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  1. @quietobserver you forgot the one bts when he blows his nose (ep 1 or ep 2) at her because it is rude if they are just an acquaintances
  2. PMY accidentally liked a comment tagging PSJ. Please post the screenshot here. It's so funny. She unliked it now.
  3. Just my thoughts I don't know if pmy is unlucky or not with relationship. PSJ is a handsome (top actor with lots of possessive fans) and always busy and so popular just like her ex-bf. I mean I think it's very difficult to be in a relationships with popular actors and it's hard for the girl. I hope that "busy schedule" will not be reason for them to be apart.
  4. But I think it's alright if you are solid fan of psj or pmy and ship them with another actor/actress as long as you don't become a hater. In fact next year, I know they will be shipped again with co-actors in their next drama.
  5. Wow.. I remember in that bts pmy and psj were far from from each other. PMY is talking to pyo ye jin. Now, look at that pic posted by larazsnow
  6. Is it true that there are two houses? The one that is 700m away from pmy villa and the other one located at the back of pmy villa
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