of HJ bucket list. :hwaiting2:



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  3. I just finished watching the episode and wow was it good. Much credit goes to the writers and PD for delivering such meaningful, healing rom com. I think Ji PD's filming team pretty much sums up - Hometown Cha Cha's own writing "It'll evoke viewer's curiosity and offer a twist at the end".  I'm definitely curious and surprised at every twist in each episode and today was no different. Ep 10, who would've have guessed that DS would return HJ love and kiss. Plus in today's episode, the Gongjin villagers out smarting our lovebirds and consequently DS suffered a slap (two slaps), kick, head butt and an arm twist for nothing. :lol:

    DS twist with the reveal of his  "eccentric" licence of many things even teaching etiquette. Now I know why his so understanding and considerate of others. His kind heart and smile makes anyone who meets him literally fall for him.  I loved how he insisted in replying to HJ brave love confession and whole heartily confessed his love to her.  Furthermore he was surprised that she have yet to reply back to Ji PD's confession.  Kudos to the reference of  a baseball game. "If someone serves the ball, you hit it back, not dodge.  To call it in or out, you need to give him a straight answer."  You healed many second leads hearts lol! 

    Thankfully no complicated love triangles. Ji PD cant help it but fall for DS just as much as HJ. My heart broke for him when he became ill and heart broken. But I'm glad they both got their closure and will always be grateful to each other's friendship

    Childhood twist- both DS and HJ finally remembered that they met as a child, a teen and now as adults. It's certainly fate bringing them back together and to top it off HJ story of her sea prince is so cute. I hope she shares that to DS


    I love this gif - I seriously thought HJ would mark the start of their relationship lol!


    HJ twist- I didnt expect her to be as clingy - messaging and missing DS so much. Yet it understandably so since their relationship has only just begun lol!  I'm curious about her personality, that even though she knows that both herself and DS are total opposites how much of this can she tolerate. She wants a relationship with no secrets, no lies,  things just black and white - no greys and most importantly for DS to answer her messages or calls. We know DS has a huge secret and one that will challenge her heart. I'm reminding myself that this drama is a healing one. The title of the drama Hometown cha cha cha... speaks of healing that like a Cha Cha dance its one step at a time with 2 people following each other's steps  in going forward and back.  

    Looking forward to our dimple couple fulfilling their couple bucket list tomorrow and curious to to know what other twist will Hometown Cha Cha writers and PD throw at us. :fullofhearts:



    cr. https://twitter.com/gksemB


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  4. Preview ep 12 is up 




    I wonder who is this mysterious guy 


    And KSH was a presenter for the Fact Music Awards tonight. His so spunky wearing a 3/4 length  suit. I hope we get a wedding scene with our dimple couple :fullofhearts:




    YAY! BTS and KSH together. My wish granted and now off to watch ep 11 on Netflix. Wohoo! :fullofhearts:


    One more of KSH talking about his well loved character Chief Hong and hopes his character will make people happy






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  5. @anastasia7 WELCOME to this thread and soompi. You caved in because of Hometown cha cha and even made an account to join us here. :partyblob:


    Seriously I cant blame you. We are being so spoilt with all these pics and videos. This one is one of my favs




    LOCK THE DOOR DS so you won't be interrupted again or slapped :fullofhearts:


    Even our little child actresses are updating us - 




    see more on https://www.instagram.com/actress_minseo/




    see more - https://www.instagram.com/lee_6038/

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  6. 3 hours ago, cuteyabby said:

    they're sweeter than DS & HJ! lol! :Megalol:


    More like dork 1 and dork 2 ramen brothers :lol:


    2 hours ago, Chesleigh said:


    Would you know if there are pictures of all the food trucks for yesterday? It's always fun to see what kind of messages they get. (And also would like to like it on Instagram if the food/coffee truck company has posted a picture!)

    Yes they receive heaps of food trucks throughout the filming from various actors/ actresses, fans, sponsors or agencies. Sorry I don't think we are allowed to post insta posts here, we use too not sure why the change.  Maybe links - foodtainment, coffee_mrkim, the one from Park Bo Young (she doesn;t have a insta account but the film crew of Homechacha post pics of it. ) 




    and ladies and gents (if any) it's SATURDAY  - DUSIKSAURUS IS COMING! :partyblob:







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  7. OST part 6 is by B1A4 Sandeul "Your Appearance that Remains in My Memory" will be released on October 3 at 6PM!




    credit Naver


    We heard a snippet of this ost in ep 10, the scene when HJ was walking in the rain and realising her feelings for DS.


    Fun fact, yesterday the cast and crew received many food trucks to support the filming. One food truck was from actress Park Bo Young who worked with three of the filming crew in her drama Oh My Ghost. There was a lady whom she mentioned and thanked-  Bugyeong. In this drama, Bugyeong was the dog howling and scaring HJ in DS house. :lol: 

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  8. 5 hours ago, ned_lee said:

    Omg, that will be super :heart::love:


    I need to go back to that episode where they met to check the coin purse (an obvious excuse to rewatch all episodes until Sat) 

    Oh please do check, I'm replaying that scene on  ep 6 so many times to see if I'm right. Anyone knows why I cannot screenshot it pls let me know. Is it because its on Netflix? :hushed: I think I might be wrong.

    Teen DS looked rather cold and certainly not his bubbly self. The death of his grandfather may have changed him. Now I wonder what or who made him change back to his bubbly self. Was it the love of the grandmother 


    4 hours ago, EInfinity said:

    Let our imagination run wild until Saturday. Especially after seeing the preview, they can't get their hands off each other, like they have been waiting for so long to be together. I am excited to watch their transition from friends to couple, will DS call her Hye Jin instead of Ms Dentist? Then HJ can call him oppa :D HJ has more reasons to come to DS's house now since they won't want to be interrupted by Mi Seon :phew:

    Will they let the whole town know and get teased every minute by the villagers? Let's wait and see

    Many of our imaginations are already running wild. Our lovebirds will (for now) hide their relationship while HJ sort out her friendship with Ji PD. Sadly his late again :heartbreak: As for the town's people, I think their worthy cause of night patrolling the town will force our lovebirds apart. I would think they would play cupid 








    Nevermind that though at least somehow HJ will end up being in DS bed. It looks so small but he can make do :lol:


    I  might have the order wrong, it does look pretty bright in his bedroom. Bed first then home time. 

    No matter what the outcome, I do believe this drama will be a happy ending. They call it a healing drama so it can't be a sad one. I just hope DS will let HJ help him with his trauma and none of the stupid noble idiocy crap in believing his not worthy of happiness and hence pushing her away. :crazy:

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  9. 1 hour ago, Raynaa said:

    I was wondering this too. I think it will be addressed in one of the epilogues!


    Also the first person to know his story I don’t think it’s the person who passed away because Du Shik had a big smile in that scene and it did not seem to bring back any past sad memory. Could it be the teenage Hye Jin that he met when he gave her coins to pay for the milk? Or could it be gamri? 

    I think it was the teenage HJ too. He has her coin purse that he still use... so cute. I wonder if he knows it was her as they both were wearing their student name badge. Their connection is so strong. 


    DS your going to need a bigger bed. :Megalol:

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  10. 5 hours ago, heartoppaya said:


    YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS UNNIE IT ISSSS MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to see you here too! It's been so long since we last met. Five years? Or more?


    Unnie, honestly though, for someone like Du Shik don't you think it would be selfish of him to use the lottery money for himself? I feel like he would use that money to give the village more infrastructure facilities or something. He's Chief Hong after all, the nosy, handsome handyman who everyone loves. But we don't know much about Gamri Halmoni except that she values her family the most. And it looks like even if her son is an accountant, he doesn't earn much, compared to our Dentist (it's my opinion, tbh) so I feel like she helped them out, and maybe that's the only reason her granddaughter speaks with her, because over the phone the granddaughter didn't seem too enthusiastic with her responses.


    I'm turning into Sherlock Holmes for this drama, LOL.

    YAY! it is you. So glad to hear from you and knowing that all is well. :fullofhearts:

    You are right it would be out of character for DS to not invest his lottery money to the village. Did we get an answer on who was supporting the Village fair? I think that might be key too... aren't we all becoming Sherlock Holmes.


    And I just got spoilt big time... the best line eva..."NADO!" 





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  11. Annyeong dear friends,


    I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Covid restrictions is allowing me to catch up on my kdrama craze and jumping back here. It's been a while. Now I finally caught up with the eps, I'm super intrigued with the plot line. Yet I'm reminded why I shouldn't watch ongoing dramas. The wait is torture lol!


    New stills ..me thinks whatever is scaring HJ has allowed her to spend another night in DS home and of course wearing his shirt. Maybe the perverted stalker is back and has taken some of HJ clothing.... SICKO I hope they catch him soon.




    cr. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2021/09/tvn-drama-hometown-cha-cha-cha-starring-kim-seon-ho-shin-min-ah-brings-up-the-tension-with-newly-released-still-cuts

    10 minutes ago, heartoppaya said:

    He did say that it’s his grandpa’s boat though. Plus, he could earn money because he’s very well educated and has licenses for everything and was an engineering major. 

    Plus how did Gamri send her granddaughter to university in the states?

    I hope it is you? Im glad to see you here. :partyblob:

    WOW! Soompi forum has so many changes and new emoji's   Feeling so overwhelmed lol!


    Back to your post, I do think DS won the lottery  DS because he owns a very expensive camera and getting his grandfather's boat on top of that mountain isn't cheap. Apart from his trauma he seems to be living really well and with so many talents. 

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  12. I saw that PHJ is in for another drama and I just knew my dear friend will taf me details on it....THANK YOU @nonski I knew you would start the thread off :kiss_wink:

    First off how on earth is this man going to rest? - drama after drama roll. But I see why he was cast and accepted this role as the genre screams out his name -  PYCHO - THRILLER = Park Hae Jin. He even looks like the webtoon character. 

    d16d7decd980c42d0089ded310e64e89.jpg  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT_Jh0Psuo442oSxYMOaLRtumblr_nplky9yFHV1us95zto3_500.gif


    I loved him in Bad Guys and it was that drama that made me his fan. It's been 6 years and I cant wait for this drama to air to see how PHJ will deliver it.


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  13. Inregards to LSK role I really liked her growth. Compared to her in the beginning her arc was to grow confidence in herself and find her true passion in life. She always lived to please others and now shes living confidently for herself. If you recall KSB said that he couldnt ask her to stay in Doldam and work with him It had to be her decision afterall it is her life to decide. I think this is why SWJ never called or went to Seoul to find her. She stayed working in Geodae for a few more days and as KSB said she truly did she shine there as he knew she would no matter where she decided to work in. Staying those extra days only made her resonate more with KSB teachings and she realise she could and can still learn more from him. Hence why she left Geodae more confident and happy. It had to be her walking independently on her own into Doldam like purpose of that scene was to show CEJ growth. BTW that scene was filmed in really early in the morning. LSK makeup and hair artist had to stay there to prim her up for that few seconds scene lol! If there is a s3 I hope she returns and would love to see her learn from the beautiful actress Seo Hyun Jin. 


    Anyway heres AHS post drama interview with eng subs. Maybe if our reset couple returns for s3 they wont be residents but seniors thus their level of skinship will be just as (doesnt hurt to me more too) HIGH! :wub:


    SBS is such a tease, still posting clips on this drama. 



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  14. 8 hours ago, corey said:

    I just finished last episode. I only have one comment because I am speechless.

    KSB has Multiple Sclerosis (he has not denied it, he said that he is controlling it with medication) and most people seem to love the ending????

    As far as I am concerned I take back everything I said about wanting Season 3.

    I know when I saw it was MS i freaked out as the possibility of s3 is going to be slim and even more slim with the chance of KSB. Seeing KSB and the Doldam staff bid president Yeo farewell and granting his honourable death is like foreshadowing that something serious will happen to KSB. I know its just a paper scribbled diagnosis that SWJ wrote but KSB didnt deny it. Im just hoping it is something else as I know MS is hard to diagnose so @nrllee Im glad your back, how did you guess this possibility lol!


    Maybe it will take another 4 yrs till we see s3. S1 was 2016 and s2 was 2020. Hopefully we get S1 and S2 casts and crew back for s3. Though production cost is gonna skyrocket lol! But dam the ratings will def hit over the 30% mark







    Just some updates - follow title links to read the articles


    Reward trip has been cancelled. Stay safe all.


    “Dr. Romantic 2” Cast To No Longer Go On Reward Vacation Due To Coronavirus Concerns


    Kim Min Jae On Love Line With So Ju Yeon In “Dr. Romantic 2,” Meeting Ahn Hyo Seop As Trainees, And More

    OMG!! the actors want s3 too :joy::love::thumbsup: and I love how our dimple couple *cough,cough* good real life friends would GET TOGETHER to "discuss" what to post on their IG :heart: :joy:



    Kim Min Jae talked about his latest drama “Dr. Romantic 2”!

    Recently, Kim Min Jae starred in SBS’s “Dr. Romantic 2” as nurse Park Eun Tak. Following the conclusion of the drama, Kim Min Jae sat down for interviews through which he talked about the project and his close relationship with the cast.

    On the drama’s success and high ratings, Kim Min Jae shared that although he didn’t necessarily expect such results, he hoped many people would tune in because it is a drama that can relay positive messages. He said, “After season one ended, I had the thought that I wanted to do season two if it happened. I got to do season two, and it was definitely really great.” Kim Min Jae also revealed that the difference between the two seasons was that filming the surgery scenes for season two felt more fast-paced as the actors had already gone through a trial and error period through the first season.


    Kim Min Jae also talked about the potential for a third season, saying, “I personally am hoping that there will be a third season. I was so happy while filming. It was such a rewarding project, so if I receive an offer to star in a third season, I think I will definitely do it. Although there has been no detailed discussion about season three yet, [the actors] are always asking for it, saying, ‘We want to do season three.'” He added, “I think it is a great blessing to be able to film a drama that is this fun as an actor. What’s fascinating is that I think all the actors felt that. I definitely want to do a third season.”


    Since three years passed since the first season, Kim Min Jae pointed out that many cast members returned as more experienced actors, including himself. He explained that he felt happy to see the familiar faces of the senior actors he had acted with in the past, saying, “I felt the warm feeling of returning home after having done a lot of work to hear, ‘You’re back?’ I was really happy while filming [the drama] as a result.”

    On his portrayal of his character for the new season, Kim Min Jae said, “I didn’t try to show a new side [of my character]. I think what was important was that although three years had passed, he was still in [the same] position at the same place,” adding that he wanted to portray his character naturally.


    When talking about memorable scenes from the drama, Kim Min Jae picked the scene in which Oh Myung Shim (Jin Kyung) apologized to Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) and the sweet romantic scenes he filmed with Yoon Ah Reum (So Ju Yeon).

    On his chemistry with the other actors, Kim Min Jae shared that it was awkward and funny working with Ahn Hyo Seop, who he has known since he was 18 when they were idol trainees. He explained, “I never imagined that we would meet in the same drama.”


    Due to his close relationship with So Ju Yeon and the sweet photos they posted together on Instagram, many viewers commented that the two felt like an actual couple. On this, Kim Min Jae said, “After seeing the response, the people on set jokingly said, ‘Good luck, you two. Aren’t you two dating?’ but I was thankful because it meant we acted that well, and she was a really good [acting] partner.”

    He continued, “We are close friends. We took photos to encourage people to tune in, so we just took them while discussing, ‘What should we post this week?'”

    The actor also mentioned reuniting with Yang Se Jong from season one through the same project three years later. He said, “After season one ended, we contacted each other and met up from time to time,” adding that he had a lot of fun filming with Yang Se Jong.


    “Dr. Romantic 2” Main Cast Says Goodbye To Their Drama + Talks About Possible Season 3


    Nawww these 2 are so cute, what a great sunbae Dr Do was for Dr Seo

    Watch: Yang Se Jong Returns To Dol Dam Hospital In “Dr. Romantic 2” + Reunites With “30 But 17” Co-Star Ahn Hyo Seop

    I'll definetly watch his next project - Actor "Kim Joo Hun FIGHTING!"




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  15. 1 hour ago, monalisa said:

    Dr Kim still has not revealed his hidden card, right?

    He did Chairman tried to kick KSB out again with the MS diagnosis but it didnt work. I think I need more subs but KSB has connections to another investor whom only pissed the Chairman off some more.  Chairman Do wants to punch KSB but Euntak and WJ stops him. Nurse Oh calls on MR GOO!!! hahaha! 











    Poor Chairman Do he can never get KSB. An emergency arise and the staff gets to work even PMG is staying to help out. PMG he asks Dr Yang to come and him which he gladly follows. EJ returns to Doldam and it ends there.


    dac78827bd6ec767c710197b76f6ef03.jpgNot sure if s3 is possible esp since KSB has MS. 


    Anyway still love this drama.



    still manages to make me feel such mix emotions all in one ep lol! MR GOO is so COOL!!!!

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