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  1. first of all hi.. since i have been watching sky castle i always checked this forum.. but i only figured to login now because i can no longer just read and not say anything i agree about the lame part.. especially now with hyena's death it is so lame... until now everything was going well imo and i really like this drama .. but episode 15 seems to have some holes regarding plot and acting for the first time for me .. the whole hyena death and hospital scenes were a bit cringey..why? for me because 1) the kids acted too calm when they went to the balcony.. and the acting by woojoo was so so when he acted shocked in the hospital when his father asked him what happened but then it got better XD ..and yebin on the phone was too calm.. but i loved her crying scene... 2) WHY couldnt kang joon operate on hyena? why would he as planning/coordinator guy of this hospital decide to put hyena as patient on risk and which hospital ever does that that such a patient is put into the ICU and risking it to let the person die? the whole hospital scene was too lame.. just to let the death of hyena happen? :/ MEH! i expected more from sky castle.. other things which i noticed and i wonder what is your guys opinion here.. 3) yesuh`s mom begged jinjin for forgiveness..i am sure her motive was because she doesnt want others to know that yesuh and hyena had an argument on the day hyena died.. and then she said she feels sorry that hyena died before she could call her husband dad once... it seemed so sincere but is yesuh`s mom really only acting the whole time? ....and pretending to feel sorry and feel shocked about hyena`s death? arent we really able to see her more humane side? because she seemed a bit more human when yesuh provoked hyena..and it seemed like yesuh`s mom actually sided with hyena there..or at least almost.. but well most sky adults are just offputting..with how they argued about this and that when a kid died.. i really thought she would survive though also on a side note i feel a bit disappointed that woojoo`s father didnt insist to find another solution for hyena... and of course the drama has to let hyena lie for a longer time in the hall while kang joon is passing by.... as if they have so much time to do that with a patient who has fractures on her head and fell from the balcony 130m high... i am so pissed about hyena`s death and how the drama executed this story line to us like that.. XD anyway now i am dying to know who is the culprit.......
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