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  1. They enjoy their honeymoon as much as we enjoy seeing them in it lol! minus a few shirt would still be ideal lol!
  2. Really SA doesnt know?? Oh gosh, does that mean she's still fangirling? her lil brother in law??
  3. Naw what a beautiful, happy and loving ending What fan service...Im going to miss seeing them looking so lovingly into each other the END
  4. my connection came back for this and then died .... I dunno to laugh or cry I guess thats a yes lol!
  5. So here's the kneitz response: [Her Private Life] Ep 15 spoilers, Park Min Young & Kim Jae Wook Article: Naver 'Her Private Life' "More precious than paintings" Kim Jae Wook forgives Kim Mi Kyung → Park Min Young's portrait as a gift 1. [+545,-19] Ryan~ His soft eyes, gestures, the way he speaks.. and even his every move, everything about him is so sweet.. Kim Jae Wook is getting his title of the romcom king from this drama. 2. [+319,-52] I really hope Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook date in real life... They are born in '83, and '86, even their age difference shows their chemistry as a couple. ♡ I really like them^^ To add, that lion brat. ㅜㅜ I'm a man, but I think I'm falling for him too. ㅜㅜ - [+53,-2] I'm not sure if the two really have feelings for each other... But I think this is too delusional and burdensome for them. 3. [+220,-7] I'm currently bewitched by Kim Jae Wook. ㅜㅜ To think it's the final episode tomorrow, what a pity. ㅜㅜㅜ 4. [+193,-4] I was afraid of Deok Mi having some other ideas, but she's a really pretty character. I hope she leads a happy life together with gold lion. 5. [+73,-1] For me, Uhm. So. Hye was so funny today. ㅋㅋ Deok Mi's father has the most lines in this episode too. ㅋㅋ Their acting are really natural and good~~ 6. [+70,-3] Kim Jae Wook is really sweet. Let's do lots of romcoms~~ 7. [+47,-2] Ah~ What should I do with Kim Jae Wook's corrupted beauty that's overflowing? ㅠㅠ He's just too cool. ㅠㅠ 8. [+46,-3] He's perfect... Ryan-nim. Article: Naver 'Her Private Life' Park Min Young discovers Kim Mi Kyung had sent Kim Jae Wook to the orphanage in the past 'shocked' 1. [+51,-3] I was hit by Kim Jae Wook multple times today. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 2. [+33,-0] I had tears and mucus all flowing out today. ㅠㅠㅠ There is no drama with Kim Mi Kyung sunbaenim as a mother that doesn't make me tear up. ㅠㅠㅠ Park Min Young cried when she saw the picture of Deok Soo today. ㅠㅠㅠ Anyway, my eyes are swollen now. Take responsibility!! 3. [+18,-2] These days, it's a trend to have the leads meet as children and meet again when they grow up. Not sure why are all the scriptwriters writing it this way. And it's too unrealistic, even if it's fantasy, don't turn it into a makjang. 4. [+18,-2] The script was written cleanly. I like it~~ 5. [+6,-0] They should hand him over to the police station. Why did they raise him for a month??? 6. [+6,-1] They found him pitiful and they wanted to raise him like what they did with Eun Gi, but their circumstances changed all of a sudden, that's perhaps why they took him to the orphanage... They thought Yoon Jae was a kid abandoned by his parents, which is why they sent him to the orphanage instead of going to the police station. Could it be that way? 7. [+5,-0] But... Ever since the past was revealed, but leads' perspectives and Park Min Young's previous drama 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim' kept overlapping with this drama. The only difference is that the male lead isn't a chaebol, but it's too similar.... The fangirling part was just to help the story develop. Even if it's switched with 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim', there'd be not much of a difference... 8. [+16,-14] Scriptwriter, please write it realistically. Why are you writing things that don't make sense at all? What's this? Is this makjang? You should write something that's relatable. 9. [+1,-0] That isn't ill-fate. They had no choice to do that back then. cr. melowah Love the positive vibes - KJW is PERFECT to being a rom com King betwitching many fans. Was the first few comments from this thread lol! The negatives - I think Kneitz gotta realise this script was based on a webtoon thus the plotline was fixed. Scriptwriter cannot change too much of it. The fact that the leads had a childhood connection was already set in stone. Cliche but still cute - Im a sucker for it esp when they look this cute. Though I agree DM mother cared for young YJ for 1 month before leaving him at the orphanage. Even if she circumstances change it was so out of character for her. It shouldve been written handled better. Maybe she did try to find Ryan's mother but failed and had no other option... or maybe Ryan reminded her too much of her own lil son and she couldnt bear the heartbreak . I need to watch the sub eps to understand it more
  6. Oh she better lead it...HAHAHA! @SGahjumma @annie1234 I rather him topless
  7. Preview: another night spent together... I hope we see more I mean less clothes lol! looks like DM is going to US with Ryan
  8. Glad to see his final product of DDM self portrait love the height diff DM: I missed you YJ Ryan/ YJ: Annyeong DM DM: Annyeong YJ ENDS
  9. Lets see how this impacts them DM cant utter a word. HEr mother arrives and Ryan leaves to speak to her alls well its getting kinda predictable isnt it lol!
  10. Ryan talks to EG and EG greets him as YJ like the preview. DM confronts her parents and shes upset. She looks back on photos of child YJ and remembers them playing happily together dad comes to visit DM and talks about her dongseang...wait what?? oh he died in a car accident...DM mustve forgotten but always scared of drivin EG told Ryan of ?? sorry my connection is bad Mother and DM makes up
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